Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vegan March!

Every year, in the month of March, it is sort of my own tradition to go Vegan. It's my way of saying "Stop Animal Cruelty". At first, it used to be only vegetarian. But I think I've been doing it for quite sometime now that I can go Vegan. 

What's the difference? (Vegan and Vegetarian)

There's a huge difference. Being vegetarian means you don't eat meat, but some people believe that you can eat egg, some say no. Vegan or vegetarian, egg is a no-no. Vegan means cutting out everything that has animal produce in it including milk, cheese, egg, beer, etc. You're being a vegan. It's a lifestyle not a diet. 

Oh. Did I mention NO ICE CREAM? Anyway, being vegan, it takes a lot of determination. To stop yourself from eating meat, ice-cream, gummy bears, and all those delicious food that I love to eat. No fish whatsoever. Vegetarian is like the lower level of "hell". As in, you eat vege, and cut out meat, but some people give and take some unallowed food such as cheese and things like that.

Why be Vegan?

I've always planned on being a vegan in the future. Maybe not the near future but sometime in the future. But for now, I enjoy eating meat and I'm not going to go Vegan just because. I've always wanted to make this bigger and go all out, ask everyone to go on a Vegan diet for one month and have rallies to save the animal. PETA has always been my inspiration and some day, I wish I could work with them in combating animal abuse. 

I'm only 20 and I'm not exactly earning my own money as I am still living under my parent's roof. I am going to further my studies later on this year and there's no other way to spread my awareness other than to friends and family. 

I have spoken about this to my parents. My mother sometimes joins me but most of the time, I'm the only one Vegan at home. It's hard. Especially when everyone enjoys steak, crab meat and etc. 

Even when we go to some posh restaurant, ( specialty: steak), I always stick to being Vegan and ask them if they have anything Vegan. Many a time, the chef is kind enough to fix me a vegan meal which is not in the menu and this actually shows that some people are understanding enough of your choice to be vegan and are willing to cater to my needs.

269. This is the number that vegans always use to express their dissatisfaction towards animal cruelty. It's like a Vegan number if I may say. It's because of a calf in an Israel farm that had his life taken away not long after his birth.

Point is, the 269 number signifies the solidarity that all vegans feel towards the holocaust of animals in order to be served on our plates.

Animal cruelty is extremely sad because animals don't have a voice to speak out and they suffer everyday. Just because they're animals, doesn't mean that they can't feel as well. But, many of them are tortured every year. Worst part is, not many countries have any law against cruelty towards animals. 

Aren't animals living things too? Why are prosecution only held if any harm is done towards another human? If the dogs were to hurt a human, then, the dog would be put down. But if the human were to hurt a dog, nothing happens. Activists have to intervene and demand for justice.

This isn't right. I want to make a change too. Hence, I'm asking everyone out there, to join me in my pledge to become a vegan for one month. That's all I ask.


I've had this conversation with friends and Facebook friends countless of times before. Some of them disagree with me. They say that people are still going to slaughter, no matter how many people go vegan, people are still going to kill. 

You're wasting their lives and putting their meat to waste.

My answer:

No. Do you actually think people slaughter the meat regardless of how much stock they have? At the market, poultry are slaughtered only when people order. Supermarkets have slaughtered meat and chunks of them sold separately. Give them 3 days, don't buy any of their meat, they'll have to throw their meat away, give them another 3 days after that, they'll start lowering their supply and give them a whole month, they will have very little, give them a whole year, maybe, they would have meat sales on pre-order.

Seems nonsensical to some. But bear with me. It would take sacrifices in order to achieve this goal. If everyone could go Vegan, if we could make this thing big. "VEGAN MARCH". We can actually save a lot of cruel treatment towards animals. For one whole month, if only people would stop eating meat.

I know some people say it's not worth it. But, maybe, just maybe, if one by one started becoming a Vegan, they would understand. It's hard to convert to being Vegan but somehow, I feel like we need to take a stand. Many people only want to maximize their profit. 

They feed the domestic animals a lot of food and inject them with growth hormones. This is also not healthy for us. I've thought about it countless times before. Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like when it's my turn to have children. Will I be okay with my kids eating genetically engineered food? Would I want my little girl to reach puberty at an age too early for her to understand anything? Do I want my son to be all grown up before he can start counting 1,2,3? (exaggerated) 

I wonder, if these growth hormones would shorten my life, accelerate age and make me older fast. Would I want that for my children? Would I want my loved ones to wither away in front of me? No.

The answer to all my questions are no. 

Another reason why I think being Vegan is good because you get to keep your body healthy. I do it for one month also to keep a healthy body. Our body is strained so much everyday and we should at least do it a favour and take a break from our unhealthy diet. Try it.

You might be surprised by the outcome. My vegan diet starts tomorrow. If you can't be Vegan. Then at least try being vegetarian. Come on! Let's do this!!

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