Friday, September 13, 2013

5 cents

In the United States, it's called the nickel. But here, in Malaysia and Singapore, we call it the 5 CENT COIN. As insignificant as it sounds, there's actually something very important that I think everyone should know.

You do know how it's like, you find 5 cent coins everywhere, but you know what got me so annoyed and pissed because of a five cent coin? How it's treated.

When you go to the supermarket, you pay the cashier, RM10, let's say, for something that costs you RM9.95, but, because they don't have 5 cent coins, you just say, it's okay, keep the change. Naturally, right?

But, if you were in line, and you had to pay for that same RM9.95 item but you were short of 5 cents, hell to the no, you cannot walk away with the counter with your goods without first providing the 5 cents. Ever experienced that before? I'm sure you have, at least once in your life, I know I have. Numerous times before.

How is it fair that the merchant get to keep the 5 cents just because they cannot provide you with your 5 cents but when it is the other way and you're buying something, it is definitely not okay for you to not give the 5 cents. It's not like you can't pay, maybe for some reason, you decided not to withdraw money from the ATM, and you just don't have enough to pay, not by much, but just by 5 cents and it's not acceptable.

You know when you go to Baskin Robbins and get a junior scoop, it costs you RM7.95 and they just take RM8. How is that fair? If I were to give them only RM7.90, they wouldn't let me have my ice-cream. And what if I went to McDonald's to get a sundae cone which cost RM 1.05 and I had 5 cents short, will I be able to take my sundae cone? NO! That's your answer. NO. But if you waited at the cashier to get your 5 cents, they'd give you dirty looks and once, I went to McDonald's to get my sundae cone and I was actually waiting, not for my 5 cents, but for my receipt and the cashier was done and just waiting and then she said to me, "What? 5 cents also want?". I was so taken aback, I just walked away. 

I told my sister and she said, "Damn, you should have said, "Yeah, why cannot?" " and actually I should have.

I mean, think of it this way, I know you're actually thinking that I'm making a big fuss about a 5 cent coin, but think of it this way. If 300 people walked into a shopping mall everyday, and at least 20 people decides that the mall can keep their 5 cent, in one week, they would earn 7 dollars in average, that is assuming that 20 people let's go of their 5 cents. In one day, that's one dollar, for every working day, 365/366 days a year, they make RM365/366 just by you, leaving your 5 cents. For a big company, don't you think it's small change, but with RM360+, don't you think, you could put that money to good use?

Could even cover your electric bill, or water bill or maybe even both for a month, right??

So, think, what is it that you're doing, I mean, is it easy to get the money. You work so hard for it and then just say it's okay? And they just get it like that, without doing any work. Every nickel that you chip in does make a huge difference. Do this, every time, you intend to leave your 5 cent coin, leave it in a glass jar, at the end of the year, calculate how much you have. Don't be lazy.

Till my next post. xx

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  1. I came across your blog by accident, and hey what a good read. That has never actually crossed my mind, about we giving 5 cents all the time and them not letting us buying things even when it's just 5 cents short. You have pretty neat stuffs here, keep up the good work! :)