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For those living in Perak, specifically Ipoh, you would already know about UTC(Urban Transformation Center) or Pusat Transformasi Bandar. As a child, my mother used to take me to that place which was then called Super Kinta, a shopping mall above the market to do her weekly grocery shopping. It's been so long since those days has passed and Super Kinta has closed down. But the memories in that place would never be forgotten. I still remember how the supermarket used to look like, I even remember the chocolate aisle, where I bought my first skittle, back then, we had tropical flavoured ones too, not now, in Ipoh at least.

The bakery where we'd always get doughnuts and the ice-cream shop where I'd always get a scoop of my yam ice-cream. The same place where I lost RM30 by swinging my keychain and losing my purse. The tiny green purse my mother gave me as a gift.

This is how it looks like from outside.

To be honest, the exterior of the building is well, pretty dirty as that is the same place where the market is situated at and you have to make your way into the smelly market to get to UTC, or if you make your way through the parking lot, you wouldn't have to. It really depends on which way you take.

This was honestly my first time back to this place, minus the countless time going to the market even after Super Kinta was closed. My brother wanted to use the gym facilities there, so, my mother decided to go too and it so happened that I was running some errands on that same day, so, they took me too.

They have everything there, the 1Malaysia clinic, where you pay RM1 for any kind of medical facilities, provided that you're a Malaysian. MARA, 1Malaysia Bookstore, a gym, all sorts of ministry offices, it's practically a one stop hub for everything. P/S: They even have a library. Cool huh?

The Gym

Since I wasn't able to do anything, I decided to use the free internet services provided.

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I wasn't the only one using their free internet facilities.

We went there at about 6.00p.m. and there were quite a number of people who were already there. Oh, they charge RM1 for school going students, up to Form5. RM3 for higher education, be it Government Universities or Private colleges and RM5 for adults, each time you go there.

They even have an aerobic studio and classes are held in the morning, if I'm not mistaken.

They have a foosball table, but it's not yet in service, imagine my dissapointment.

Stationary bicycles.

Treadmills and everything that a gym should have.

A drink dispenser, haven't seen this for a long time. (maybe I just don't go out much)

A top-up stop. You can now top up your hand phone easily.

They have a separate room for all the weight lifting appliances. Oh hello there, you ultra muscular man.

You would also find a changing room, both for men and women in the so called "room" although there isn't a door just a space for entry.

They don't have a shower though.

Out of the room again:

My brother, trying to figure out how to use that equipment.

Mirrors to reflect your posture and stuff, you know, to see if you're "doing it right".

They have a notice of conduct too.

I guess that's about it. If you have the time, do make a trip to the this place to check it out for yourself.

Till my next post. xx

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