Saturday, August 6, 2016

Decisions and dreams

If you were given any type of opportunities in this world, what would you do? Would you take it or would you leave it? What sort of decisions would you have to make before you take it? Imagine being given an opportunity to make a childhood dream a reality. Would it be an easy decision to make? What would you have to sacrifice? As we're growing older, we have more commitments, more things that we have to do or feel obliged to do. 

I feel like as we're growing older, we tend to become more judgmental, we search for things that are wrong in a person and refuse to look at the good in people. I love a child's mind because they see things as they are, they encourage each other, and they don't segregate. As we grow older, at some point we're corrupted and fit into the social stereotypes and fear is instilled in us towards certain races and we learn to hate things we're not accustomed to or rather, what is foreign to us or what we don't understand. 

We're all aware that we're racists to a certain point and we are judgmental people. It's just whether or not you choose to admit it or not. I know myself well enough that I know that I do that unconsciously but this is something to do with how and where I was brought up in, and I admit it openly. But, no matter what, that does not mean that it is okay for you to treat people according to the stereotypes that has been suggested to us. It's one thing to feel a certain way and it's another to act upon the feelings that are constantly oppressing our kindness.

Personally, I feel that of course life would be easier if everyone were of the same shade and there weren't any prejudice to however people are. But then again, you see the variations in the actions of each individual and you appreciate everything even more. However, I also think that we can be better individuals and we can learn to be better people. 

Now, moving onto making the decisions in our lives, we're tainted by this false sense of security in that if we work harder, we would be richer, happier or even more successful. I don't agree with that. I think we're all biased by how pretty or handsome someone is, and attractive people do have an upper hand in life in general. This false sense of security that we have built in thinking that if we work hard enough, we would be more successful, is unfortunately untrue. It's honestly about the connections that you have and how good you are at manipulating other people's emotions. Now, don't get me wrong. This is harsh but this is also the truth. My findings are through my observations and maybe there is a bias in my opinion which I myself do not know about, but arguably, there are two sides to the story and I admit that my side is only one of them.

The false sense of security that we have leads us to not taking the opportunities that we have and thinking about the insecurities and the potential sacrifice that we would have to make in chasing our dreams. But a dream should be something that would make us happy and if we see things as sacrificing dreams, then most probably that was never a dream in the first place. I agree that dreams change very often depending on what stage in life we are in. But, if we're unable to achieve the dream of when we were the least emotionally tainted individual in the world, then, what is the point of living or having a dream?

Think about this.

Till my next post. xx

(Feel free to ask me questions or get into a conversation with me in regards to this, this is merely a general overview)


  1. You have a point there when you say hard work doesn't necessarily mean success. Reality is, attractiveness will always play a factor. That is why we are told to dress a certain way when attending interviews. How you look counts! On top of that, tall people have more advantage over short people...again due to the appearance of having more authority. And don't get me talking about men vs. women opportunities. And then if you're not lucky enough to be tall, attractive, or a have to rely on who you know to go far in whatever you do. That is life unfortunately. It's not all about hard work.

    Having said that, success will NOT come without hard work. So we'll just have to continue striving on hoping for some luck to come by ;).


    1. Agree! Yup, couldn't have explained it better myself. Just wanted to condense my thoughts without getting too much in depth about gender inequality or all the differences that could possibly divide us. Well said, hard work doesn't necessarily mean success but you still need to work hard in order to progress. :)

  2. In my years of living and watching people is that you need at least:

    -Good skills in your profession
    -Know how to threat people

    The problem with my generation is that, my parents always show the good life. Nintendos, toys, vacations and I've never worked for it. So I want to pay the bills but I also want to enjoy life. So I spend money in dumb stuff when I should be saving it. When I say saving it, I mean getting coupons, offers and just have a routine affordable.

    So if you just got out from college you need to wait a little bit, but at the same time keep looking for a good oportunity. In the videogames and think in real life is called the grinding. You need to do something outside work that distracts you from that way of thinking, and realize that you work to live and live to work.

    For me, good friends, cheap beer and a bar near my house on friday helps my cause. We always cheap in to do an activity or a party.

    Just grind until you an opportunity. In the meantime enjoy what's outside.

    1. Just grind until you find an opportunity. In the meantime enjoy what's outside.

    2. Thank you so much, Naco. Those are kind words and I definitely know what you mean. I'm always trying to think positively and definitely will grind till I make it.