Sunday, September 2, 2012

Troll: Taylor Swift

I don't know if everyone has heard about this yet. But, naturally, as an advocate for the deaf, dumb and blind, I have something to say about this. 

Well, recently, Taylor Swift decided to have a contest where people can go on and vote for her to perform in any school that gets the most vote and on top of that, the top 5 schools with the highest votes will also get a $10,000 grant for their music department. The pictures down below are the screenshots from my computer.

Of course there's no harm in organizing a competition to promote your album. Her new album RED will be released on the 22nd of October 2012. Believe me, I'm a huge fan of hers. Or was? I don't know yet. I'm still anticipating her reaction and her final decision as to where she would be performing.

But, it seems that 4chan and Reddit has decided to troll Taylor for seemingly to them was harmless fun. They started the whole "VOTE FOR HORACE MANN SCHOOL OF THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING" campaign. 

Not that I don't get the irony, trust me, I do. But, it's not funny. AT ALL. Deaf people do know how to appreciate music. The only thing they're not able to do is appreciate the lyrics. But, for some who can read lips and the others who eventually will read the lyrics, will be perfectly alright at understanding everything.

If you've ever been to a deaf concert before, you'd know that they have special floors that vibrate to the music that is being played especially constructed by placing speakers under the floor and a balloon in their hands. The resonance is transferred to the floor board and then to them to help them feel the music.

Not everyone is deaf in that school, so, not everyone cannot hear anything. There are those with mild hearing disability, or are not completely deaf. So, they are able to listen with the help of hearing aids and cochlear implants. However, for those who are deaf, although they may not be able to hear, they would very much enjoy the visual stimulation alone.

Even if you have not been to a deaf concert before, you should know that they actually  do appreciate music and I don't know how this is a joke. It's not even funny.

At this moment, there are 62 842 votes for the school. I know it's meant as an internet troll. But, I honestly do hope Horace Mann School for The Deaf really do win the online voting. It would also be right if Taylor Swift did perform in their school instead of searching for reasons not to.

Just because they're deaf, doesn't mean she should cross them out. When I read the papers yesterday, I was in shock and my blood was boiling as I was infuriated and I felt an immense hatred towards everyone involved.

Although it's sole purpose is with the intent of trolling Taylor, I do think if the school do win, it would actually help those kids a lot. I know that deaf people generally like the drums because, when you're on the drums, you actually get to feel the instantaneous vibration through your body. So, it's actually really exciting to feel the music you play.

The link leads you to the school's page. 

The competition goes on until the 23rd of September, you can vote for your favorite school daily. I do hope that everyone do actually vote for Horace Mann School For The Deaf and Hard of Hearing, not because I'm actually supporting the internet troll-ers. But because, I want to see if Taylor Swift would actually go to the school to perform and also, it would be really awesome if those kids did have the opportunity to meet Taylor Swift.

However, if she decides not to go to the school to perform if they win, you can be a 100 percent sure, that I will not have the word Taylor Swift ever be spoken in my presence, also, my respect for her would be gone and I will never buy any of her albums ever again. Also, I will burn every single poster and CD I have of hers and that would be the last time you ever hear me speak of her. 

At this moment, I'm anticipating her reaction and response to the situation and last but not least, I would like to thank all those troll-ers out there. However insensitive you are, you still shed light to the existence of deaf people. Some of those people out there finds it amusing or maybe they just decided to go with the flow. But, to me, it's not funny and honestly, to those who find it funny, let me ask you this "If your kid was to be impaired in anyway at all, and others were placing bets on that kid as to how ill the boy will be in the future, will you be happy?" Karma is only a b*tch if you are.

So, do vote for Horace Mann School For The Deaf and Hard of Hearing. You can vote everyday till the 23rd of September 2012. Let's make it happen! Let's bring Taylor Swift to the school. COME ON PEOPLE! LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

P/S: What you intend to make a negative impact, I will make it a positive one. Whatever you do to make me fall, I will only stand taller and stronger.

Till' my next post. xx

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