Sunday, May 15, 2016

Humility and being humble

Hello everybody, it's me again, back at it again with the blogging. 

I'm actually in the midst of the examination period. *cue a mixed up emotion*

The reason as to why I've decided to blog even though I should really be studying is because I had a few things that I wanted to get off my chest. Yes, you've probably read the title of my post and indeed I want to talk about humility and being humble. 

1. People are too proud of themselves

When I say proud of themselves, I don't mean knowing your self-worth, I'm talking about thinking too highly of one's self that they ignore the fact that everyone is a person and everyone is at a different level in their life. You may be just a step ahead, but that isn't an indication of being better than them. 

See, I think too many people think that just because they're doing a PhD or just because they're doing a Master's, they're better than you, or they deserve a job position more than you, just because you're "merely" an undergraduate or you're "merely" a college student or whatever the term is that people use to make other people feel small, or unimportant. I think when someone has that mentality established, that "you are better than everyone", then, it eats them up slowly because they think that they're better than everyone, so, they deserve everything and when they don't get something, then, the authoritative figure, if we may put it, made a mistake. See, I'll give you an example in my life, once upon a time, not very long ago, I applied for a job position and I had obviously been doing it for quite some time, that I thought I deserved another position. So, I applied and I didn't get it. Frankly said, I lost it to someone who had less experience than myself. 

At first, I was really upset because I thought I had been doing it for some time, so, I deserve to get a raise, which I did essentially, but I didn't get the role that I wanted. I tried to stay positive, but there was always that green little goblin that made me feel envious and dissatisfied, but after awhile, I noticed that I was actually good at my job and I enjoyed my job and that was why I kept on staying anyway, and I thought, if I were to have gotten the position that I had applied for, I don't actually think I would feel the same. So, my point here is that I felt that it was a blessing in disguise and obviously at the time, I thought I deserved it, and maybe I did, but maybe I'm just better at what I do and maybe that's okay. 

I think no matter what level a person is at or no matter how long someone has been doing it, maybe sometimes, we're meant to make changes in the position that we're at and maybe then, we would be able to get an unexpected job offer all of a sudden. Now, this is just completely an example that I have brought forward and can really be thought of in a variety of situations. 

I think you have to love yourself, most importantly be yourself, but never think that you're better than anyone else, because everyone has their weaknesses and their advantages, and you do too.

2. Staying humble

See, sometimes, we're at the top our games and we're doing really well, and we start to get really wrapped up in things and when someone gives us a suggestion, we think, wait a minute, I'm in a higher position than her/him, I don't need to hear these irrelevant suggestions, so we may assume. But, a lot of times, when we're disregarding someone else's opinions, we're also dismissing that they're people with emotions. So, the best thing you could ever do is to be nice. Even if you don't accept their opinion, that's fine, just be nice. Listen, no one ever lost anything from listening and we won't too. 

So, I always tell myself that sometimes, acting like you know less than others, can help you learn more from others, even if it's just a little bit more. You spend the same time speaking with a person regardless, for example, if you were at an event. However, if you were to argue with someone or dismiss someone, you're only making yourself look like a fool and your company feel uncomfortable and the most dishonourable thing any of us could do is to embarrass someone. So, take a step back and learn that not everyone was born and raised the same way as we did and learn that there could be more than one way to do things and neither of them are wrong. 

3. Be kind, always

Lastly, I would like to emphasise on kindness. Some days, we might not feel as up for it as others and some times, we may feel down or agitated, maybe because we were having a bad day. BUT, NEVER show your emotions or your dissatisfaction to anyone even if they were directly involved in making you feel that way. Remember that words once they've been said, cannot be taken back and also, when speaking to people, even if you really don't feel like speaking to anyone at the time, the other person does not know that you're having a bad day or you've had a bad day. Heck, they may be having a bad day. So, the least anyone could do is by being nice and just encouraging each other by maybe complimenting on their look or their nice pen or anything at all. You never know if that could be the last time you see them, or if it's the first time you're meeting someone, you don't want to leave such an awful impression which would always haunt them, especially if you never have the opportunity to change that initial opinion that they have of you.

Remember that everyone is struggling with something and all you and I can ever be is kind. Say something nice to someone and encourage everyone you see. Don't be selfish, nothing ever came to fruition from harbouring pride. Too little people care and too many people judge, we need to make ourselves be more in tuned with this world and just spread a little kindness. Look, I'm no president, I'm no one, but I feel if I could change even one life, I would keep on writing. This was my promise when I was 15 and I'm still writing till today because if my voice can reach even one person, then, it can cause a chain reaction and you can too, by just being yourself and caring. 

Till my next post. xx

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