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Today I thought I'd touch a little on expectations. So, I know we all have different expectations for everything that we do. Whether it is expectations from people or our workplace, whatever we hope for, obviously comes because of something, be it a past experience or if it was just what we had hoped for, expectations generally have a root.

So, my main argument here is that why do we have expectations in the first place?

You know, we've all heard that expression, "expectations lead to disappointment","expectation is the root of all evil", at least once in our lives. Knowing that the common phrase that expectation eventually to us feeling disappointed, does it suggest that we have a particular standard that we expect from people? Or is it just because it's something we would do and so we expect other people to do the same or to meet the same standards?

One thing I have learnt is to not have expectations, whatever you're doing, whether it's from a person or from school, never have expectations especially from people. The reason why I'm saying this is because people are unpredictable. People have feelings just as you do and sometimes they change their mind and it's within reason for them to do that and no one should expect otherwise.

I think it's hard not having expectations especially since we always want something to go a certain way or maybe because we hope something we would work out the way we planned it, but it becomes quite difficult when everything that we do, we don't have control of and becomes harder when we have to wait for it to materialize. Trust me, I know the feeling all to well, but I've recently been reading about the act of patience and the importance of not worrying and it somehow makes me more at ease despite everything that has been happening, with university and my aspirations. 

Another thing that I have been internally debating is religion and how we expect things from God and I'm still working through my thoughts process and trying to understand how I feel about everything. But then again, I think it's a topic too sensitive to talk about yet really important in a sense that many people including myself want to believe. It's hard to know if I'm getting what I want across especially since I'm being incredibly vague as I honestly don't feel like offending anyone today and in the near future. 

Expectations I feel is different from hope, expecting something from someone and hoping that someone does something is different. Why? Because when you expect, you'd feel disappointed if it didn't happen but when you hope, you wish for it, but if it doesn't then you're more understanding of the situation although you did want things to go a certain way. I feel that there are sometimes an overlap in terms of how people view hope and expectations and a lot of us don't distinguish between expectation and hope, but I do think that there is a distinction between the both of them. 

However you view it, I do hope you give it a thought or two and feel free to comment to share your views.

Till my next post. xx

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