Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oops! I did it again!

Oh. Hi.

First, take a look at my chatbox. That is what my post is going to be about. Let me just say something first. This is my blog, I am not obliged to rectify or respond to the hate I get. But this is too funny, I couldn't resist.

Someone wants to condemn me, but chooses to write it in my chatbox, which:

1. I can delete the comments if I wanted to.
2. It's my blog and you're not spreading things somewhere else. 
3. I can read it as well (Don't say it generally, come talk to me)
4. What's up with the name? (prettychinesegirl? Did I say you were ugly or do you want to let the world know that you're pretty first. Once again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so, I may not find you pretty ^^. Still. Not saying that you're ugly or unattractive. I haven't seen you, have I?)
5. The link. (yes ah? My blogspot is .sg? -this one is not referring to her of course)
6. Do you know me?
7. I'm racist when most of my friends are chinese? Oh dear, what should I do to all my Chinese friends? Tell them they're ugly? *sarcasm*

I always thought it was a known thing. Don't most Chinese people have slanted eyes? Including Korean and Japanese people. I mean. I did my homework. Searched in Google for "How do Chinese people look?" and please tell me what you see. I found one here that says that they often have slanted eyes. OFTEN. Majority. Perhaps there are people without slanted eyes, but honestly, I thought it was a known fact. I have Chinese friends that joke about it too. I don't joke about it though.

My favourite line is the last one. "Lastly, beauty comes in all forms in all shapes and sizes. Doesnt matter how big a women's boobs or booty are." 

Please GOOGLE for more evidence. I've gone through so many posts and I was looking to see if whether what I said was wrong. Okay. Turns out that the person might have misunderstood me. Okay, girlie, perhaps you thought I said "flat chest" when I said small boobs. Dear girl, please understand that the definition of small may vary. A 34B cup is also considered small to some people. I would like to disclose my bra size. It's a 34B. Okay? And when I searched for it, it is considered small but I feel it's big and honestly, I would rather have none. Because I feel so freaking insecure having bigger boobs than my friends.

Alright my post about Naomi Neo and Xiaxue, I had this posted up. I was trying to make a point about Naomi Neo who is pure Chinese by the by. So, if you did your own homework as well, you'd know what I'm talking about. Do you know what a nose bridge is? Even Africans or Negros, are defined as people with flat noses. I'm sorry, but have you actually utilized this thing called the internet?

I found an article with this title too. So, are you calling me a racist even after everything I found on the internet? 

Okay. Here, I'm mixed. My parents are of Arabic, Indian, French, British, Negro, Iranian, Pakistani, and etc. heritage. That's why I don't specifically look like a particular race. I'm MUSLIM. I have no shame in admitting that. I practice Islam but I don't have a specific race. I have a dark skin tone. Skin tones to be more specific as I am a fitness addict and I can't stand gyms and I have to be outdoor or I feel suffocated, hence, I get sunburn.

I have spoken to my Chinese friends before and most of them agree that Chinese people have smaller boobs compared to others and one of my friend's mother's friend had plastic surgery done to enlarge her breasts. Slanted eyes, I have already explained. Most people refer to Chinese/ Korean/ Vietnamese/ Thai/ Japanese etc as to having slanted eyes.

Nose bridge? Some do have it, but most of them DON'T. So, are you calling me a racist based on those three things? "Slanted eyes, small boobs and no nose bridge"? Okay, so, how do I explain how people look? You're saying that you have big, round eyes, without a slant at the end? (without plastic surgery), You're saying that ALL Chinese people have huge, full breasts? (Drink Papaya milk they say, it makes your breasts bigger) and you're saying that Chinese people have "High nose bridge"? Please clarify because you're calling me a racist based on that.

This is what I wrote:
Chinese people, or may I say most Asian girls have small boobs, heck, even some Americans and European girls have small boobs. Unless you're Indian or of African heritage, then you're blessed with bigger boobs than most people. But, is it so wrong to want to have big boobs? I mean, she doesn't go for plastic surgery right? If she does, erm, then, it's her prerogative but doesn't mean I agree. But, there's so many people who do that, why don't you bash on them instead?

No, I'm not saying she's ugly. It was point No. 6 about what everyone was saying about her.

Naomi Neo is ugly, OMG, she may not be the most beautiful person on planet earth. After all, how can you expect a pure Chinese girl to look like Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Irina Shayk, Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen and the likes of them? After all, their genes are so,( no offense) that they have slanted eyes, small boobs, no nose bridge and etc. right? So, does it kill if she wants to use fake eyelashes, make up and push up bras or padded bras? That's what make up is for right? So, if she wants to account for the genes.

If I was racist:
1) I wouldn't have any Chinese friends. 
2) My best friends wouldn't be Chinese.
3) My God sis wouldn't be Chinese.
4) I would have been dead a long time ago since I'm living in a multiracial country.
5) I wouldn't have friends for being a racist.

That post you chose to pick on, by far, has the most readers amongst all my posts and let me assure you that before you, no one said anything other than they liking the post. (Maybe some people hate it but don't dare tell me? Naomi Neo read it and e-mailed me and she didn't complain as well, Okay?) I have nothing against you, girl. But perhaps, enlighten me as to how I'm being a racist. I don't understand how else I should describe someone. Of course individually, everyone looks different, but even when you're describing Indians, don't tell me you tell everyone, "There, the fair fair girl ah." Please, everyone categorizes Indians as Dark Skinned people. I have even found out that people were calling me black behind my back. I'M FREAKING BROWN. That's not racist? Malai-kai.(black chicken) Rings a bell? (wouldn't know the actual pronunciation) but, some people use this as well. (not towards me but to other dark skinned people)

Let me assure you that I have nothing against any race. The only thing I practice is "IF YOU'RE NICE TO ME, I'M NICE TO YOU". I have said it numerous times before and I shall repeat myself. I don't care if you're short or tall, fat or thin, dark skinned or fair skinned, blonde or brunette or whatever it is you are, you're my friend if you're nice to me and if you appreciate me, I will do the same.

So, girlie, I don't hate you but I do expect clarification as well as your definition of racism. Thanks ya.

I missed this comment. Only saw it today. How is it that it's okay if a Chinese person says that but not if another race says it? I don't understand. So, it's okay to be "racist" towards your own kind but not "racist" towards other races. I mean, this is what I'm assuming from the (thought you were chinese at first).

"You're indian." WOAH. STATEMENT OF FACT, MAN. Don't play play, you know. She's absolutely certain that I'm Indian based on my pictures and skin colour. I think I made myself clear of origins. NOT THAT IT'S OF ANYONE'S CONCERN BY THE WAY.

Look at my ownself first? Excuse me, but did I ever mention that I was drop dead gorgeous. A beauty queen. So beautiful? As far as I've known. My posts about myself are always about how insecure I am that I'm dark skinned even though I'm mixed. So, how is it that I should look at my own self first? I've already looked at it and I know my flaws. FROM HEAD TO TOE!

An Ah Pu Neh Neh means bogeyman, so, I've been told. But Chinese refers to Indians as that. This isn't racism right? *sarcasm* I bet.

Chinese girls are 10x more prettier than indian girls.

Again. Why would this be racist? 

First of all, I never did say that Chinese girls are ugly. She assumed that just because I said Chinese people have slanted eyes, small boobs, no nose bridge and etc. I'm suddenly being racist? I've already included some of my google search results, go and look them up on your own. It's a description of a race. But, she thinks that I'm the one who says this stuff without first doing my homework.

Use my brain?? Really? Is this something that everyone uses when they don't know what to say?

Yeah and I bet vulgarities is so appropriate here that she has to use it right? Oh my. Bless her soul.

Hoping that I choke on my curry or coconut oil is not offensive at all, I suppose? No. Of course not. She's just hoping that I would die. *sarcasm*  Maybe I should quote, "sarcasm", "logic", "Google", "general definition" for each and every part of my post?

Honestly, these things are just so funny that sometimes I wonder. What the heck is wrong with some people? LOL. 

Well, since she feels so strongly about me, I just have one thing to say to her. I hope God will help you and I hope that you would change for the better. One day, you'll be a better person. Amen. 

 This is me. I have changed. I'm not perfect. But, at least I'm happy as a person.

Sometimes, I look like I have flat cheekbones, because my cheekbones aren't that high.

I've got a dimple on one side which makes me feel retarded.

I have a nose bridge, but I have a wide nose.

Not so high cheekbones.

I don't have a very clear complexion.

So, here it is. I have hips that are too wide for my liking. I wish my nose was smaller, I wish my boobs were smaller, I wish I had smaller thighs, I wish I had higher cheekbones, I wish my jawline wasn't so sharp, I wish my eyes didn't look so lazy, I wish I had flawless skin, I wish I was fairer. So, look girl. Nobody's perfect and what you can do is only work in perfecting your flaws, sometimes, we apply make-up, use push up bras or don't wear bras?? Most importantly, we exercise, wear different clothes, use make up tricks and all to account for our genes and our insecurities.

I wouldn't expect you to understand since you think you're "pretty" from your "prettychinesegirl" name. But, some of us try to account for genes, okay? I said that to make a point, perhaps you misunderstood. Sorry for that. To anyone who felt like I was being a racist. But, I think we are well aware of the genetic stereotyped flaw that every race has. So, if you think you're so pretty and perfect, you wouldn't understand me. 

I don't wake up to please anyone every morning. I wake up with the hopes of waking up and looking like a bombshell, which doesn't happen. So, elaborate and please have more sense or talk some sense into me if you think I'm wrong after all this. If people reading this still think that I'm WRONG. Then, go ahead. It's your prerogative. 

Have a great day everyone. 

Till' my next post. xx

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