Monday, December 31, 2012

For Sale: Dream Catchers, Art Work, Bracelets!

Yes, you saw that right. I'm selling some hand made items and I would very much appreciate it if there were people who would buy them. These are all handmade items and the things that are used are of the highest quality and as I would always say, I never use things in my products that I, myself wouldn't use.

These are Dream Catchers and I am very sure most of you are quite familiar with these Native American ornaments. It is supposedly believed to ward off nightmares. These were even more popularized when it appeared in the movie Twilight, when Jacob gave it to Bella.

I make different colours as well, upon request. Each of them are being sold for RM25.00. Trust me when I say this, I don't get much profit and on top of that some of the money goes to charity. If you would like to customise your dream catchers, we do charge more, but depending on the items used only.

I call these Mr. Puffies. You can have yours customized into keychains, or hand phone accessories, you name it. Each of these are being sold for RM2.50.

These friendship bracelets aren't just cute and fancy, but they are really lasting and also, you can use them as bookmarks. RM3.00 each.

Love this bracelet? This bracelet is on sale for RM1.50 each. All you need to do is give me your hand measurement.

I sell cakes too. Depending on what cake it is. If you are looking for the original rainbow cake, we sell it for RM120.00. I know you may think it's a little too pricy, but trust me, it's worth it. But, cakes are only sold in the Perak (Ipoh) state.

Fancy chocolate moist cake? We have different types of chocolate moist cakes, spongy, cakey, mud cake, brownie, anything you want. Just name it. 

We also make maccaroons, lava cake mixture complete with ready to make on the spot instructions. Also, we sell butter cake, with or without icing, sponge cake, fresh cream cakes and just about any cake.

Orders: You can place your orders via e-mail or text message or whatsapp 012-5637359 and

Payment: Cakes: PERAK ONLY!! Cakes are not delivered, we have a pick up spot, which is usually at a public area, you pay and we hand over the cake, you check the cake's condition. Orders must be placed at least 3 days-1 week ahead. Prices vary for different cakes, so, if you would like the price list for the cakes, feel free to e-mail me. For "emergency" cakes, which is one day before, we have an extra charge.

               Art/Friendship bracelets/Dream Catcher: We post all items through mail throughout Malaysia. The prices do not include shipping. We weigh the item, check the shipping price to each state and we charge accordingly. We don't have a standard RM7 for shipping. For more pictures and if you would like anything at all, feel free to follow @amyisabella3 on INSTAGRAM and tag @amyisabella3 on the photo of the item you would like me to make or buy, you may e-mail me at or whatsapp me at 0125637359.

Last but not least, Happy New Year! 2013 is here. Hope everyone has a nice day and a wonderful year ahead. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any enquiries, all messages and e-mails will be replied to within 24 hours, unless our internet crashes which hasn't happened yet. (touchwood)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fear Factor Malaysia 2012

So, remember my previous posts on Fear Factor Malaysia 2012? Well, they have the Celebrity Edition which will be shown on the 29th of December 2012, but I participated in the Blogger Edition 2012. Check it out.

Also, Don't forget to watch the Celebrity Edition on Astro Channel 104 (Ria) or Astro Channel 134 (Mustika HD) every Saturday at 9.00 p.m.

Enjoy this video!! 

Watch this!

Till my next post! xx

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Things that actually matter.

So today, my Spider-Man and I went out together with her sisters. I know you might have been thinking that Spider-Man was a guy, but NO! haha...

It was just something funny that I saw on 9Gag while thinking of a pseudonym to give her.

We had a lot of fun playing, jumping, running, trying to catch pretty little butterflies and we even met a little girl for Spider-Man's sister to play with. Her name is Rosanne. Pretty little, playful girl.

I managed to clean my room, organise everything and on top of that, I managed to clean everything and went out with my close friends.

They're really more like family in a way, they're always there for me and its really such a wonderful thing to have.

But, somehow, since we're not of the same race, I sometimes see people looking at us oddly.

But what I truly believe is that colour, religion and everything else don't really matter. It doesn't matter if you're rich, poor, black, white, thin, fat or anything at all, but it's the heart and the relationship we have with someone which truly matters.

This past year has been such a whirlwind for me and it's wonderful how you meet so many type of people and some people leave half way and some lasts forever. I hope our friendship lasts forever.

This is my first time blogging through a mobile device and I think this saves me a lot of time.

The little card which looks so cute was given by Spider-Man's youngest sister, Mei Mei. They always surprise me. I wish I could surprise them as often as they surprise me. Which I will. Soon. Oh and did I tell you? Spider-Man is my avid reader. At least one person whom I am absolutely sure reads my blog.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Also, I'm learning how to knit. It's amazing what you can do with your hands. I want to learn as many things as possible.

Till my next post. xx

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Pessimist.

You're probably wondering why I'm writing a blog post with this title. Perhaps, you would have guessed that I have something against pessimists or it could be that you actually think that I am a pessimist. But no. I don't hold anything against anyone. However, I am dissatisfied with pessimists.

There is a difference between people who are genuinely sad, optimistic, realistic, pessimistic and what-nots. But then again, sometimes, pessimists label themselves as realists and this is just one form of some people mis-labeling themselves.

My perception of a pessimist: To me, pessimists are those people who are too afraid to do anything. They feel like everything is impossible and that you have to know something, learn something, have certain qualifications or possess certain talent to do something. They never believe in hard work or effort. It's like if you know, you know. If not, you're doomed. They tend to view everything in a negative light. When you voice out your opinion to them, they will find a way to make you feel like as though you can't do it.

They also make it seem like as though everything is impossible and that you have to have a very broad knowledge to do anything, which is impossible for someone to possess. If you point out some well-known figure, they would shoot down your remark by saying, "They were gifted"/"He/She is smart", "They did go to University, but they dropped out because they were too smart" or anything similar to that. They always find reasons/excuses to tell you or convince you that everything is impossible. 

It's okay if they want to be like that, but they influence other people, ruin other people's mood, get on other people's nerve and shine negativity on things. They expect everything to fail. Say, you wanted to become famous for something, whatever the reasons may be, they would say that it is impossible, you're being too obsessed, you're not cut out for it or you're just being downright ridiculous. It's okay for them to be depressed and view the world in a negative way (although they do need help) but, to certain extent, to make a point, I would like to say that "IT IS NOT OKAY FOR THEM TO INFLUENCE OTHERS!".

Honestly, I feel that it could be the pessimistic people who do this or jealous people. WHICH IS: They tell you that you can't do it! They make you feel insecure and down. They make you feel like you're worthless, that you're not worth anyone's time, money, love or anything at all. Which is frustrating! Why must you make people feel so inferior about themselves? Okay, I know you're voicing your opinion and that is what you feel. But, I would actually appreciate it if that is what you really mean. Don't know if you understand. But I will try explaining for you to understand.

You know some people, when they make remarks, no matter what it is, they have that sly face, or that smirk or some taunting look on their faces? Well, that's exactly what makes my blood boil. This coming from people who HOPE you won't make it or do it.

Let's cut to the chase:

Pessimistic people have negative thoughts on just about anything. At least try!

Would you rather be the pessimist who is surrounded by optimists or the optimist surrounded by pessimists? The choice is entirely yours.

It's really up to you!

Sometimes, people tell me, I don't know why I feel sad when I'm surrounded by happiness and I feel happy when I'm surrounded by sadness. I've been giving this some thought. You know, these days, we have the "hipster" attitude, we want to be different from others. They don't want to be stereotyped in any situation. It's like being weird is the new "in" thing. If you complain about being "weird" or "forever alone", you're somehow cooler. It's like as though, if you're depressed and emotional, it's cool. And this honestly confuses me, so self harm, eating disorders and etc. are "cool" to teenagers these days? Okay, thank God this is my last year being a teenager. I'll be 20 next year and boy, do I feel old. 

Another reason why people feel this way, is also because when you feel happy around depressed people and sad around happy people, you actually have a problem. Because, you like it when people are sad, because it gives you the power to do as you wish, act crazy and all that. Makes sense? It's like you feel like your energy is being drained when in a happy place and you feel depressed because you feel like everyone's enjoying themselves. But then you ask yourself, how about me? So, you sink into the background and you wallow in self pity and you wonder why aren't you "cool" or "good enough". This is the typical attention seeker, although most of us will not admit it. I will admit and say that I have felt this way before. Have you?

Typically, a pessimist would also be a procrastinator, they feel very lazy, tired and out of strength to do anything. They feel like they are constantly being pushed to do something and they always think that dying would be a better choice sometimes.

This is not only for pessimists but also for those who overthink about everything. Why do you do that? I know it's difficult to shut something from your mind. Trust me, I do. But, just try doing other things. For me, I watch lots of DIY videos and I have a list of things on my To-Do-LIst and I am also in the process of creating my own bucket list. I release stress through art and free running. What's your way? Tweet me: @jellybeanami or leave a comment.

Just so you know, a break up isn't the end of the world. The loser probably didn't deserve you to begin with. Just *flip hair* and rock on and say "Darling, my mascara's too expensive" -Adriana Lima

If he calls you a bitch:

Please burn and die. (sorry not sorry)

If he/she keeps posting negative statuses about you or hating on you or telling other people really mean things about you:

Think this:

I know that for some people, being hurt by someone that they really love at some point will actually have an impact on them. But guess what? Once the person sees how fly you are in the future, they'll want you back, but DON'T EVER TAKE THEM BACK! Like seriously, I'm not even joking. LIKE EVER! And never date a guy who has hurt another girl's feelings. Bad karma. Bad everything! Seriously! And guys, never date a girl who hurt another guy's feelings too! Show them how it's like to be rejected. But then again, karma always gets back to them. So, no worries babies. :)

I actually do this. But, no it's not being pessimistic. Everyone are sometimes afraid of something.

My answer:

I actually feel offended, because I do this. (in God's name but not believing, it's wrong in my religion and in most religions actually) Buddhism isn't a religion. (for those of you who didn't know, it's merely a teaching)

An example of the forever alone post. (It was funny at first, I used to use it a lot, but it's not so funny anymore)

And society has played it's part very well, very well indeed. I am very well aware that I am a part of society as well, thank you very much. I think that we, as humans, love pretty things and I've posted a posted before here. We feel inferior when we see someone prettier, better and much more outgoing than us. But, we can't deny that (guys, rephrase):

But you know what?

In a way, I somehow understand how depressed some people feel, because I have felt that way before. I guess it's true what people say, "You have to fall, to learn how to stand up". Remember when we were babies, we didn't learn how to walk right away, we learnt how to crawl, we stood up, we fell, we walked, we ran, we bruised our knees and that's how life really is. 

Life isn't depressing. Life is beautiful. If you only searched for things. Happiness is not expensive, happiness is all around you. When I'm upset or feeling under the weather, you know what cheers me up? 


Yes, I search for as many cute baby pictures I can find and find baby videos on YouTube and laugh as much as I want. And when I'm done, I search for KevJumba, Ryan NigaHiga, Wong Fu Production, charlieissocoollike, Chester See and so many more YouTube-rs and just laugh as hard as I can. Because those things make me happy and those are the little things in life that no one can take away from me. When I'm upset or angry, I make cold orange juice because I feel way much more better after drinking it. 

When I feel like crying, and when I actually can, I cry. I don't hold in the emotions. I don't want to. I know what it does to you. You think I don't feel upset? I don't feel sad? I do. I do. I do. I feel upset a lot. Little things upset me. Things that people say upsets me. Things that I read online upsets me. Things that I hear upsets me. A lot of things upset me. But, I won't BE upset for the rest of my life. I will not. Because I know that time is precious. I know that being alive is God's gift. Even if you do not believe in God, you're alive and you only live one life, YOLO "so that's what it's called" or Hakuna Matata.(having no regrets in life)

Whatever it is, there's always going to be someone famous, pretty, independent, funnier, better than you, and better than them. But what they're great at, you might not be good at it or even equally good, but what you're great at, they might not be good at. There is no one perfect person. No matter how the person tries. Even if they try to be a perfectionist, they can never succeed. But what you can do is strive for perfection to be as close to perfection than anything else. Just because it is unattainable, doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Why shouldn't you?

God is good. Remember, God only gives the toughest challenges to his strongest soldiers.

Sometimes, we try and try and try and we fail. But remember, all geniuses, like Thomas Edison for instance, failed countless times before succeeding. All geniuses were called crazy. But it's the crazy that eventually gets labelled geniuses. There may be 999 wrong answers, but there is always that 1 correct one.

Also, online. When you're online, you're able to be anyone you want, it's sad how people choose to be idiots most of the time. Spreading hate and jealousy all around. Wouldn't it be better for a change, to keep negativity to yourselves? Even if you wanted to let it out, please, for goodness sake, I'm begging you, DON'T HATE ON DISABLED KIDS OR KIDS SUFFERING FROM ILLNESSES! Hate on me, I don't care. But, why? WHY?!! Why on those poor kids?

Just a spoof.

(not promoting alcohol, but just a quick fact: VODKA IS ACTUALLY FERMENTED POTATO JUICE) *bet you didn't know that*

Is the glass half full or half empty? That's the question always posed to any of us, right? Well, technically, the glass is never truly empty due to the presence of air. But, when you see it this way:

When you're pouring water into a cup, then it's half full, when you're drinking water out of it, it's half empty. But, when it's half empty, there's more to add. In this context, we're talking about knowledge, so, there is more to be filled, when the glass is half full, there is more to fill, but in a more optimistic way, saying that "soon, you will know everything". But, I say, either way, it's right. Who cares if it's half filled or half empty, we should be thankful that there is something in that cup. We should be grateful for what we have. The first lesson in life was of gratitude, taught to me by my oldest science teacher.

People say that if you're over realistic, you become pessimistic, if you're over optimistic, you become full of bullshit. But, sometimes, people don't understand what they don't know and although it is true, some people are full of hot air, but this isn't always true either. We should be realistic and optimistic as well. It's not impossible. But be more optimistic than realistic. I am an optimist, no matter how bad a situation is, I always think and hope and pray for the better. But, I know when to put the fullstop to things or when to give up.

When you give, do it sincerely, expect nothing in return. A good deed goes a long way, a good deed done unknowingly, gets you to heaven and into the hearts of the angels.

Honestly, so many people, even people that I trusted has done me wrong too many times before. I keep a lot of things to myself these days because I feel afraid. Afraid of letting someone in only to realize that they were never sincere, that they never meant anything they said. I've had enough "friends" with two faces, acquaintances who pretend they're okay with you when in reality, they're talking behind your back from the stories they hear about you from other people. Stories from people that I've never talked to. But in a way, I really appreciate it. You all make me stronger, wiser and most of all, it makes me aware of things that I never knew about myself.

Your thoughts don't matter, it shouldn't matter. But, I make it a point to listen, I try to change, because I'm no perfect human being, but what can I do, when they think that they're so perfect, that they don't need to change, that they think that they're better than I am in every aspect. What can I do? So, I silently right the wrongs in myself, not for them, but for me. For me to be proud of myself for not hurting anyone. For making my parents proud to call me their daughter.

Just like anyone out there, I want things, I want to be noticed, I want, want and want. Expectations. But what do we do to receive those things? We should all feel humbled by our inferiority, our flaws, but be proud of them at the same time as those are the things that define who we are.

So, to those who hate me, I ain't Adele to "wish nothing but the best for you".

One more thing, those who never took the effort to get to know me, I have nothing to say to you, and since I have nothing to say about you too, I would very much appreciate it if you would:

Also, stop assuming that everything I do revolves around you. Because, my life is beautiful. I love my life. I have everything I love around me and I'm surrounded by beautiful things, I changed my number, because I don't want to know fake friends, I created a new Facebook account, to not know what you post, I unblocked you because I don't care about you anymore. If that's not a big enough clue, then, I don't know what is. If I left out unblocking anyone, please feel shameless to come forward to ask me to unblock you.

Because shit happens and I expect it. I know you guys might think that I'm pissed off. But honestly, my face has no expression like a brick. Or Kristen Stewart. I'm just forming thoughts. Best part is, I.FEEL.NOTHING!

*you'd probably be thinking this, so how about some visuals* ;)

You're unique, you're different, you're amazing, you may have flaws, but those are the little things that are beautiful to me. I'd like to think of myself as SUPERMAN. Hahaha.. or in my case, SUPERWOMAN. 

Please do me a favour and utter these words aloud, feel these words and finally accept it and practice it.

If you're depressed because of some silly teenage love. (Ooopss... probably shouldn't say that) But honestly, once you get married, you'd realise how silly it is. (I'm not married though. *cough* *cough*) To me, I feel that you have to love yourself before loving someone else. But, honestly, when you truly love yourself, you wouldn't even "need" someone. You'd just "want" someone to share your happiness with.

If cupid tries to shoot those arrows too soon, ha! Now, there's an idea! ^^^^^^^

So, after every post, I've decided to feature one hot guy. Because me and my spiderman was talking about me needing a magazine filled with hot guys (WHICH I REALLY WANT!) This is a new addition in my blog and will be continued for all my other blog posts as well.


This is Damon Salvatore (if you watch the vampire diaries). He is super super hot. Well, why else would he be featured, right? Oh well, do I need to say more? The hot guy from The Vampire Diaries. Now, Edward, please step aside. Seeing all these cute guys and babies with blue eyes, I really want to marry a hot white guy, (I prefer Spanish) so that my kids would be BEEAAAUUUTTTIIIFFFUUULLLL!! Oh, don't get the wrong idea, whichever hot spanish guy who is reading this, I will love you too! XP

I found a picture of me when I was fatter than I used to be, thought I should post it. And I had my braces on during this time. AND it was the FIRST time I ever wore a dress which also came as a surprise to all my guy friends as I was very much of a tomboy.

Some things that I love from Marks and Spencer.

Just for the fun of it, I want to post a side view picture. Sorry.

I bought the leggings. Hehe.. 

I love purple. I painted my nails purple. Was planning to add the cheetah pattern but got lazy. I will try posting a tutorial as soon as possible. Quite busy with work these days.

Till my next post. xx