Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don't know too much but will take a chance

The thing is, you're not wiser as you grow older. You could be a moron, even when you're 60 and still not know it. The only difference is that people respect elders more as they have lived longer than us.

What makes a person is their experience. How does a baby learn to stand? By trying, falling, crawling and finally standing up. Yes, it takes time, and this is called progress. As the time progresses and as they experience what it's like, that's when they know. They learn that standing on top of a chair gives us less balance than standing on the floor. But some people experience less than others and some people experience more in such a short period of time.

Thence, the years you've lived does not define maturity, rather, the experience does.

It's a rather peculiar thing, culture that is. In many Asian countries especially, you're taught to listen to elders because they've lived longer and they know more. It doesn't matter what the topic is on. They're just right, ALL THE TIME. Thank God my parents never raised me this way. But what I'm trying to say is that, if you try to give your opinion, then, your opinions are shot down, you're given the most evil stare from whoever it is that are responsible for you and after you're done, you're probably given a stern warning to not to speak to elders in that way ever again.

I believe that you do have to respect others, especially if they're older than you, but you also need to have an open mind and accept what other people say, you know, the mind blowing thing is that no matter how much they study, they never seem to be able to change their narrow-mindedness into something positive. They are never able to accept criticism nor are they even able to compromise.

These are the people that I find hilarious sometimes, they make mistakes and they don't see it, but when anyone else does, then, all hell breaks loose. It's interesting really. I'm just really thankful that I have the patience to handle it and no matter how many times these type of people come into my life, they never stay for too long.

Which is where I would like to share about what I'm going through. At this point in my life, with everything going on, studies, dissertation and work, I must say that deciding what you would want to do in the future is by far the most difficult task that I have had to bear on my shoulders.

I feel like there are so many paths you're going to choose and at this point, whatever choices you make, will affect your future drastically and you've already got to think about what you have to do when you get married and all that. It may sound trivial, but I feel like the mother to the child would have to make sacrifices, if I had the chance, I would take a few years off to concentrate on my child, which is why I want to complete my studies before even thinking of settling down. 

A steady job, a property or two to my name and a car. I know we plan and sometimes, what we plan is not meant to be, so we have to bear that in mind and keep thinking positively and decide what's best for us. 

I honestly have so much to say, but I feel like if I do say it, I'd end up sounding like a whingeing fool.

Till my next post. xx