Monday, November 23, 2015

Why not?

Hello, hello. 

So, I've been asked questions like, why do I not post pictures of myself on here? Why? 

I can easily answer that for you. I HAVE GAINED WEIGHT. I know my friends are just being nice and encouraging by telling me that I have not gained weight. But honey, when all your jeans except for the two you recently bought don't fit you, it means you've gained weight. I even have a muffintop. In case anyone was wondering. ha. Bet it was tmi (too much information) in the first place.

Anyway, speaking about having gained weight, I've put on more than 3 stones. Give or take, that is a lot of weight. I'm currently 66.5 kg (Yes, I ran to check). That is approximately 10 and a half stones per se. I am approximately 5' 7" and I'm bordering between normal and overweight. I feel so ashamed that I have gained so much weight but I only have myself to blame really. As of a few minutes ago, I worked out for the first time this whole year. 

For those who know me, that's extremely surprising because everyone knows me as this health freak. I'm sorry to say that Fat Amy is now the present form that I assume at present (pun fully intended).

I know with a lot of us, we know how to lose weight, we know what to do and we know what not to do but we don't actually practice it. Which is sad and has led me to gaining so much weight. I actually had 2 triple chocolate doughnuts and although it felt good when eating it. But I really need to ask myself if it is worth the extra weight gained from all the trash that I put into my body. 

I even drank a pint of diet pepsi today. I honestly am not addicted to soda but when I do have it in the fridge, I feel guilty to just throw it out. So, hence, making better decisions to buy a can instead of an actual bottle. These deals that they always have (2l for £1) is really annoying because it drives you to think that it is cheaper to buy the bigger one (I always for it- marketing strategy done right?). 

I baked cheesecake as well. If you follow me on instagram: amirajalfrezi you would be able to see the things that I bake and the random places that I decide to jetset to.

I'm now planning to lose 20kg and I don't have a set time yet. I'm really disappointed with myself that I've allowed myself to gain so much weight just over the summer. Just imagine gaining that much in 6 months. I've never imagined this and I definitely don't want to be fat during my graduation. Some people might be thinking that I'm pathetic or that I'm promoting unrealistic goals but I'm doing this for myself and am aiming to achieve what I think is an ideal weight.

Before any of you judges me, I'm Asian, so, my bone mass is less than most Caucasians to say the least and any weight that I put on are mostly in the form of fat. I know because I've been stuffing myself with a whole load of starch because I have been suffering from low mood swings for quite some time and I find comfort in food which a lot of people do. I am feeling a lot better now but this also means that I have to push myself to eat healthy and to shed the kilos that I have gained. 

On a side note, I wish I could type as much and as fast as I type on my blog in my dissertation as well. I need to push myself to do so many things because at this moment I am feeling extremely overweight. So much so that I have to pull my pants up and pull my shirt down because my clothes literally don't fit me anymore. I haven't bought new clothes though because I know that by buying new clothes, I will not want to lose weight. Will keep you updated with my weight loss journey and other shenanigans. 

Till my next post. xx

Thursday, November 5, 2015

It Failed. It CRASHED!

Well, I did mention about how I was doing the no sugar diet. And it has finally crashed after a month. Not even 3 months. That's how pathetic the outcome is. 

What I did was eliminate everything that contained sugar or added sugar by only eating things with natural sugar in it such as vegetables, fruits and mostly I found myself eating food high in carbs as almost everything contained sugar. 

I found my body craving for sugar and I had withdrawal effects which meant that sugar is indeed addictive, I craved chocolate a lot more and I tried eating more protein which satiated the beast for a while, but not for long, I felt the need to eat more things, I craved for weird things and I would eat even when I was not hungry. 

But at the end of the day, it taught me a thing or two. Firstly, now I prefer my tea with milk but no sugar. I am able to ration my sugar intake by not taking it in the raw form but if it was incorporated in say, mayonnaise, I would have it. But I don't drink soft drinks or juice as they have a lot of sugar, I stick to freshly squeezed fruit juice or fruits in general. I have also realised that it is alright to have candy every now and then just not always. 

By making a permanent cut in sugar rather than cutting it out entirely, I've been able to feel a lot more energised than I would feel otherwise. Having too much sugar did always make me feel tired. I especially love smoothies and drinking plenty of water is also key in making sure that everything in your body runs smoothly. It keeps you hydrated and it also flushes out the toxin from your body which I think is important.

Thence concludes my no-sugar diet. It has been a mind opening and physically challenging opportunity. Lest assured, I have enjoyed experiencing it for myself. 

Just to speak more about what I ate as well, I had pasta with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts, mostly olio rather than having it with tomato sauce, as I've heard how much sugar is added into pasta sauce. 

I also had lots of salad and incorporated feta cheese into my diet which is what I had most in Turkey. 

To satisfy my cravings, I made oven baked sweet potato fries which was helpful as it was sweet and savoury at the same time.

Another thing I found extremely comforting is in having tea. Tea helped in curbing the hunger pangs and it also helped in overcoming my sweet tooth. So, here's to tea. 

That about sums up mostly what I had during my time doing this no-sugar diet. Not forgetting the countless smoothies I used to make as those really helped me curb my sweet tooth. Bananas are packed with potassium and provides you with energy and I found myself helping myself to a lot of them. So, cheers to smoothies too. 

Thanks to everyone who supported me in realising this experience. 

Till my next post. xx