Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't Like It? Scroll Past It.

Have you ever had the time when you posted a status, a photo or maybe even a blog post,  which meant no harm to anyone and is just your form of amusement which obviously some people don't find it funny and they feel the need to make remarks on your comment.

I mean, it's still okay if someone asked you what it meant and things like that. But you know how it is when people leave snide comments on your statuses/photo/blog post or whatever. It's so annoying that: 

1. They don't get the point.
2. They over think bullcrap in their mind and assume that it's about something.
3. They feel the need to question everything just to TRY to make you look bad.
4. They give their unwanted opinion.

Okay, so we know, when on social media, the purpose of it is to "CONNECT" with friends and family, but most of the time, we don't actually do that, we post stupid things that nobody wants to know. What's worst is when someone has tumblr sayings as their statuses in order to gain more likes.

But, you know the few people that you don't particularly like, but don't particularly hate and you somehow still have them on your friends list and they in return decides to comment on something that you post and clearly they dislike you for whatever reason it maybe? Or perhaps, you've never in spoken to them?

Yup, if you know what I'm talking about, don't you just find these people so annoying? I mean, first of all, there's a like button, not a dislike button, hence, if you don't like it, SCROLL PAST IT! No one asked you to comment, some people feel the need to comment on almost everything. I mean, what are you trying to proof? "I AM SMARTER THAN YOU"? "I'M ACTUALLY MUCH FUNNIER THAN YOU"? "I'M TRYING TO BE A FOOL"?, I don't know it defeats the purpose of networking, you just get really annoyed that you want to unfriend them, but you don't want to have problems with them, so you "uncheck" the "Show in newsfeed" and you stay away from their profile, because even the sight of them can get you in "rolling eye mode".

Oh, since we're on the same topic, let me just continue with what annoys me.

You know how some people take a picture of themselves and tag a whole bunch of people. I mean, maybe a whole load of people, bunch is such an understatement. AND THE MOST ANNOYING PART IS WHEN IT'S THE GUYS WHO DO THAT. Just for likes? I mean, that's low.

Why only guys? Well, because some girls act like ratchets, show some cleavage and then 

"BAM!" 1000000000++++ likes.

OH NO, I'm not done. Some girls, after posting slutty pictures of themselves can still post statuses like, "Why doesn't anyone respect me? I'm human too. You can't talk to a woman like that" *THE HELL DID I JUST READ?* You're a whore!! Taking slutty pictures is not classy or appealing. Maybe to some guys, scratch that, most guys, but that doesn't meant they'd respect you, they'd just think that you're easy.

Never forgetting those people who says, "Baby, I miss eu sho sho muchiexx. Can't w8 2 c eu bb... xxxx... Is it so hard to use normal, human english? Rather than stupid abbreviations that don't even exist? OMG!! 

And then there are those who take a pretty picture of themselves, upload it as their profile picture and then caption it with nonsense that don't even relate, "Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart- Mahatma Ghandi" 


The most annoying one yet is "The Scanner", you know those who are too lazy to read your whole post, so they just scan through, and after that they leave a comment analyzing what you DIDN'T say and putting words in your mouth. They assume everything, thinking that they know it all, yes, this is also, in line with "The-Know-It-All", the person who thinks that they know everything and that your facts are wrong, who ends up embarrassing themselves but still chooses to do it anyway.

Last but not least, "The-Overthink-er", this person, thinks about what you say, puts their own emotions in your words and thinks that they are talking about you or that somehow you're a depressed piece of sod. You would think that it would be mostly girls, but NO, They're actually guys who do this which really gets me so vexed at times. To the point that if they were actually in front of me, I would punch them in the face. I'm not even joking.

I guess that's about it, those with a problem with me, I don't care if you "unfriend" me, or trash talk me to other people or whatever it is that you people do. Sorry niggers, I'm here to stay, don't like it, not my problem. Remember that what you say about other doesn't define who they are, it defines who you are. 

You've just got to put SHIT in the BIN.

This post's hot guy: Pierce Brosnan

He may be old, but whatever, he's hot, if you've seen James Bond, you'd know him, he acted alongside Robert Pattinson in the movie "Remember Me" and so many other high profiled movies. So, yeah, whatever, love him. He's an amazing husband to his wife and an amazing father towards his children. 

Adios Amigos. 

Till my next post.xx

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