Sunday, January 17, 2016

I want to, I don't know how to

It's been quite awhile since I uploaded pictures or even talked to you about my recent travels. The last one was about Africa and probably a little bit on Turkey. I feel so in tune whenever I'm blogging, doing photography and updating my photography page and honestly, I just love everything to do with social media and being creative. Travelling has always been a passion and I really just want to get a job that would allow me to be involved in all of the things that I love. 

I recently went back to Malaysia as Lancaster was badly affected by the flood and had a great time. I went back to Ipoh as I'm an Ipoh gal and I had a lot of fun. I also had the opportunity to meet with Wong Fu productions in Kuala Lumpur at their 'Everything before us' movie premiere screening which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

After Malaysia, I went back to England and was lucky that Storm Frank didn't do as much damage as Storm Eva, I had to take a different train from London to Lancaster due to train cancellation but fortunately enough, I arrived safe and sound. After that, I trekked back to London to catch my flight to Iceland with a friend and had so much fun in the snow and we got to do so many things, like the Golden circle tour, go whale watching, we had rainbow trout and whale steak which were delicacies native to Iceland. I would definitely recommend going to Iceland especially during winter and if you're a fan of Game of thrones, then you're in for a treat. Parts of the movie were shot at Ć¾ingvellir National Park and there you get to walk on the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates although not at the same time. It was really cold but I was glad to be able to take wonderful pictures and with great company too. 

Grilled rainbow trout and whale steak. 

Lobster soup.

The place we had our meal. 

At sea, on our way to watch dolphins and whales. We got to see the white beaked dolphins and the humpback whale. 

Inside Harpa.

Northern lights watching. 

On Saturday, as the exec for the baking society, I once again got to help out in the thing I love doing most, baking. I suggested lemon cupcakes and voila, it was oh so delicious. It also had a lemon curd center, but alas, I didn't bake this time, this is a cupcake from a fellow exec who was so sweet to give me a treat.

Lastly, the cake that took me 2 days to bake, it was really such a surprise how the matcha did not turn out as bitter as I thought it would, but nevertheless, I was so happy it turned out to be good. I baked this for a friends birthday and am just glad she liked it. 

I'm honestly just so tired of having to do so many coursework and then having to get grades that you feel does not justify the amount of work that goes into that particular coursework. I honestly feel like giving up at this point, but I'm not quitter. I feel like I want to focus more on my studies but at the same time, it's just so heartbreaking when all you ever get is "that you're not trying hard enough". But enough of that, I really want to focus on doing the things I love and honestly, travelling, baking, social media platforms, blogging, and just generally fitness and things that are similar. I know people make careers out of those things but I may be a dreamer but I don't think that would be something that I would pursue. 

Hence, I guess when the going gets tough, the getting gets tougher.