Monday, February 29, 2016

Hormonal: Period pain and all that

This might be a little disturbing for the guys out there, but you know what? I don't care. This is a normal thing that every women go through and it's not "nasty" or "disgusting". We bleed but just in a different area and if you're thinking of getting married one day, guys, then you better get used to hearing it because you will have to live with it one day.

Spiel over. 

Anyway, in line with my healthy eating and workout, when I'm having my period, it's the only time when I pig out like nobody's business. When I say pig out, it means, example: yesterday, I had 4 bars of toffee crisps, 4 bars of kitkat chunky, 4 tubes of smarties and a bag of Doritos chips as SNACK. SNACK, I say. I had a bowl of pasta for lunch and a homemade granola bar for breakfast and that was all I had overall. Plenty of water obviously but that's what I had. 

The day before that, I had nachos with all the toppings and a burger for lunch. I had 2 slices of cake shared with my other 2 friends and a Krispy Kreme Caramel Biscoff shake which I also shared with 2 of my other weeks. For dinner, I can't remember what I had. haha

But basically, when I have my period, I basically turn into a monster and I did not workout on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday because I was tired and Sunday because I missed the last bus. Today, however, I intend to make up for all 3 of the days. Yes, do all the workout for the previous days, which is the Blogilates calendar but I will only be going to the gym tomorrow. 

But basically, I cannot control my food because two days leading up to my period and the first few days of my period, I literally have to eat anything and everything and I crave so much chocolate. The reason why is because you're losing iron in case anyone is wondering and can be replenished by eating meat, such as red meat and I find chicken helps too but because I was in the library the whole day and was working, I literally had to have my sugar fix which was why I bought chocolate. This certainly does not justify it however, in the next few cycles, I'm going to try opting to much healthier options to see if my craving is satiated and if it does, I will definitely share with you.

Why is this not healthy? Basically, when you start craving things, your body is lacking of some minerals, vitamin or macromolecules such as protein, carbs and that sort of things and you can replenish it by eating the right food instead of binge eating on chocolate. I mean technically, I don't put on the pounds during my period and the only issue I have is water retention during my period but eating unhealthily is never a good enough reason, especially when it is high in saturated fats and sugar.

Hence, this will be my next experiment. 

Till my next post. xx


  1. Hi :) Just wanted to note that there are other things that contain iron that are healthier than milk chocolate bars. Firstly dark chocolate has a higher concentration of chocolate but dried fruit like raisins are great to snack on

    1. Hi, that is exactly what I was pointing out, my unhealthy eating during my period. Sorry if I didn't get the point across well. :)