Saturday, January 24, 2015

What is normal?

Everyday, on the way back from University, past the University fields, to your left. In the old building which is undergoing construction at the moment, I pass the words "What is normal?" Every single day since the past year.

What is normal?

It keeps bugging me, like a thorn in my heart. It eats my insides. What is normal? That frustration that must have filled the heart of that someone who spray painted it on the wall. What was their story? What drove them to write that? Did they somehow feel that the world was unfair to them? That people took them for granted? Were they shunned by society for being different? What was it? What is it? Are they alive? How long ago did this happen? It can't have been too long ago, because the spray paint looks quite new and with the weather in Lancaster, I'm pretty sure, it was quite recent (judging in years).

The same question arises when I read articles. What gives us superiority that us, humans, would never be used in an experiment, but animals are solely bred for that purpose. So, it is said that it's okay, because that was the reason they were created in the first place.

If so, why is cloning wrong? What if we created humans specifically for that purpose of experimenting on them? So many people would go against it. So, do animals not feel pain? How are they inferior to us apart from the fact that they do not speak a language that we can understand?

I don't understand.


Define this in a dictionary context or define this in a society point of view?

Some things that are considered to be normal in certain parts of the world aren't considered on normal in other parts of the world. So, does this mean that I have to move to another continent just because the country/place that I live in does not accept my believe, culture or understanding?

Does this mean that because politically, I have taken something that belonged to the country (i.e. passport), that now, I am forever indebted to them and now I have to conform to the certain societal norm?

How is this even considered fair?

I cannot and I refuse to even try to understand the concept of superiority.

In this context of superiority, it isn't only limited to the differences in species. Rather, it is even existent and prominent in every species. Especially humans. If you're a pigeon and you feel offended by this, I am truly sorry, I'm basing my arguments based on my understanding and socials norms. No offense, pigeon.

Anyway, BEAUTY.

In so many accounts, I have met good looking people with bad attitude and I can promise that I have never ever fallen for anyone good looking in my whole life. I have stated that this or that person is good looking, but never have I ever liked someone who is good looking, or even confessed to anyone who is above the average looking.

I strongly dislike people who know that they are rich or good looking and because of that they can get anything or anyone they want. Yes, some good looking people are nice, but I never see that as a reason to why they should be preferred compared to other people.

The media constantly complains about beauty queens or models that are underweight, yet, that is the exact same thing that they portray. When someone gains weight, they are judged, if they lose weight, they are judged as well. So, who do you please? What must you do to gain acceptance?

Hence, my solution to this is "TO NEVER GIVE A SUGAR"

If you constantly care about what other people think, you are never going to be happy. Spend time with people who make you their priority instead of always feeling second best.

Whenever in doubt, sleep it through, speak to someone, take up a sport, do something useful. Volunteer for something and support a charity or a cause.

There is always something we hold dear to our hearts, but realise that every country is important and not only one should be given priority to. I support Operation Smile and have always done that but that never stopped me from supporting other charities. Obviously it's different, because you hold it dear to your heart. But at the same time, other people need you to.

If you think you want to get 5 piercings and at the same time, you think you want to dye your hair purple or whatever. Then, just do it. Who cares what other people think?

Spend time on your own. Love the fact that you don't have to be in a situation where you have to constantly think of not hurting the other person's feelings.

When you don't constantly go out or go clubbing, you save A LOT of money and best part is, you get to save enough to pay your tuition loan and buy a house. That's for me at least. I have dreams and aspirations which I would like not to share with the world.

Nevertheless, be confident, travel, and eat loads of candies. Drink of a lot of water and have salad with olive oil, lemon and salt as the dressing. That's my favourite food now.

I've begun blogging more now and hopefully, with my deadlines coming soon, it will give me more time to procrastinate.

Next destination for me: PARIS

Till my next post. xx