Sunday, May 26, 2013

NO, I did not!

A few days ago, I intended on updating this blog. But then I updated some really sappy things on my food blog and that actually caused a surge in readers for that blog and it totally got me..

Well, only because that was my sneak preview for the book that I have planned to write but somehow when it comes to story lines, I think I'm oh-so very fickle minded as I always decide to change something midway and this causes me to restart my whole story again.

Well, basically, I was planning to write a not so lovey dovey story. It could  be true love, it could be just a longing for something. But either way, there are just so many books on love. I thought I'll give it a twisted reality and shed some light on things.

I really don't know how to build up. But I think I'll try writing my book without changing the beginning. I don't know if there'd be readers but I do hope so. 

Anyway, I slept for almost 13 hours today and I sprained my neck. Also, I keep getting bruises all over my body when I'm sleeping alone. So, it's very scary. I must be kicking myself in my sleep. 

I was planning on deactivating my twitter and Facebook permanently because I don't find those things relevant anymore. So, yeah. I'll let you know if there's anything else.

Till my next post. xx

This post's hot guy:

Max Irons

Quite skinny and usually, I don't actually like skinny guys because they have a weird body shape. But he's not too bad and and and HE HAS AN AMAZING SMILE!! :D'

Yes, he's from the Mango ad.

Maximilian Paul Diarmuid

You know that guy from Red Riding Hood. Yeah, that hot guy. Yes, he's the same guy in The Host as well. Not forgetting, he's British. 

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