Saturday, November 5, 2016

Have you got "soul"

Have you ever fallen in love with something so deeply that you'd feel like your life was meaningless if it ever ceased to exist?

Now, I don't mean someone. I have a completely different view on human relationships but something more physical, like an object or abstract, like your interests, i.e. travelling, or reading books. 

What if in an alternate universe, when you started to like something, it gets taken away from you. What would you do? How would you feel? Would you feel better if it was justified by being given a replacement that you could learn to like/love but then once again, it was taken away and replaced and it just became a cycle that would continue and would never cease. How would you feel about that?

Do you think you could potentially like living like that?

I don't think you would be too happy about it. Especially since you'd have to learn to like something all over again, but also, to think that you wouldn't have liked it or maybe even feel neutral about the new object in the first place. 

Don't you think it's tiring to learn to like something, to adjust, to adapt, to learn? Don't you feel sometimes, it's nicer to keep what you have and to shape changes around that instead of having something taken away from you? 

But, don't you think this happens to us every time in our life? For example, forced to adjust in kindergarten, primary school, secondary school then university, or if you skip that part, work and then the cycle continues and you have no control of the people that comes into your life. No control of the material that is given to you. You get depressed, you have happy times, you have neutral situations and sometimes, you enjoy it, but then you just lose it, because it's time to adjust and move on to a new situation. 

I don't know why but sometimes, you are lucky enough to keep remnants of your past, such as interests like reading, but then the material you read, say you love books, but then you now have to read journals, then executive summaries and then articles and then what else? See what I'm coming to? Do you actually get to keep things that you used to love? Say you like golf but then you move to a new country and the golf course is far away and you don't have a car and it gets difficult based on the work that you do or if you're studying, it takes too much of your time. 

So, you think the alternate universe felt unfair? But, when I put it into real life context, then the first thing you say is, that's normal, that's life. But, is it really justifiable just because that's how life is? So, if that happens, in terms of the alternate universe, then, wouldn't that be normal to them as well? So, why should it be deemed unfair? 

That's how we live, but is this how we want things to be? I suppose we all have to adjust and accept change but in terms of liking it, we learn to like it, or maybe learn to hate it sometimes. So, in terms of progressive change, we do have to position ourselves in different situations but maybe that's why our mindset is absolutely important as to whether or not we choose to accept the situation we're in. Don't you think? 

Till my next post. xx

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