Sunday, July 28, 2013


Do you believe in things like signs? Do you believe in deja vu? Do you believe in fate? Or do you merely believe in coincidence?

When I talk about signs, I don't mean the signs you see by the roadside of course.

Not at all.

When I refer to signs, I really mean, have you ever seen something and exactly the next thing happens to you?

I remember reading in the novel "The Moonstone", the butler keeps a few copies of Robinson Crusoe because every time he's at wit's end at figuring out life's troubles, he takes a flip at his book and he somehow manages to read a line in that page that he flipped to.

I do believe in signs. Just saying for a matter of fact.

Every time I'm about to get my exam results, I always see the same numbers again and again, on car number plates and etc. When my exam results come out, I get that. I get so nervous and anxious, my heart starts to thump harder and my chest feels heavier that it gets so hard to breathe.

Every time anything happens, there's always a sign, when I go online, when I read a book. Everything I do, there's never a shortage of signs. I guess I am thankful for that.

BUT, that has never stopped me in believing in God. Because I really think God is the one who shows me the signs. But, I know that many people know about the energy of the Universe.

What energy you project to the Universe is what you get back. Like in the book, The Secrets, you think about something, really hard, in positive tense and that is what you get back. 

I do believe that the Universe and God is actually the same thing. People just want to find a reason not to believe in God.

We're all sinners anyway. Tell me you haven't lied once since the day you were born, tell me you've never broken a promise in your life. Tell me then I'll show you a sinner. A liar.

Truth is we've all made mistakes but some choose to ask for forgiveness while others try to shake off the belief that God exists. Some people try to only believe in our lives on this earth. Atheists. That there is no God and there will be no afterlife. 

Scientology. Something that is merely based from science, but if God really never existed, who created atoms and particles, quarks and lepton, the very fundamental units in our lives? Raises a question right?

I'm not a very pious person although I try to be good but of course, everyone make mistakes, as I've already said before.

Anyway, I'm deviating from my topic.

I do believe that there are signs everywhere, you just have to look carefully and not be biased with any situation, as we all know, we believe what we want to believe. So, don't let your feelings cloud your judgement and look, with no pre-existing emotions towards a subject matter and maybe you'll understand what I mean.

Till my next post. xx

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