Thursday, December 6, 2012


Fame. What is it really? Seems like everyone is chasing after something. But at the same time, they want people to know them. They don't only want to do something they love, they want to have fans (and by fans, I don't mean the ones hanging from ceilings). They want to be adored by countless people. They want to have people throwing themselves at them and pledging that they would do everything and anything for them.

I know, of course, it's overwhelming when that happens, and sometimes, you just want to feel important. You want to feel wanted. You want to feel like you matter. I mean, even if you asked me, I may not feel that way all the time, but sometimes, I do wonder, what it'd be like if I was in that kind of a position. 

Of course I want to be viewed by others as pretty and beautiful. Of course I like being praised. Who doesn't? To be honest, I am truly fine with people wanting things like that. It's not being an attention seeker, desperado or anything of that sort. But, I'm going to talk about those "celebrities" who claim that they don't like getting all the attention, or they feel that their privacy is being invaded, or that they "love" their haters because it makes them more "famous" and also some who comment outrageous things on topics and is sometimes so disgusting, you wonder how they can actually come up with that kind of a thought.

Also, the "celebrities" who "hate" on their "haters" or those who misunderstand people's comments and label them as their "haters".

I will give you a few examples

I'm sure those bloggers out there would know who this is. Naomi Neo. Before I proceed, If these bloggers that I'm commenting on actually do view my blog and wished to label me as a "hater", I would ask them to read twice, thrice and countless times if it doesn't stick in their head, what I'm talking about. Besides, it's free publicity. I'm the type of person who never does anything for free publicity. But here it goes. 

How did she become famous is one of the most asked questions in Singapore. How did Naomi Neo become famous? One of the most searched in Google Singapore. So, it seems that she posted a video and a blog post specially dedicated to her "haters". But, some of them really hate her. I've read the comments and other blogger's opinions on her. Some of them aren't very nice. However, the video was later on taken down, but not before it caused a stir on twitter. Hence, Naomi Neo became the trending topic in Singapore. 

She's been saying that she wanted to be known for her writing and not for her "beauty". Okay, here, I have to say that I find her cute, pretty as she has flawless skin, she has dimples and she has pretty hair. But if you want to say that she's so beautiful, then, I think that's your opinion. Beauty is after all in the eyes of the beholder.

So, there were claims saying that she put on 10 pounds of make up and she lashed back at them saying "I didn't know your eyes had a measuring scale". Well, it's true. But, what they meant was that she put on too much make up that it's so obvious that she has caked her face. But then again, I wouldn't blame her or any girl who put on make up. The purpose of make up is to enhance someone's beauty and to add colour to their face and these days, if you know how to contour your face, you can actually look amazingly different and by that I mean, a good different.

I've been following her blog for quite sometime now, I used to be following her twitter and instagram too but I unfollowed for reasons that will be explained soon.

What people claim? 
Naomi Neo photoshops her pictures.
Naomi Neo puts on 10 pounds of make up.
Naomi Neo only looks like she has big boobs because she wears push up bra.
Naomi Neo is so fake.
Naomi Neo is so stupid.
Naomi Neo is so ugly.
Naomi Neo is such a b***h.
Naomi Neo only hangs out with the "famous" teenagers.
Naomi Neo thinks she's so pretty.

My verdict:
She says that she doesn't photoshop her pictures, and she only adjusts the brightness, the contrast, shadow, highlights and adds effects and filters. This one is completely believable. To the people who know they are jealous because she has clear skin, (of course she has zits once in a while, she admitted it too. She's not a wax figure) I think you guys should stop and if you want to hate her, find a solid reason to do that, not out of jealousy, because that's also possible. (to hate not due to jealousy)

She puts on 10 pounds of make up. If it makes you prettier, then why not? Sorry, but, I don't see a lot of make up on. And FYI, I'm a certified make up artist and trust me, the amount of make up put on by us are sometimes even more than you could imagine. 

Chinese people, or may I say most Asian girls have small boobs, heck, even some Americans and European girls have small boobs. Unless you're Indian or of African heritage, then you're blessed with bigger boobs than most people. But, is it so wrong to want to have big boobs? I mean, she doesn't go for plastic surgery right? If she does, erm, then, it's her prerogative but doesn't mean I agree. But, there's so many people who do that, why don't you bash on them instead?


Naomi Neo is so fake. In what way? If you mean by the way she reacts to situations, then I would agree on that. Because, sometimes, I do feel like she says one thing and does another. Then, she blames the world as to being a cruel place and then she posts emo stuff on her blog and on twitter. So, here, twitter. Why I unfollowed her? It's always about love. Love, Love, Love. I never thought of love until I was 18 and she's been talking about love since she was what? 14? I don't know. But, she's already lost her virginity, so they say. I'm 19, I haven't and don't wish to until I'm legally married. But then again, some people are fine with that. I guess you should respect her decision. But you know what they say, "I can be like you, overnight, but you can never be like me again ever". And her logic, dear God, sometimes I wonder. But, it's her opinion. Sometimes, I feel many people's logic are foolish. But then again, we disagree with what we don't agree upon.

Okay, this. I have something to say. Because I wanted to prove this. You asked for fame. You got fame, when people criticize you, you get angry. Of course everyone expects everyone to think before they speak and that's alright. But, sometimes, there's no way to put something out without hurting them, so, what do you do about it? Just put it out in the open and hope for the best right? But, what can you hope for? You're being honest and then, these people just don't get it and they say that you're being too harsh. Spare a thought for me much? If you don't want to know the ugly truth, don't ask the wretched question.

I think these people who become "famous" or in her case, people tend to think that she was an "overnight sensation" when she claims that she worked hard for her fame. Either way, I don't care. The fact that you put yourself up for people to view, to comment and to be publicly known, you're opening yourself to any type of remarks made. The only difference between you and your peers is that, people know you and anything you do on the online world, people search and care about whereas for your peers, since they haven't make it "big"...yet, their remarks will only be circulated among your age group and then it dies down. Naomi says that she doesn't know why people judge her and she doesn't know why people criticize and "hate" on her. Well, woman, suck it up. You asked for the fame, you got it, so, deal with it. The moment you created your blogger account, that was the moment you started being judged, you put yourself up for criticism. 

Every "celebrity" gains hate. Like you all might know that Zayn Malik from One Direction deactivated his twitter account, but some people say he merely just turned his privacy settings on. Who cares, with fame, you have to accept criticism. You surely know that even I, when I do get criticism, and I wouldn't consider my blog to be famous or let alone well known to the general public, I take the criticism as a constructive method in making myself better. If you didn't want yourself to be continually ridiculed, you don't want to be picked on, you don't want your style, hair, face, etc. to be judged, then don't post them. Disappear from the online world, bring your blog down, delete your instagram or turn it private, delete your twitter, just get off the grid. But, the fact that you still stay shows that you still like the attention, you like people talking about you. You feel that sense of importance. Or you'd be like Rivera Yasmin, who just disappeared for a while. But, then again, if she did do that, people would be saying, "Naomi Neo, no guts, post stuff online and then disappear when she gets hate". You can't please anyone. She's 16 years old. She's doing her O levels and just imagine how she copes when, she has to reply everyone on twitter because if she doesn't, people will call her a snob and say "She think, she's very famous is it?" and stuff like that.

But, no matter what, I think the fact that anyone created a facebook account, twitter account or you get on any social network site, you're bound to receive negative comments, and positive comments. Sometimes, people are going to criticize you and sometimes, people are not going to like your style or they don't like something about you and they will tell you. But, you've got to accept it. It hurts, of course it does. But, you asked for it. If you didn't want any of it, you should just sit at home and use your smart phone to play games. (smart phones are stupid phones by the by, the battery life sucks)

This picture. This picture is the reason as to why I unfollowed her on instagram.
I'm a fashion addict, everything fashion, how to lengthen your legs visually, how to make you look thinner, what patterns and designs not to wear and etc. I take the effort to know and I sometimes share it with my friends. For example. 

These type of stripes makes you look fatter as it makes your body look broader in them due to the lines.

While these type of stripes, makes you look thinner, because it shifts the focus going down, hence giving the illusion of a thinner self.

So, she was wearing a long skirt. And since I've been following her blog, twitter, formspring and etc. at that time, I knew that she was insecure with her height. She's 5' 2".  Long skirts, especially if you're short, you should not wear as it accentuates your height. If you wear short skirts, you show off your legs. Showing off your legs, would create the illusion of having more to show (lengthen, in other words)

The one that got highlighted in pink are my comments. If you can't see, I commented, I don't think you should wear long skirts, dear, it would only make you look shorter. Sorry. I meant no harm at all, and I was expressing my opinion. I mean, I knew she was self conscious about her height, so, I didn't want her to look even shorter right, I guess I should've explained more. I don't know. Who cares. Then, suddenly, blackl4ce commented: @amyisabella3 jealous much?? Shes gorgeous. Ur not. Imagine my surprise. Woah, calm your tits. We were talking about height. Why not comment on my height? I'm taller. 5' 7", that's what we're talking about right? Suddenly, judging my face. This is what I hate about some people. When they have nothing to counter attack, they say you look ugly. Come on. Use your brains. Someone, who was so nice to back me up, ekadaud, stood up for me. That was really nice of her. Of course, I wanted her to feel the burn for calling me ugly and since I respect her opinion and since she thought I was ugly, and she wanted so badly to tell me, I just said Thank You, I'll take that as a compliment and I respect your opinion about my looks. ;) Have a nice day :D 

Tadaa, the moment of truth. She replied me. If you can see, she replied eynavdollice and that girl was saying "who cares if it makes you look shorter, or ...." read on top. From this, you can see that she was offended. I didn't bother to explain why I did that because I already knew what kind of a person she was. Sensitive and she can't take constructive criticism. So, if I were to comment, her "fans" or as she says that she treats them like her friends, would lash back on me, start calling me names and all of them would go against me to try to oppress me. So, it wasn't even worth it. And also, I hate those shoes, it looks like some grandmother stilettos. Sorry, my opinion. I like those more refined kind of shoes. Thin heels and all that, not the once that looks like a clog shoe. So, after that incident, I just unfollowed her. If you cannot accept constructive criticism, then, in the future, I may want to give you advice again and you wouldn't take it in a nice way, so, better save me the trouble.

Naomi Neo is so stupid is by far the most stupid thing I've heard. I'd say no offense, but I want you to be offended, I mean you just called her stupid. Okay, do you go to the same school as she does? Do you know what her grades are? Are you her mother, father or her? No, then it's none of your business what grades she gets. After all, it's her life. Come on, say that her remarks or comments are silly, not call her stupid altogether. It's really mean. There are so many "stupid" people in the world, but everyone bashes on her. My cousins from Singapore are the Express class ones, and I'm from the Malaysian stream, I once told her about combustion (burning) and she asked me what that was. So, just because you're  "smart" doesn't mean you know everything and just because you're "stupid" doesn't mean you know nothing. Pfft..

Naomi Neo is ugly, OMG, she may not be the most beautiful person on planet earth. After all, how can you expect a pure Chinese girl to look like Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Irina Shayk, Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen and the likes of them? After all, their genes are so,( no offense) that they have slanted eyes, small boobs, no nose bridge and etc. right? So, does it kill if she wants to use fake eyelashes, make up and push up bras or padded bras? That's what make up is for right? So, if she wants to account for the genes.

But seriously, I hate people who put up their middle finger in pictures, it's not classy or cool. It's vulgar, unflattering, rude, and downright ridiculous.

I think the Naomi Neo is such a b***h part and she only hangs out with famous people can be concluded in one paragraph. She's considered one of them in the  "in" crowd, so, why not? Do you expect her to sit at a mamak shop and drink teh tarik with you instead? Sometimes, bloggers, YouTubers and all these kind of people find common ground around each other. So, it's ridiculous to ask her to hang out with her "fans", people she doesn't even know. Sometimes, she can be whiny and rants a lot, but sometimes, you just got to release stress, but sometimes, some people go overboard as well, right? But, then again, you're publicly well known, so, suck it up.

Naomi Neo thinks she's so pretty is just so pathetic. If you don't find yourself pretty, then who else will. Is it wrong for a girl to want attention? Of course she thinks she's pretty. Or do you even think she'd snap millions of pictures of herself? So, what exactly are you guys trying to proof? But, she always replies people who says she's pretty with "nah, just average". Of course she's being humble. Just imagine if she said "Aww.. thanks", then everyone would say, "OMG, that b***h is just so full of herself". How to please everyone?

Another person is XiaXue.
I think everyone would know her as she is Asia Pacific's top blogger. If you don't know her, Google her. 

I personally think she looks better with this hair colour. But, whatever rocks her boat.
So, what does people say about Xiaxue? 
She's a pretentious b***h.
She has no brains.
Her comments are bullshit.
She's ugly.
She's fake.
She's plastic.
Photoshop barbie b***h.

When it comes down to Xiaxue, it's easier to summarize. Because most of it are based on her looks and her opinion. If you read her blog, then you might know that her real name is Wendy Cheng. The most recent issue with XiaXue is the "Having a rapist son is better than having a rape victim as a daughter". Personally, that view was stupid. But, I respect her for having the guts to stand for her opinion despite the hate. But, what I don't like about her is that she uses vulgar words all the time especially when lashing out at people. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like girls using vulgar words, because it just makes them look ugly, personality wise to me. Anyway, what she said was obviously dumb. But, in a way, I kind of knew what she was trying to say. She was saying that both is bad, but if she had to choose, which was better, she said she'd rather have a rapist son, rather than a girl who meet some old man for 5 minutes and then "do it" with them. If in this case, I understand where she was coming from. But, then if it was a rape victim, it means that the girl didn't voluntarily have sex with the man and it was forced upon her.

So, if it was a rape victim and a rapist, the rape victim, was obviously a "victim" and that is better than having an immoral child. But, if the girl was the one who voluntarily having sex with those old men, then, of course, it's disgusting. But either way, no one wishes to have children like that and it would definitely break a mother's heart if she were to find out that her daughter was raped. All respect for that girl will be flushed down the drain. Who would want to marry a rape victim? We see this on the news all the time.

Another comment that sparked outrage was when she said something like Cambodians should all die because they are a rapist country. I don't know much about that, so many comments out there, but, I think if you want to know more, you should Google it for yourself, because I don't even know how to explain that.

There are many people who agree with Xiaxue's ideas and obviously, or how would she even be Asia Pacific's top blogger right? She claims that she thank her "haters" because they are so stupid and determined in bringing her down, that they only make more people aware of her existence, and hence, she becomes more famous, she gets more sponsors, and she gets more rich.

The photoshop part, everybody knows that she photoshops her pictures. She even admits it herself, so, I don't know why everyone's making a big deal about it. Like, get over yourself. She wants to look more beautiful, even if it's only in pictures, so, let it be. Like you've never edited your own pictures. Pffftt... I know I have. Not photoshop though. Just the lighting and occasionally when I have zits, I erase them by using photo editors.

She gives a lot of attention to her haters too. But, what I dislike about her, is that she knows that she's famous, and although she tries to make it not sound condescending, she rubs it in your face that she's famous and that you're jealous of her. I haven't found anyone who gives her constructive criticism or logical comments that haven't been bashed by her if she does not agree to it.

This is what I dislike. The last paragraph, "I wish there is a non-condescending way of saying this, but here it is- You won't understand unless you are famous" Darling, we got it that you're famous, and that you're living your dream, that you're married, you're expecting and that you receive lots of hate. But, here it is once more, suck it up. You asked for it. With your logic, your comments, your remarks made, I'm sure you saw it coming. The fact that you fuel your haters, just proves that you're affected by it, however temporary it may be. When Selena Gomez started dating Justin Bieber, she was receiving so much hate and death threats, Honey, she sucked it up and took it like a woman. She's an internationally acclaimed, globally recognized artist. You're just a blogger, who is recognized in Asia, but when I go to Brunei, no one knows of your existence. So, stop saying that you're famous and start acting your age. 

Sometimes, I do agree with the things that she says on her blog, and I do like her pictures. Her bunny, Igloo is also very cute. And I'm also happy for her that she's pregnant. But, I have my opinions too. Just like anyone else. I think that some people, just because they're "famous", speak their mind out, but the fact that they label everyone who disagree as "haters" is so contradicting and oppressive. You expect your opinion to be accepted, but you don't respect theirs. Where's the justice in that? Tell me!

This one, right here. When I read this. I felt quite ashamed that she would even say this. Fine, we got it. You want to show the world that you're headstrong, you have your opinions, so on and so forth. You voice out your opinion by blogging, so, do I. Difference is, people actually read your blog, I don't even know if my own friends read mine.

You have a way of voicing out your opinions, but they didn't know how to voice out their opinion. Maybe due to the lack of education. But, the media shows western influence, and even in Western countries, people go on strike. These "chinaman" from the country where you originated from, (don't tell me you're Singaporean, that's bullshit, your ancestors were definitely from China). Stop condescending people who work hard for a living. They felt like the only way their pleas could be heard was by going on strike. Yeah, so, maybe it's against the law in Singapore. 75% of all Singaporeans said that it wasn't the right way to do it, but they were empathetic towards them.

Everyone knows that the public transport in Singapore is the most important transportation means for most Singaporeans. But, did anyone question why were they not being paid enough? Xiaxue had humble beginnings. I feel sad that she would act this way, now that she's "famous". She of all people would know how hard it is to be poor.

However, I think that everyone should be given the rights to speak out. So, she may have her own opinion, doesn't mean I agree with it. But either way, I respect it. Agree to disagree, right?

So, Xiaxue retweeted this. Okay, my opinion. I think that for people to not talk about her in a negative way while she's pregnant, she should actually stop with the f**k people, the "I love my haters" post, the replying nonsense and everything. You know they say, whatever bad things people do while they're pregnant will affect their child? In other words, bad karma. I honestly think if she wants people to stop picking on her, she should stop being so sarcastic and rude to other people too. It goes both ways. You need to give respect to gain respect. But, I won't blame it wholly on her. Some of the people who hate her, are just so "%$&&$*(^!!~%%^*&^" Nothing nice to say here. So, moving on. Some of them, which I partly agree, "Why are you guys sucking up to her, if she shit, you will eat it, is it?" "You think she's going to give you money if you support everything she says?" "boot licker" and so on. This one is okay, because there are bound to be people who just agrees with what other people says.

Others, are just like "F**k you, Xiaxue, why is this b***h even alive" "I hope your kid dies in the womb" "I hope that kid of yours becomes a rapist" and all sorts of nonsense. Hello, that's very mean and although some of the things she says doesn't make sense or some of it I don't agree with, but everyone are bound to have their own opinions. So, now, tell me what the problem is? She's a plastic Barbie, she wants to look like a Barbie doll, probably not over her Barbie doll obsession yet, where is it that you feel the pain? In your ass? Besides, if you hate her, why go read her blog? I think that is purely nonsensical. Don't like the person, don't care about them. Don't take notice of them, and don't even talk about them, why do you want to promote them?

Tadaa, you see what I'm saying? Not respecting other people's opinion. Okay, here. If you tell those people not to put the leaflet, they would understand, they get paid to leave leaflets, so, of course they would. It's their job. And yes, it's their job, don't like it, just recycle it. It's not that tough. Also, if you sell it to a recycle center, you actually earn cash. I understand that no one likes leaflets, it's not even necessary because we really don't care, I have two post box, at each end of my house, I have to walk from one end to the other, just to clear the post box, you live in a HDB flat, I don't complain, I just collect it and put it in a pile together with my old newspaper and then sell it.

Yeah, we got it, it's YOUR property, but don't you think you should respect other people's opinions too? What's up with using f**king and all those kind of words. So rude. So disrespectful. But then again, that girl didn't reply, who would? When you hurt her by being so rude.

I don't mind people being opinionated and voicing out their opinions. But, I think people should give respect, have some manners and also, I know if she read my blog, she'll be calling me a bitch too. But, hello, I don't care. I wrote this post, I know the consequences, I'm willing to deal with it. I have my opinions, I may disagree or agree with your posts, but I have every right to post mine too. Just because you're  "famous" doesn't mean you guys own the web. 

Cecilia Cassini

This girl is known as the youngest fashion designer, but when she starts talking, everyone feels like slapping her because she uses the word "like" a lot. Then, you have a lot of hate towards her, and it's unfair because she's too young. But then again, because she's too young, she has that "ego" because she's famous at a very young age. She has her own website too. You can Google her.

I'll be frank and tell you that I don't like most of her designs. This is one of her designs and my honest opinion, is that it looks like a trash bag made out of seaweed. You see, I don't like things too. I don't like certain attitudes, I don't like certain designs, I don't agree with things. But that doesn't mean I don't respect other people's point of view, or that I hate people. I don't. I just have my own opinion. Why must you conform to the likes and dislikes of others when you very well was gifted with brains. We should use it right? But, whatever it is, I think everything should be done with respect and even if you receive hate, you knew what you were getting yourself into, so, I don't understand why you should complain to your readers. I personally, would have nothing to say to anyone who hates me. Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession.

           In the end, will you look at yourself and love who you have become?

Don't you think?

You know, hating on people actually leave a very bad effect on yourself and others, so, why don't you love them instead? Even if you disagree with them, just ignore them, after all, ignorance is bliss. What do you actually get by hating on them?

Some people are more easily affected than others, it honestly makes them feel like shit.

Don't make other people feel alone. Spread love, not war.

To be honest, I used to hate myself a lot last time. I never knew what I was doing. Sometimes, I just hate others for no reason at all. This was when I was 12 or something like that. I had issues with the world. Hahaa...

You never know what one little thing can make someone feel.

Just some random pictures of me:

(I sometimes think I'm so vain)

Also, if you love this jacket, I would advice that you buy it in H&M instead of Forever 21, H&M has it in 4 shades, beige, green, pink and black, only for RM99.90, Forever 21 has it in two shades for approximately RM124+

On a lighter note, CLEO MALAYSIA followed me on twitter, just imagine my surprise and excitement. I was over the moon. I love CLEO. I buy their magazine every month. Every month, before the 1st of each month, I'd be sure to have snagged a copy of the month's issue. And they RT-ed my tweet. *do the dance*

Till my next post. xx


  1. i love the way you express yourself! :)

    1. Thank You dear. :) Appreciate it. Glad you like it.

  2. the ''After all, how can you expect a pure Chinese girl to look like Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Irina Shayk, Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen and the likes of them? After all, their genes are so,( no offense) that they have slanted eyes, small boobs, no nose bridge and etc. right?'' part is extremely racist. i didnt think much of it until i saw your photos (thought u were chinese at first). you're indian.

    look at your ownself first. just an ah pu neh neh. chinese girls are 10x prettier than indian girls! use ur brain la. fuck you and i hope you choke on your curry or coconut oil.

    1. Read this girlie.

    2. I think vulgarities are not needed to state your point, thank you for the consideration for others ^-^

    3. uhm sorry but your profaning and the use of the word 'ah pu neh neh' literally just rendered whatever point you were trying to make invalid....

  3. Nice blogpost! Was Googling shit about Naomi neo and this came up. Anyway, just ignore your detractors. I actually think Chinese have the flattest faces in the world fml hahahah.

    1. Thanks a lot. Lol. You're funny. Nah, I think there are many pretty chinese girls. Just like there are many pretty girls in any race. :) Have a nice day. You have a nice blog. :)

  4. Sometimes, You just need to stop acting that you're better than them. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself. Are you better and prettier than them ?

    1. I'm sorry, but did you bother reading her ENTIRE BLOG AND THE PICTURES SHE POSTED? She just admitted it herself didn't she?

  5. Your comment is irrelevant. Thank you.

  6. By the way, I think that insults and whatsoever can be helpful too. Depending on how you choose to take it, that is. =]

    1. Hey, nice blog. :) Sorry, didn't see this until today. That's very sweet of you to stand up for me. Well, yeah, at first I was a bit taken aback because I felt like people weren't actually reading my full post, but, I choose to ignore them. :)

  7. Oh oh, I would appreciate it if you would take a moment and check out my 'still in progress' blog and comment on it. I'll be sure to link your blog to mine! =D

  8. i like you. the way you being honest. p/s nobody's perfect after all

  9. Hey Just found your blog..I like your view about didn't judge her without a prove!! keep writing sugar!! nice blog anyway :)

  10. people like NN and XX are the ones who made me feel so sad for not getting recognition for my blog. i've been writing since 2003, and blogging since 2007. I want to be known for my writing, and I tried so hard to get my blog to earn more recognition. I love writing so much! [you can read about that here:]

    I kept thinking that maybe it's because of NN and XX that I'm not getting any readers. Because they are pretty, because they are Chinese, because they dress nicely. I don't post pictures of myself on my blog anymore. I tried to make a stand for bloggers who actually sit down and write from their hearts, but to no avail. I'm just not popular. Whenever I published a post, I would paste its link on my Twitter for people to read. But ever since I realised that nobody were gonna give a second glance at me [proof given by blog stats], I decided to stop doing that. I changed my blog link and am now just blogging out of whoever's eyes. Blogging is my passion, and I get so angry at NN for being famous for being pretty, and using her blog as fashion stuff instead of actually writing. Well enough said. I've wrote my heart out too many times on my blog only to remain unnoticed. But I love this post! Good English too. You can go to my blog @ P.s., I'm Muslim too ^_^

    1. If people knew that your blog actually existed, I believe you would've a much more promising blog stat. When I mean people, I meant strangers. I don't know you and I didn't know you have a blog till now. I still don't know you, but I've started reading your blog. Truth be told, one of the reason why some bloggers fetches stratospheric blog stats is however, controversy. Usually such element engenders popularity and therein, though, invites cynicism. However, some bloggers made it to stardom without the aid of controversy as well and I believe you can be one of them too so don't give up! Writing is your passion so I don't see why you should throw in the towel!

      Write on! Gambate!

  11. Just found your blog and I really like this post! I didn't realise XX and her 'rapist son > rape victim daughter' comment was about that... I'd always thought she meant she'll rather have a son serving times behind bars for what he did rather than a daughter who'd live in fear after being raped. It's really nice how you don't actually take sides though! Idk what some of the other comments are saying because you don't sound condescending, biased or judgmental at all! All I know is you've got really good points to offer and a great writing style to back it up! Keep going!

  12. Oh my this post is soooo awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Hey Amy! This is a really well-written post that is both balanced and fairly argued, not to mention with a strong writer's voice without sounding too overbearing! ^_^
    I realised that you have been blogging less lately, with only 3 posts in 2014, and I wonder if you will still be continuing to blog? If you do, I would love to be blogging friends with you because I keep a blog too and I am recently trying to revive it (after a hiatus during exams). I really hope you will keep blogging because your blog and style are enjoyable to read!

    1. Hi, sorry, for not replying earlier. Yes, I have been blogging more lately! Do check out my more recent posts. :) Thank you so much and yes, I would be more than happy to be blogging friends with you! :)

  14. I agree with every single thing you said about naomi neo. That she whines alot and makes her problems the center of everything, which is really irritating. Like there are other worse things happening than a bad hair day that happened. Also about how fake she is, which I wholeheartedly agree. And I like how you weren't completely biased or against her, you know how to express yourself well. Keep it up!

  15. I agree with every single thing you said about naomi neo. That she whines alot and makes her problems the center of everything, which is really irritating. Like there are other worse things happening than a bad hair day that happened. Also about how fake she is, which I wholeheartedly agree. And I like how you weren't completely biased or against her, you know how to express yourself well. Keep it up!

  16. Thank you for the great read. It was balance and honest, and I really like the fact that you provide proof and did not take sides.

    I honestly don't understand why some people seems so disrespectful towards opinions of others. Everyone have their own perspective. I know many fans demand for their idols to be transparent and would get pissed when there's something inconsistent with their imaginated perfect image of their idols. Some fans are really inconsiderate to their idols and would hate baselessly.

    Tl;dr I like a post like yours where you disagree rationally and is backed with proof, it's a very pleasant read.

    P.S I don't read blogs nor do I know NN and XX but NN appeared on YouTube trending and I was just curious about the beauty.