Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Final year... already?

It has already been more than 2 years when I arrived as a fresher. But it's my final year now. I don't know what to think of it. But I do know that I can take a lot of things from it. But before I list down my tips and tricks, I need to get out of this alive. Hence, I would like to share with you how these two days has been. Hectic. 

I hope I will be able to continue with studies and be positive no matter how tough the going gets. I mean, I doubt there is a shortcut, and because of that, I know that I will have to work extra hard. I honestly hope that things will get a lot better after this. But hey ho, who knows right?

No one explained what University life would be like, but I will keep you updated on what I am doing. Follow me on instagram: amirajalfrezi . I post updates there when I don't on here. I am up to no good, rest be assured and will get back to you soon.

P/S: I can't believe how some people can be sooooo rude. I'll write more about this soon. 

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