Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kids these days.

Eye bags, pimply skin, rough patches, sunburn, my skin is in such a bad condition right now, because I've been under so much stress these days, not only from work but from my parents as well. So, I haven't been blogging, I've been reading, and for some reason (one situation being over described and dragged) and I just hate those kind of stories.

Anyway, today, I will talk about kids in today's age.

iPads, iPhones, mannerism, modesty, respect, honesty, mindfulness and etc. Some, they possess, but others, they do not.

These days, I work with children, I volunteer at the hospital, so I also work with children there. I have teenagers around me, I go out where kids are most abundant (most of the time) and a lot of the things I do, I'm surrounded by children and teenagers.

From what I observe, there are too many extremely rude kids. Although the numbers are not large, it isn't right to have more than one extremely rude kid in one place. As you all may know, I work at KUMON, I teach Maths and English. 

Some of those kids, act like "smart alecs". They honestly think they know it all. There is this one kid whom we (the teachers) call boboi, who is extremely rude (towards me at least). It could be because I'm much more patient and friendlier than most of the teacher's there. Although Teacher Agnes is not at all ill natured. She's so kind and loving, very much an affectionate person towards her students. This "boboi" hits me with his pencil, insults me, and even when I told him that I would tell his mother, he still didn't want to stop insulting me. That was until I told him "If you want to continue insulting me, I would not like to see your face in front of me".

Trust me, I was being nice to him, and smiling even though he was insulting me, referring me as "weird", my English is "weird" and all that. Ironic as he speaks English lathered with a thick Chinese accent. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure I speak better English than you can and I'm quarter British, so, I would very much appreciate it if you did not give me the judgmental look whenever you're asking me a question. 

There is this other kid, who thinks she's always right and when you tell her that she got a question wrong, she'd ask you this "Where got?". Typical Malaysian style of asking you something. When I explain it to her, then she says "Oh" and even when I mark something for her, she assumes that I mark it wrong even though I have not marked anyone's paper wrongly (at least I hope. But I'm very careful with my marking)

That "boboi" asked me the silliest question in the whole world "Is this your work?" (teaching, he means). It's awkward to tell your student that, so, I just look at Teacher Agnes with the "I don't know what to say" kind of look.

Although I'm very much familiar with kids and I don't really pay mind to the things that they say, but I really think that kids these days have been pampered a wee bit too much. They have their iPads, iPhones, iPods and all kinds of things. While, myself, on the other hand, only owned an iPod at the age of 16, and it was a reward for obtaining straight A's in PMR. iPhone? 19 years old, for obtaining straight A's in SPM. Nook, you say? Good results in my A-levels. 

Everything that I ever got was because of something I did. I worked for it. It's not like my parents didn't have the money to buy me things, not at all, they had plentiful to be honest. But, they just never thought that buying things at their leisure would make us the adults that we are.

My brother's first phone was only a Nokia. He then got his iPhone 3 and 3Gs after he went to University and scored 4 flats in his examinations. But these days, it's like everyone has one. My parents didn't want me to be like (no offence) people/kids living in urban areas, like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Moving in the fast lane, everyone wants to be all "flashy" and show off what they have. But to me, I think what my parents did were right. To hold things back, so that we really do appreciate the things that we get. Although, not anymore, because at this age, we've all already learned what's wrong and right and we KNOW how to appreciate things.

Heck, we weren't allowed to have a phone until we were 18 (except my younger brother, he's 15 this year) 

I think that word is alien to most kids these days, there isn't humbleness in them, nothing to even acknowledge the gratitude towards things around them. Which I think is a very bad thing.

The first things that should be imparted on kids are basic mannerism, the 3 magic words "Please, Thank You and Sorry", gratitude, modesty, kindness and giving, and most importantly "how to be human". 

What not to say, what to say, beating a child is not wrong. If they do something wrong or say something completely out of line, I do think the child should be beaten, yes, even if they are the only child. I've been beaten with a walking stick, hose, rattan, hand, belt, cup, you name it. I didn't have an easy childhood, although my parents think I did. I'm just naturally happy-go-lucky in nature, although they don't even know half of the things that go through my mind. 

Sometimes, when I share it with them, they think that I'm doing something bad behind their back or some things that I say shouldn't be said aloud. But, I find them such cowards, my mum especially. She talks about everything, I'm somehow her doormat on which she can step on, and she tells all kind of nonsense opinions that I never do agree on, her traditional mind and fickle mindedness, sometimes gets me so vexed, yet, I do nothing and listen without uttering a single work. Yet, she does not appreciate it and she tries to oppress me. Heck, even what I want to study, she pushes, pushes and pushes me. 

So what if I'm a good science student? Yes, I may be good at it, but I would rather do something I love even if I sucked in it. Just because she obtains joy from baking, she refrains me from doing so, sometimes, I feel like she doesn't want me to do it, because she wants to be the only cook/chef in the house, because everyone loves her cooking. I've had too much of her cooking to continue appreciating them. Not because it's bad, but because she doesn't add variety to her everyday dishes and I hate mundane things. 

Things that are the same always appear unpalatable to me and I cannot stop myself from feeling so. I think there is so much rage in me when I come to think of it, my parents are "old fashioned" when it comes to their thinking. No matter how much they try to deny it, I don't think any of my siblings would deny it, because they themselves know the truth, we don't tell them in fear of offending them though.

I think kids these days are too babied. In a sense that everything is provided for them, if  a teacher scolds their kids, their parents are all up front and all in their teacher's face threatening to sue the teacher or the school. During my time, if we got beating in school, you get back from school and I get a long lecture from my parents. 

I still don't understand how parents can accept the fact that their children's grades are so horrendous and they choose to do nothing. I still remember getting 20 in class when I was in Secondary one. It was the first quarter of the year exam by the way, I got whacked with the rattan really badly and I had marks all over my body that I had to wear long sleeved shirts everywhere I went, even tuition. Later on, I got only top 5 in class (I was in the first class by the way).

The next thing that I think is absent in the parents themselves, I think some parents are really ignorant, they send their children to an hours session half an hour before the center closes. This really instills negative quality in your child. Ring-a-ding-dong, you're supposed to be the role model, the "life teacher" to your kids, not set the bad example. 

Now I know how Malaysian attitude of arriving at least half an hour late for every event begun. Honestly, if I was invited for any event, I would be there at least, a minimum of 5 minutes earlier. Although my mom always makes me attend late to events that she's not attending and again, she would deny it. But, honestly, I really hate that attitude of hers. And all my friends thinks that my mother is so "nice". Pffftttt... You'll never know someone, until you start living with them.

They think I'm not independent enough, but they often forget the times when I spent in National Service. I do everything on my own. But, I feel that they secretly want me to be dependent and "need" them. But, sorry to say, I only need financial support (for now), later on in life, I wouldn't even need that. Why? Because God blessed me with a well functioning body which I'm forever grateful for.

Also, parents that do not wish to accept their children's illness. There is this deaf and dumb kid in my class, whom I try to make conversations with whenever I'm not doing anything, I knew him even before this, when I was studying in KUMON Greentown Ipoh, he was a very restless kid before this because his parents didn't want to accept the fact that he was different from others, they would send him for tuition classes and pick him up very much later and that practically pissed him off. 

There is this other autistic kid whom his parents refused to accept the fact that he was different as well, but now, they're slowly beginning to accept it and thank goodness for that because even though the deaf and dumb kid's parents still sent him to a regular school, these parents are sending him to a school with special needs. 

I even have a friend who has a mildly autistic brother, whom the teachers made fun of, teased him and called him "stupid" and "retarded". 

I always feel sad for these kids because they are actually very intelligent beings and to be honest, they are so special and you actually learn a lot from them and every time I listen to what they have to say, I feel a bit happy because I learn something new about them. To me, every word they tell me is a knowledge imparted upon me, to enlighten me a bit more of who they are, and their abilities. 

I think in our modern society, we are still very much ignorant of these type of people and shun them which is really a sad and despicable thing. The parents especially should pay a little more attention towards their kids and help mould a better human being out of them. It's not every day you give birth to a kid. If they were left to be as they were, ignorant as they already are, the outcome wouldn't at all benefit anyone. 

I think parents these days neglect their children a lot and hence, these ignorant, rude and in some ways annoying children are born (although not literally) and they think they can make up their absence by splurging on them with expensive things. I guess all that can be said is that "parents have to reassess their priorities".

Remember that life is short and we should never take things for granted, we should always  give back to the needy every time we are presented with the opportunity to do so. Be understanding and act only with kindness towards others, for you will never know when you may need the compassion of others. Never be too cocky or feel that you are more than supplicated. Because God only gives those who appreciates everything that He gives. One day, you may be stripped off everything you have, you never know. The future is too unpredictable and no soothsayers can drive away any calamity that the future my hold for you.

This post's hot guy:

Sterling Knight.

You may already know him from Sonny with a chance where acts alongside Demi Lovato. But if not, here it is. He has grown into a very handsome man indeed. Someone to check out. As always. 

Till my next post. xx

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