Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My shell.

My favourite picture yet. The only reason I love this picture, is because my mum overreacted when I sent her this picture. I don't really miss home much, I do miss my mum sometimes, but it's not as much as I thought I would. 

Maybe because I have been away from home before, so it's not really a big deal. Although it was NS and it was for 3 months, but still. I find my flatmates and most of my course mates really nice that I don't even miss home much. I think the reason that it's that way is because everyone is really nice.

But anyway, let's leave this picture. It's disgusting. Basically, it happened because I grated my finger while grating carrots while laughing. Yes, I laugh a lot. 

My complexion actually got a lot more fairer, still remember training under the hot sun everyday, and I hate being insulted and then when they look at my legs, they say stuff like. "Your legs are so fair, how come your face is so dark", AHHHHH, whatever, it's the past.

One thing that I hate here, is that everyone thinks I'm South Indian, like what the hell is that all about? I'm mixed, I do have South Indian blood in me, but still, they judge me for my accent, everyone knows I have an accent even when I speak in Malay, although I always think I don't have an accent. Yes, Fara, I'm talking about you!!

This is Kotryna, my Lithuanian friend, one of the few people that I'm really close to, and she's my flatmate. AND ALMOST EVERY SINGLE GUY HERE likes her. It's so funny to watch people hitting on her!


This was basically one night when we decided to stay up until really late, something that is so commonly done here, that we decided to take pictures. I love taking pictures because it reminds me of memories, moments and even songs. 

Meet Fabio Lombardo. He's Italian and from Trieste, Italy. He's really nice and this is his 3rd year living in England. He's funny and he HATES EVERYTHING except himself. LOL. We took this picture because it was a really windy night and I posted a status informing how bored I was, and everyone knows how I hardly post statuses, but after coming here, and not being able to blog, I find the urge to post every single thing. It's so pathetic! 

Vegetarian Pizza from Pizzetta Republic; still prefer the pizza in Sultan of Lancaster.

I finally watched The Notebook and it was really nice. But, I don't get how people can watch a movie again and again and again, unless it was Avatar, I think I've seen that show for so many times in 3D at the cinema. 

Well, not only Avatar, Harry Potter and some other action movies. Not really a huge fan of romantic movies, but I don't know, after coming here, I actually like Romantic movies. What happened to my horror movie fetish??

Which reminds me that I have to watch The Conjuring.

Oh, and living in the UK is so weird, you actually have to have a TV license in order to watch online TV shows or to own a television, unless you own a television and you don't watch anything on it, but play XBOX, or Playstation, then that's fine. 

An example of shitty food you find in Barker House Farm. I hate the food at the catered accommodation. TASTES SO BAD! I really want to cancel it but my mum says that I should have the first year catered so that I don't have to cook and so that I can concentrate on my study. Little does she know that it makes it hard for me to concentrate when I have horrible food. I don't miss Malaysian food that much, I hate NASI LEMAK. Every Malaysian I meet say that they miss Nasi Lemak, but I've never liked it, I skip meals whenever my mum cooks it, so, I really only miss my mum's cooking which is just, well, her cooking. Not Malaysian or whatever, just my mum's cooking. 

I love eating Maggi Noodles here, even though the cost of one packet of Maggi in the UK is the same as 5 Maggi Noodles in Malaysia, but I don't care! I love MAGGI!!

Such a blurry picture of my Mocha, but whatever, every night, actually not every night but almost every night, my flatmates and I hangout at Pizzetta Republic, because the Uncle there is so nice. He's SO SO NICE TO US!!! I REALLY LIKE THAT UNCLE! 

I PLAYED SLENDERMAN!!! I defeated him in like 1 round! So I'm so happy. Never touching that app ever again. Probably going to delete it. Still remember how we used to play that stupid game in Malaysia right before our A2 exams.

I like painting my nails, but only when I can't pray, so last month, it was turquoise and platinum blue. A In said something so funny about painting my nails. Not going to say it here.

I woke up one morning and decided to take a picture, but seriously because I was so sleepy and I didn't know what to do and I get that a lot here. Because I really want to do something, I feel so trapped, I want to run around, go crazy, go bungee jumping, just do something, like go to Manchester and come back, but every time I tell my mum that, she goes quiet on the phone and when I say, "Hello", she says "Hmm.." then a sigh and then a lecture.

What's the point of being 20 years old?

Oh and one more thing. Most of the people here are all 18 years old, and they all think that I'm 18 as well, but I feel so old that I'm actually 20, but I took a gap year, so whatever. I'm actually glad I did that because if not I would have met a different set of people and I might not actually even like them.

We had a movie night, Yes, I'm having instant noodle. I don't know what I would do without instant noodle. Actually I do, I WOULD BE SO WHINY! But still, the one next to me is Gauri, she's from India but she has been living in Dubai for the past 2 years. Next to her is A In Kwon, the Korean girl who lives in Malta at the moment. She has lived in Malaysia for 3 years, she has lived in Libya and literally had to evacuate to Malta when the riot started. Next to her is Shikha Bajaj. She is from India and she lived in Singapore for a year while doing her diploma. 

Shikha straightened my hair. I've only curled my hair, because my hair is already straight. But anyway, she made it straighter that it already was.

This is Telma, she is so funny. She's literally the most blur person I've ever known. She just doesn't know what's going on all the time. She's from Portugal. She lives in Lisbon.

I volunteered for the Lancaster University Students' Union (LUSU) for their Halloween day event, and in Malaysia, we have our own Halloween celebration but it's not really like what they have here.

I tried my hands on pumpkin carving for the first time. Take a look, it isn't that bad, I actually managed to make it quite good. 

My fellow Bruneian friends. (I was born in Brunei kay? Not Bruneian though) Rifhan and Pei Jing. They're really nice people.

This is the first time it rained hail and we were so excited because we mistaken it for snow for 2 seconds, then we were just like, bleh, but still posted a status to say that it snowed. LOL. But there is hail in Malaysia as well sometimes although it's always so hot.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy here because I have ice cream when it's so cold. But honestly, it just really reminds me of Italy and how we would have Gelato at every gelato stand during the winter.

First baking society, I don't really know if I want to go to France to study baking anymore, maybe I'll just keep it as my hobby. But I will still open my posh cafe one day. In the near future.

Tried the Jelly beans from Bertie Bott's every flavour beans. It was disgusting. Telma got it for us when she went to London.

Shikha cooked us Butter Paneer. It was so good!! It reminded me of all the times my family and I would go to Pakeeza and Tandoor Grill. Oh not forgetting the one place we always went in Brunei but it closed down, I really liked the food there.

The first time we ever met, I still remember how when we met our JCR reps and we were standing in a row and I'm so thankful that we're really good friends and I love the fact that we're so international, yet so understanding and we care for each other so much. I'm really so happy here, and I don't feel homesick because of them. But then again, I don't really get homesick.

Last Saturday, we had a charity bake off and we managed to raise 200 pounds for kids. So happy!!

That crazy night we decided to stay at Pizetta until 4.05 a.m. and got kicked out. Then we went out for a walk, and then we slept at 6 in the morning.

We went to Pizetta again but this time, we met Theo, the guy from Greek and J, the guy from India and we sat together. Theo got us a wrap from Ketchup although we only jokingly told him to. It was really nice of him.

I guess that's it. I typed out a lot of stuff.

I really like it here, I'm getting used to the cold, believe it or not, I'm actually liking the cold here, except the rain though, I can't stand the rain. I dislike the rain. There are so many other friends that I've made, but let's start of with my flatmates and we'll progress from there. 

There are some things that I don't really like as well, but whatever, there are always going to be things you like and don't like about a place. Going to take one day at a time and enjoy the moment. 

I really want to go for a walk now. So, sayonara!

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