Thursday, March 31, 2016

Do you get slimmer faster during the summer?

So, a little update from me. I initially wanted to do a post on the military diet because I've been seeing it everywhere. Oh, you know, cheeky lil' YouTube suggesting things "you might like" just because you've searched it. Typical. Anyway, that didn't happen because I was really busy, out and about before I boarded my flight, so, packing and all that just took up so much of my time that I was like, meh, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

So, I came home, obviously did not exercise as much. Ate whatever I wanted, but truth be told, I've just been eating home made food. Then, I just started noticing a difference in the way I look. My belly started looking a lot slimmer, no more bulge. My thighs were getting much slimmer as well and I was shocked and was thinking to myself, "What is this atrocity?". I mean, exercising less and eating regularly just as I would and still losing more weight than I would doing Blogilates workouts, and going to the gym? This surely cannot be right.

But then, I started thinking about aquatic animals and polar bears and animals living in colder climates, such as penguins, do you not think they're all fatter? Then, it dawned on me that we're animals too, we store fat during the winter and we lose fat when it's warmer. Hence, the change in climate really does make a difference, I am losing a lot more weight faster and I'm just so happy with the way I look at the moment. 

So, by far, I think I can actually see the difference in my body as in the weight loss and although I'm not seeing much changes in the scale, I know I'm losing weight, at the moment, I'm 62.0kg and I'm looking to lose at least 7kg before I make my way back. I think it's possible and I will post before and after pictures to prove this for sure, but I'm not posting it now because I really do think it hasn't been long since I've been back. Life has been good. Sitting at the park and going for runs, I like being outdoors and have definitely missed the sun, the heat wave has subsided a little bit and am looking forward to new beginnings. 

On a side note, I'm so addicted to the Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun and will 100% recommend it to anyone that is considering watching it. There are only 16 episodes, each approximately an hour long, but it's so worth it, I binged watched 10 episodes in a day and am awaiting Episode 12.

Song Joong Ki

Yes, I'm absolutely smitten with him, his character mainly, oozing so much charm. A definite must watch. Lastly, I might consider doing the Military Diet but we'll see. I'm probably going to be living off caffeine in the next few weeks due to final exams being only around the corner. But who knows, I might decide to eat something. (I'm not unhealthy okay, I do eat, I just don't eat as much because I'm not that hungry anymore) I've got quite a small tummy to be honest. 

Till' my next post. xx

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