Friday, July 15, 2016

Shush or to share?

When it comes to our dreams and aspirations, I've always wondered if it was wise to share it with others or to keep it to myself. When I was younger, I'd always hear my brother say things like, "I want to fly" or "I want to build a big space shuttle", typical things you'd hear a child say. However, I still remember my mother always saying "Boy, don't build castles in the sky", rather sternly or sometimes she'd laugh and say that. But now, thinking back, are things that were previously said to children, in some ways limiting their true potential?

I recently read an article on how careful parents often are the cause for a child's failure. Quite controversial indeed. I suppose, it depends on the personality of the child as well. Surely, if parents were careful and the child was more adventurous and a risk-taker, that wouldn't affect that child as much as it would affect another child who is always careful and followed instructions well. As I'm growing older, "adulting" as they call it, becomes more of an unavoidable thing and amidst the whole graduation hiatus around the world at the moment, you may or may not have come across questions being directed to you or to someone you know which sounds a little like, "So, what's next?", or "What are you doing after this degree?", or "What do you want to be?". The common phrases you hear when you were younger, only now, you're taken seriously. 

When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor and when people would ask me why, I would say it's because I want to help people. But, progressively throughout the years, I understand that being a doctor is not the only way to help people. However, you still notice that whatever job that you're in, people still regard doctors highly, and somehow, the teaching profession is looked down upon. As we've all heard this phrase before, "those who aren't good enough, teach". But then again, I beg to differ, I wouldn't be where I'm at today if it weren't for the sacrifices that were made by my teachers throughout my years in education. Yes, we all know that anyone can be a teacher, in a life sense that is; anyone that allows you to learn a lesson from an event, for an instance. 

But, the true question here, is whether or not we should tell people what we want to do. "Well, of course", may be your answer. But, when you've told people about your dreams and aspirations, it somehow is put out there and when people see that you don't achieve it; obviously, it may not be your own fault. It could just really have been that an unfortunate turn of events may have caused you to slightly deviate from your original path. In which case, I feel that it would impact on us badly, that is in making us feel bad and discouraged. So, what I'm trying to say is that, perhaps, being quiet about your achievements and also not sharing everything that you do would perhaps be better.

With social media being a huge influence in our lives and with every little achievements being posted all over our news feeds, it becomes tiresome and rather vexing when you see people posting about their achievements all the time. Don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of each and every one of you. However, I think, sometimes, people do get the impression that the posting of every little achievement is almost like a pretentious behaviour in which I suppose, they may feel like you're bragging?

Of course, pay no mind to what others say about you or to you (unless given constructive feedback), but I feel that if we constantly share our success, others may tend to nitpick on our flaws more often. Perhaps as well, this could be attributed by either jealousy or annoyance, which one, I will never know. However, my personal take would be to be quiet about your success unless it's something that is widely known, for example, graduation or if you're at work, those are things that are unavoidable and will be known anyway. Also, it is really important to pick the people you wish to share the moments with because it will last you a lifetime. 

Anyway, to those who have graduated, a big Congratulations from myself and for those who have secured a job or have secured a place to further their studies, Congratulations as well. Remember that whatever grades you were assigned, it does not define you as a person. Sure, it may impact on your job opportunities for example, but that doesn't mean you're not destined for greater. I wouldn't say look at Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who dropped out, because they went to Harvard, unless of course, you're at Harvard. But, I've met a few people who received a lower grade than expected and they're really successful which I think is proof that some people are not as good at theoretical things but are quite good at the application of things. Good luck and all the best to everyone. 

Update: I will be updating my blog every Friday from now onwards!  Till my next post. xx

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Hello everyone!! 

Alright, so this may sound like a rant, but true story alright, this happens to me all the time. You hate it, I hate it. We all hate it. I try to avoid it like the plaque but hey, you show me candy dangling in front of me, I reach up for it, yeah? No, no, no. It doesn't work that way, but apparently it does in this case at least this time around. *sigh*...

So, you know those 3 pages, 5 pages, however long a page article that are always popping up on our news feed? Just today, I've seen, how to make your teeth whiter, one simple ingredient, click here to follow the link to find out what a common household item can do this for you. Instead of all that uninformative *beep*, they could have just told me what it was. And you know what? Because I'm not going to fall for their tricks, I didn't click on it. HA! I don't know what item it was and you're probably annoyed at me because I didn't tell you what it was. But, that's exactly how I feel, every time I see those links. Like, fam, why you wasting my time? Do I look like I've got all that time?

YouTube. DAMN THOSE YOUTUBE VIDEOS THAT HAS SH*TTY TITLES. Learn how to speak Spanish and in the end, it's a whole rant on how to bloody order a shoe online. I'm sorry, but what did your title say? You see why I have trust issues. First of all, I'm telling you, those raisin cookies, oh yes, you know what I'm talking about, those chocolate chip cookie impostors. They look like the divine objects I crave for and then when I take a bite out of it, I find myself spitting it out because of all these lies. Don't leave it hanging around in a plate or serve it to me with my cup of tea. You will face the repercussions of your actions and you will be sorry that you decided that raisins should ever be in a cookie. 

And you know how those videos on how to use a highlighter for a whole face make-up. Like honestly? Do I really want to look like the tin man (Tin Woodman) from the Wizard of Oz. Do I want to "glow in the dark" or let everyone know when I'm in a dark area. Like, hello, I'm walking home in the dark, oh, look, my face is a reflector. Now, I can feel safe walking back in the dark. No, just no. This is not what I expect when I see these kind of videos. No, thank you, I don't want to look like my oil glands overproduce sebum and no, I don't want to shine bright like a diamond. They reflect, for goodness sake.

I know, it's marketing, they're trying to promote their brand and what-not but seriously, just how far does this actually go. It just honestly makes me so furious that I have to click through 5 pages of rubbish just to know how to make my teeth whiter. And you know what's the worst thing? Hours after I've seen the link, it still bothers me. What was it? What makes my teeth whiter? AHHHHH!!! You see my problem? I'm the classic example of a person who creates problems for themselves from thin air. I have nothing to worry about but I worry about the stupidest article that have no information at all. All I could do is just Google it, but I don't want to spend my time going from one link to another and then end up in some hidden underground jazz band just because I want to know what ingredient I need. I know it sounds ridiculous but my Google searches always ends up with me browsing through some dodgey, uncharted territories. 

On another note, I could honestly go on about what makes me soooooooo furious about clickbaits, oh and obviously I'm mad especially since I watch the videos and my 7 minutes or whatever is gone, not that I would be doing anything productive at the time, but at least I would have done something much worth my unproductive time. Gosh, some people just don't understand. See, once you click it, you're committed, they lead you on and then you're staring at your screen, feeling like you'd like to break your laptop or desktop but knowing you've paid too much for it to see it go. Sorry, I'm not Bill Gates. I don't earn $22,946. Tough. You deal with it. 

So, this may be an uninformative post, but at least you feel the satisfaction of my rant (at least I hope).

Baking soda and strawberry crushed, that's what makes your teeth whiter. Don't judge me. 

Till my next post. xx