Saturday, July 6, 2013


This is merely just a thought that has been on my mind forEVER! I had to share. Alright, so, you know how kids these days are only interested in things like:


2) Phones and if you have an iPhone, you're somehow looked up upon. Oh, not forgetting to switch your phone every time Apple comes out with their new phone.

3) Relationships


5) Pretty boys/ girls

6) Swaggy clothes.





11) BRACES. What were once known as things that were worn by geeks are now so popular that even kids with no dental defects choose to wear them just because they think it will make them prettier and hence would be more of an ideal woman or some sort. Here, let me just say that yes, I have worn braces but because my dental flaw was rated as an 8/10.

12) PLASTIC SURGERY. Although this does not apply to all, but I daresay after Bong QiuQiu, Xiaxue and Dawnn Yang spoke openly about their plastic job done to whatever parts of their bodies, people are somehow beginning to think that it's okay for you to reconstruct your face by physical means by going under the knife. 

13) INSTAGRAM. We are in a society which faces only one excruciating decision making problem, which is choosing the perfect filter. Not to mention how proud some people are when they do not use a filter that they have to tag #nofilter Ever done that? It's silly. It's only a picture, why such big great fuss?

14) FACEBOOK LIKES. Not forgetting the attention whores- guys or girls (I don't really care) who crave for facebook likes and even inbox you to like their pictures or tag you on it so that you'd like their pictures.

Do you notice that almost everything I have stated above are referring to the use of money except for Instagram and Facebook?

Well, nowadays, I don't see people with real ambitions anymore. They classify it as two different things. A DREAM and an AMBITION.

DREAM: Something you wish to be but will remain to be a dream because you don't think you can do it or it's only going to remain a dream but it's not practical or some sort.

AMBITION: Something that you intend to study according to your means, never thinking of pursuing studies overseas, even if they do, it's to party.


Some people these days define these for me and it's not me who's coming up with my own conclusions or coming up with cock and bull stories. These are from my observations and also from people around me.

I have noticed that some people are so full of themselves, vanity is like a weapon, if you're vain, no one can approach you, they feel like they're on a different class and you're nobody especially if that person is handsome/pretty.

Some people, when you walk past them and you're about to have a head-on collision, they'd still walk forward, as though implying that they own the whole place and that you have to move your butt first. It's very annoying and I'll tell you exactly what I do. Usually, when I'm not overcome by my reflexes, I'll just walk up to them and then stare at them, and usually, it's enough to make them budge, but sometimes, some people are really rude and they'll just bang into your shoulders. LIKE WTH right???!! But that's the sad, sad fact that we have to face today.

Every time I go out, things like nice clothes on mannequins aren't looked at anymore, people look at people and judge their outfits. Really defeats the purpose of shopping because you cannot strip the person naked and take away their clothes can you? That's why I think our society has changed.

Kids these days are no longer like kids those days AND let me remind you that I'm not some ancient asoh (old woman) that's sitting in front of a computer while typing incessantly about my thoughts of kids these days. I'm 20. But, I've realised that kids these days don't even know stories like "The Ghosts of Christmas Past", "Lizzie McGuire" (wouldn't blame them, they won't know), and honestly just a lot of things, can't really remember at this moment.

They hardly know anything and even 9 year old kids these days are in relationships which make me feel like I'm going to be single for life. 


Everything has turned to be so materialistic. If you're not rich, then, you're out. It's hard to please people because everyone is judging you these days. Everyone hates one another for no reason. Friends say they care but they're never there when you need them and it's better being alone than being around them anyway, because everything is about them.

People who think they know you but when really they don't know. It's like walking into a masquerade ball, except that their masks are their multiple personalities. Do you know what I mean?  

Even plastic surgery are being given as gifts these days. It's like when you reach a certain age and you hate your nose? No problem, your parents will pay for your new nose. WTFish is that? ARE LOOKS THAT IMPORTANT? Then I'd be doomed in this world, I don't have a pretty face and I'm not fair. 

Yes, fairness. Everyone thinks that it's oh-so-very-important to be fair, isn't that discrimination? Even from studies and researches, it shows that people are nicer towards fair and pretty people. I guess life isn't fair but we never chose our colour, our family members, who we're related to, our genetic coding or anything. But we're judged. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

I don't know how some people can really just stand for all those kind of shit, when I'm really just dissatisfied with almost everything that's happening. Of course I think up stupid and wrong theories at times, but it's all in my head and I rectify it later. But doesn't anyone feel like something is extremely wrong?


Well, I honestly think that people should make their dream and ambition one for starters, why dream of something you cannot achieve?

After all, there goes a saying that if you dream, dream big and if you fall, you'll land amongst the stars. Right? 

Secondly, people should really focus on getting their grades up instead of thinking of their outfits for tomorrow and the days after that.

I think that people should really focus on achieving, on actually accomplishing things for themselves and not just care about material stuff that they did not buy with their own money but with their parent's money. 

I would hope that if you did want to buy something, it would be by working for it, carving your name in history, in actually making a change to this world. NOT utilizing your pretty face, or whatever to become a celebrity. Most of them don't even make any change, they just change our ideas of pretty. That's all. Some celebrities are so self centered that they think of nothing by themselves. Funnily enough, there are still people who worship them.

These are times when our REAL God is replaced with mortal ones. Religion, beliefs, cultures, the very pillars of our societies are burnt to ashes due to the absence of morality? Or is it just the refusal to accept the faith entrusted because it's too hard to follow or it's not fun. Oh, or maybe it's too restrictive?

It's funny, because some parents think that with the fasting month coming soon as well that it's okay to neglect their children's education for a month with a reason that, "they're too tired".

And also, facebook and instagram likes are more important than the marks and grades some people obtain.

Take some time to ponder over the things that I've said.

Is SWAG really more important than CLASS?

Is being dependent upon your parents better than being independent and established?

Is a pretty girlfriend/boyfriend going to guarantee your future happiness?

Is following the latest trends more important than having a proper education?

Is plastic surgery the answer to the unfortunate absence of a perfectly symmetrical face?

Is smoking cool?

Is everything that is happening alright?

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  1. Omg! My sentiments exactly, dear! I can completely understand how you feel towards modern society, and I always question it feverishly. Especially, about the emphasis on beauty, and self-esteem issues revolving around teenage girls. All the advertisements send subliminal messages about the 'ideal' beauty that it can be so explicitly discriminating. Your post is honest & refreshing, and am looking forward to reading more from your blog. God bless, sweetie! :)

    Love, RosemaryFarynx