Monday, May 11, 2015

Oslo, Norway

With exams over and dissertation in progress, I did have a quick trip to Oslo with one of my favourite person, Sam. It was only a couple of days and although I missed the train and had to pay 80 quids for a taxi to get to Manchester Airport, I must say that it was one good trip. Arriving at Oslo late in the wee hours in the morning and walking to our hotel was scary but the day following it was pretty exciting. I mean, apart from the disappointing museums that are over-hyped and the ridiculously priced food, the view was just amazing and worth-while!

We stayed in central Oslo and had quick and easy access to everything around which was a plus given that we booked everything really last minute. 

Oslo Central Station

Sam and I adamant to get a picture with our best friend.

The amazing moment when you find a 7-Eleven. Nostalgia overwhelms my soul. Haha... Well, except that coconut thing, some Norwegian specialty and nothing like the ones you get in America or Malaysia. They don't even have slurpee. How sad it must be.



The Opera and Ballet Centre

This pipe was not even supposed to be there but the image reminded me of every time I would look under a microscope. Hahaha.. Biomedical Science students' problem.



Pier 3


Touchdown. Boyen.









A cute bird that found it's way into the cafe.

Basically, sitting for exams are a pain and I'm glad that it's over. The countless times I've been to Sultan's to get my meal. That whole week of surviving on merely gummy bears and chocolate and then finally the next day just leaving to Norway.

All in all, our trip was amazing and now, I'm looking forward to my dissertation. Working with cannabis and researching on brain ageing doesn't seem like a bad thing at all. Just finished almost everything on my check list and I have still have got so much to do. 

Just had a catch up session with one of my good friends and now, it's time to get back to work.

By the by, I hate having hayfever. You constantly feel like crap, extremely sore throat, headaches, dizziness and what's worst? Well, the fever of course. Anyway, enough whining. 

For now, it's time to focus on my Istanbul, Turkey fundraising project: 

It's to raise money for children with cleft lips all over the world. It's a not for profit organisation and runs on funds raised, doctors who work on minimal wage and volunteers.
It's been something that I've supported since I was 13 years old and I would like to do something about it.

Anyway, also working on my photography portfolio and am working on my make up skills. Something that I like doing during my pastime.

Til my next post. xx