Monday, July 13, 2015


Here's a goodbye post which is specially dedicated to Mantas Narbutas. I had already written one before. But then after a few minutes after completing it, I found out that he had passed on and I was devastated.

I would like to extend my deepest condolence to his friends and family especially Adele Gunaviciute as she was and I will stay is his best friend. 

To a great, lambrini drinking guy. May you Rest In Peace. I was having trouble adjusting to accepting your death but I know you wouldn't want any of us to be sad! 

See you in heaven, friend. :)

You're a great friend, housemate to many, confidante, and everything. I don't have words to describe you. I will miss seeing your face outside the Great Hall every time I go to sit for my exam. We'll have our sushi making session in heaven as promised. :)

This was written before I found out about my friend Mantas' death:

I mean, I'm no stranger to Goodbyes. They come almost naturally to me. Second nature even. But it's still the hardest things to ever do and say. I guess this time around, it's to amazing people that I've met during uni.

Some friends, were friends, you're no longer friends with them and it's okay. Sometimes some things weren't meant to last. You find out that some people that you truly like were:
a) using you
b) treating you like an option
c) both a and b

But that is no reason to feel bitter about life. Either way, you learn something in life and a lesson learnt is worth a lot more than the experience that you go through, coming out unchanged. 

Overall, this academic year was a turmoil of emotions, personally.

I travelled to Lithuania, France, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark this year. I loved all these places in a completely different way. I managed to publish articles on my University newspaper, SCAN. I managed to checkout so many things on my bucket list. I said hello and temporary goodbyes to all these places and these are the things that I am most proud of. 

Now that it's July, graduation is just next week and although I've recently met amazing people, I'm saddened by the fact that they will all be leaving me soon. I do hope we will all keep in touch but I am still saddened by the fact that they would be moving on. The problem about moving on is, it's easy for the person who is leaving, but it's hard for the person having to stay and live their life passing things that remind you of them. I would like to make a special shout out to all of my friends that are graduating this year. 

To everyone that is graduating this year! It will be sad to see you go! I am definitely going to miss you all. I guess I'm the type of person who remembers exactly how we met, where we went, the places and things we share, I remember it vividly and I guess that's why it hurts even more. It was so much fun knowing a lot of people and I must say that knowing all the people that are now about to leave is by far the most amazing thing that has happened to me. From the multiple bottle Lambrini drinking guy, to the weird degree taking people, to the crazy, amazing, nice people that I've met. I want to thank you all for all the experiences that I've gone through! Thank you for making memories with me! I will miss all of you.

This time around next year, I know that I will be graduating and I want my last year to be the best ever! I want to experience life and change as a person and I want people to look back, remembering me and the legacy that I leave, and I want people to know that I was never the type who would let anyone down. I'm no saint, but that's what my aspirations are, at least for the last year.

This whole academic year has taught me a thing or two and if I've learnt anything, I know that life must go on. I managed to watch Joseph Moog live and for that I will be forever thankful. I don't wish to have more friends or less friends, I don't wish for anything. I only wish for a peaceful third year in which I can enjoy my time, travelling, and cooking, and doing things that I would have never done before. I'm also extremely happy for the amazing people that I have crossed path with, whatever the outcome is. 

One more thing that I would like to tell everyone is that: 
"Wherever you are, you are only making the most progress by how much you're willing to change."

So next year, or rather, the beginning of October will mark my final journey of my life as an undergraduate student! I intend to make the best of this year and if anything, I will take life by it's horns as per se. 

Here are some pictures from my trip to Denmark last month.

And in case anyone didn't already know, I have started a new amateur photography page on Facebook which is of places that I travel, which is quite frequent if I may say:

Last but not least! See you all soon!

Till my next post! xx

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