Monday, December 10, 2012

A piece of ME!

It's been really tiring, getting all my priorities sorted out. I have lots of phone calls, e-mails, and etc. to attend to. Why? Well, this project is in the "hush-hush" stage. So, I will only let you know when everything is finalized and I've packed my bags and am away from everything.

I want to blog, but somehow, it's always the dreaded "mental block". I think of certain topics, but then, I ask myself if anyone would actually read it. So, what I've decided to do is to blog everything that comes to my mind so that I actually do blog more. My prom night  was over 10 days ago and I planned to blog about it but something is wrong with my USB ports and so, I can't transfer pictures. I used a friend's notebook to transfer all my pictures into my pen drive, but I haven't transferred it into my computer. 

I know, I'm beating myself up too. On top of that, I've got back my "sleep syndrome" which is when I feel like sleeping all the time. It doesn't matter where, I just sleep a lot. So, I'm feeling very tired and worn out. But the plus point is, MY SKIN IS CLEARING UP! Oh well, that's good, I guess.

Oh beautiful women with clear skin, how I envy you.

Anyway, I was supposed to be on a get fit regime:

And trust me, THIS IS SO HARD!! Because, I used to be a fatty, once upon a time, no pictures, because those were during my friendster years. I deactivated friendster after I lost the weight, hence, all the pictures are gone. NO!I'm never turning back. You want to know what motivates a lazy bum like me to keep fit? PICTURES. I'm such a visual freak, that if I don't see changes in a few days, I change my plan, I change until it works for me, I change until I feel the pain. After all, no pain, no gain right?

But I'm extremely comfortable with pilates. It really helps me tone up. Of course I take pictures of myself to compare the difference, but the pictures are ermmm... over-rated? (NO!! NOT NAKED)

If it's one thing I've learnt, fitness is key.

So, you might ask, what's the purpose of having a kick-ass bod, so what? Especially if you're single. (I believe in abstinence, so you can be a 100000....infinity%) sure that it's not because of sex. It's because I want to feel good about myself, working out, just helps you forget the world for a moment and just focus on what you're doing. That's why I love "free running". If you don't know what that is about, it's just running and doing anything you want, jumping at intervals just because you want to, there's no rule to it. This was something I thought of during my high school years when I was a track and field champion. *coughI'liketothinkthatcough* 

 Our bodies are vessels for our souls. If we don't take care of it, then it's like you're living in a dirty house. Your body is the home and the soul is the occupant. All those junk and stuff that you put into your body are toxic that damages your well being. 

Seriously, have you seen the butts of people who don't do squats, it's all so wobbly and jiggly with the fat, ugh, I don't want to even imagine.

I keep pictures of toned up, fit women, *notanorexic* women in my room, for that extra "oommmpphhh* to motivate me. Well, I'm a bit weird, because I absolutely CANNOT stand being in a gym. I just can't. If I'm forced to, then I would be in a gym, like if I was in a hotel or some place foreign to me, then I'd hit the gym. If not, I like jogging, running and doing squats, sit ups and everything at home, or outdoors. I rather go to the park then to be in a gym. I feel that the gym is such an icky place with lots of bacteria incubating and I just CANNOT stand being in a gym most of the time. I like going to really huge fields, forests or somewhere with a view, that's how I usually do it. 

I'm that kind of a person that cannot sit still or be in one place for a long time. I just get so restless and pissed off at the same time. I've registered in a few gyms before, but to no avail. My gym membership never helps me get there, so, instead, I just choose to do my workouts at the park near my gym. Silly. I know. But, I just cannot stand the stuffy smell of gyms as well. 

How about weights? You may ask. But, honestly, I hate lifting weights, so, I lift myself instead. Monkey bars really help. And I have weights at home and sometimes, I just hate leaving the house so much. I rather just sit at home. But at the same time, I like being social. But, my social life has had it's glory days. I like company. But sometimes, I just like having a few close friends that I can act absolutely crazy around. Well, that explains how so few know the real me. You might hear stories about me, but, nah, none of them are ever true.

My new motivation is to get into a freaking skinny jeans. Can you believe it? Since I'm a runner, I have like bigger calves than I would actually like, tighter hamstrings too. ;) perks of being a runner. But, seriously. It does us no justice at all, because skinny jeans only look good on girls with pencil thin legs. WHICH IS SO FRUSTRATING! So, my goal is tone up really well to actually fit into a skinny jeans. (I'm dying to get those skinny jeans from H&M)

If you can't already tell, I love the low-cut skinny jeans. Absolutely stunning. (but requiring ultra thin legs. boohoo to that)

When a guy asks me out, this is what my answer usually is. Unless you wanna hit the gym with me. But in my case, it's the outdoors. ;)

This is my ideal goal size. I'm blessed with flat tummy, but with chicken wing arms, you know, the jiggly arm. Yuck. So, I have to tone up!


This is how a perfect woman's body should look like.

I hate those ultra-ripped kind of body. It's like you're packing on so much muscle pounds and it just looks really ugly. I cannot stand that kind of a body. But, sometimes, when you're working out, you can't control the way your body develops. So, what I do is do everything that is only meant for toning up. I'm 48kg for a 169cm person. So, I'm like on the bar for underweight and if I gain a bit too much, I'd be considered normal.

But, the thing is, if it's anything, you should never look at the scale. Like never ever look at the scale. (Unless you just had an extremely large pizza with extra cheese topping, then by all means, get on that bloody scale and see how much you weigh) Jokes aside, you have to know that muscle weighs more than fat, so, if you're packing on a few pounds while working out, then, it's absolutely acceptable. 

Oh, of course, I have to show you the type of guys that I like and dislike. ;)

This is the type of body for guys that I absolutely freaking love. ASDFGJKLQWWQOUWTIUWTMN,NVBLHASLHQWUOALHAE!!! Shitlitz. He's so freaking hot. He's toned, not too buff. Nice arms, and six packs. Yum. EYEGASM.

This is alright. Not my preference though. A bit too buff. But, sometimes, I wouldn't mind this. 

This one is like:

CALM YOUR TITS. This is ugly!! Like really ugly, I wouldn't even take a second look if I saw someone like this on the streets. Seriously, I hate guys that are too buff.

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACT: Guys who workout a lot, go to the gym a lot, or train a lot, are more critical on a woman's body and tend to judge them more. They are also egoistical and self obsessed. (Taken from the Medical Journal 2010)

Yum Yum. This guy looks so good.

I found this and started laughing right away. OMG! HORNY FACE! LOL.

Somehow, just somehow, I like this!

My sensitive boy, CHANNING TATUM. (He's married. T.T) But, yeah, if you know me, you'd know I'm a huge fan of Channing Tatum. Hot, kind, sensitive, loyal, caring, perfect, everything I wish for in a guy (which is why I have to be better in every aspect too. You can't wish for a perfect person if you're not perfect yourself)

I have a thing for tanned skinned guys. They just looks so good. Spanish guys especially are sooooo hot...

It so unfair when guys who look like THIS! wear this kind of shirts. Like, dude, we're in love with you. The oestrogen is pumping. Now what?

Seriously, it's sooo worth it!

1. Helps you clear up your skin. VOILA! No need stupid things like cosmetics and skin treatments.
2. Awesome hot body.
3. Boost self confidence.
4. Live longer.
5. Run faster. (This is actually a plus point if dogs chase after you)
As I always say, let the meat lag, but if you stay fit, you'll be a hit.
6. Beautiful, radiant skin. Glowing, not only your face, but your whole body.

This is if you combine your fitness regime with a good diet, (I don't take protein shakes, because protein tastes good, so, I eat them instead, besides, protein shakes tastes like bland milkshakes, so not the thing I would consume) Also, stay rehydrated! DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!

7. If you looked that good, no one would think twice before kissing you. (I would) But, hehe, why do you care about me. LOL.

Lots of H2O won't kill you. Also, it helps to curb hunger and prevent you from snacking.

Also, just have lots of fun, go to the playground, eat healthy and just make the most of your life. Don't smoke, take weed, or consume alcohol. Seriously, alcohol, rips years off your face, it makes you look older. If you want to consume wine, consume sparkling grape juice instead, same thing, but, no alcohol content in one and no burning sensation when you drink it. ( Yes, I've tried because my parents gave me some to try. So that we will choose for ourselves not to drink)

I have lots of books to read. Thanks to my friendly neighbourhood spiderman who has lots of books. I am also in the process of writing a book. It has no title, I burned my old book, because it was full of unorganized nonsense and I'm working, volunteering at a hospital and I will be travelling. Waiting for TedxIpoh which will be held on the 13th of December. (another social event) If you're from Ipoh, see you there!!

Very excited, also, I'm trying to get my instagram account to be one of those popular ones out there, so, very excited! It's one of those things on my bucket list. And yes, I will post my ridiculous bucket list once I complete it. Lots of visuals of course. I love pictures. :)

My instagram account is: amyisabella3

Till my next post. (While hoping you've been inspired) xx

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