Saturday, June 22, 2013

Train Insane Or Remain The Same

I've recently been very much obsessed by blogilates' POPilates. I've been following Cassey Ho's workout routines since 2010 if I'm not mistaken. I love all her videos. But, ehem, I don't actually do them, I watch, then tell myself that I'll do it later. I just need to know the steps but I NEVER do them afterwards.

But this time around, I'm truly motivated. After obtaining my thigh gap and now only owning less than my initial gap. I've got to step it up and workout like mad. As the title goes:- "Train Insane or Remain the same" and yes, it's on almost so many of Cassey's T-shirts.

The reason why I chose POPilates and most importantly Cassey Ho's blogilates is because I am a lazy pig. There I said it. But Cassey makes it really easy by putting up videos which you can find on her website: and she even has meal plans that you can follow and most importantly, she has a whole calender, and even a beginner's calender for those who are just starting. 

I'm currently following her beginner's workout calender and today is #Day 1 of my fitness routine.

So, the key principle to this is to eat healthy, follow the workout routines which are less than 30 minutes everyday, well, rest day is on the 7th day of course, drink plenty of water and do not eat unhealthy stuff.

I know many people say you should only have carbs on rest day but I think portion control suits me better. Why? It's because I know myself. If I'm deprived of something, I tend to binge, so, I tend to workout more when I eat carbs.

I do 1 1/2 hours every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to make up for the carbs. Carbs is rice in my case.

Well, I do believe that I do not want to be on a strict diet but I'd rather control my portions. Ask me to be vegan, and I'll have peanut butter cravings, which I'm allergic to by the way. But, I do plan to be a vegetarian, or vegan later on in life, not too sure which one yet.

No, no. It's an app from where they have blogilates workout that you can count how many calories you're burning but so cool right?

This is her 90 days bikini workout challenge. I mean, who wouldn't want to look that good right? Although, I'm very shy. *blush* I don't take pictures in my bikini. lol.

Okay, I'm going to sound really mean, but whatever, no one cares how you look if you're overweight, but if you've got a smoking hot bod, then, everyone wants to look at that butt.

So, it's only Day 1, but I'm already feeling "meh" after my workout and am really looking forward for tomorrow. Oh, and the best part about Cassey's calender is you can sign on them and I look forward to signing every single one of it.

I've literally subscribed to her everywhere, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, you name it. I'm obsessed. Like a freak.

One more thing I like about her is that she's not totally ripped, she's tone and lean and that was why I started pilates a very long time ago, but now I'm back and into POPilates. I know of so many people who ask me,  "Why do you want to work out? You're already so thin." Okay, maybe, I'm underweight, but my thighs are humongous, I hate my thighs, my arms, can flap like chicken wings, my tummy has no packs, so yeah, I may be thin, but I'm not happy with my body. So, I'm working out to get a Cassey-like body.

I've posted this before but I don't know why my arms looks muscular in pictures. Is it because it is? Meh, I don't know how to judge myself properly, I usually look at pictures to truly weigh an opinion on myself.

You can go over to her blog and see the real life inspired changes in people, they're really mindblowing.

Last but not least, I'm blogging every fitness crony and crack on my tumblr. So, check it out if you want. I'm really determined and I'll be posting pictures. erm. CLOTHED pictures because I'm really shy and perhaps you may see changes in my body. Oh and I'm really trying not to be some conceited biotch but I'll try, okay? 

Really looking forward when the 28 days is up. I'll put my measurements up in my next post. So, yay yay yay!

Today's hot person's post is : Cassey Ho.

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