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Alright, before I start, I must say, my mind is like as though it's fueled on some hyper never sleeping drug when I'm completely sober. (not that I even consume alcohol)  I can never stop thinking and I think up the weirdest things in the whole world and I must say, this really keeps me awake at night.

My latest obsession has been on death.

Death, what is it really? For those who believe in God, the presence of a higher force, the distinction between heaven and earth. The separation of the soul from the body. What is death? That is the question.

For many believers, they believe that death is merely the beginning of a whole new journey. A journey to a place that is permanent. It is said that life on earth is merely just a temporary one and we seek solace in God and pray and do good deeds, so that one day, we will receive his blessings to join Him in heaven.

In Freemasonry, they say that the secret is how to die. Choosing a way to die. That is the secret. This is an interpretation from somewhere I read. It is said that you choose whether you want to join the demons or the angels. In this case, you choose whether to be good or bad. So, the secret is in how to die. I don't know, I guess it's because I've never really thought of dying. But, perhaps everyone just wishes their death to be painless. I think.

I mean, you wouldn't want a death full of suffering, right? Unless of course you're masochistic and pain is a form of pleasure to you. Erm, that's sick? Anyway, moving on. Death is somehow perceived as poignant. It is somehow a form of reminding ones self that one day everyone dies and as sad it is to see the passing on of a loved one, we are reminded that we would also leave this world one day.

There is a course called the "coffin death course" where a person can for a price have their own mock burial. In this situation, you are placed in a casket and offered the same burial rites as the dead and you lay in your coffin and you feel how it is to be laying in one with no movement whatsoever. It is something like being separated from the outside world and the only thing left is yourself and your mind. 

You're constantly thinking and this is called the self reflection process. It is said that everyone who has participated in this course felt a renewed passion for life and they start appreciating everything even more.

I guess it's because they feel the fear of being somewhat dead and isolated from their surrounding that they learn to appreciate the things around them. Especially the people around them. This is also a form of treatment for suicidal people. It somewhat helps them to understand to true meaning of death and it's something like being given a second chance.

Personally, I wouldn't want to know what it would be like to be in a coffin. This thought alone is very disturbing to me. Because, I'm not good enough and I know I've made a lot of mistakes because I'm not perfect. So, I don't think I would be coping well if left in there for too long. Oh well, that's just me.

In Egyptian history, it is said that death is an afterlife to an eternal one. And that is why, when someone dies, they are mummified so that the vessel of the person would be available when they got to the underworld and also because of reincarnation. 

For their journey to the underworld, they are equipped with maps and jewelry and many valuables to be used, this being to guide them and using it for their necessity. I must say, it is really intriguing how the Egyptians have a well planned out system for death. It's also amazing how in Egyptian history, they have to weigh the heart in the underworld. If it is lighter than the feather, then you are worthy to cross over. But, if you're a sinner and your heart weighs more than the feather, the creature, Ammit, which looks like a crocodile to me, will eat your heart as it is unworthy.


Then there is heaven and hell. What almost every other religion believes in. If you do good deeds and you fulfill your duties on Earth to God, then you shall be granted a place in Heaven. But if you're a sinner and you do not fulfill your duties to God, then you're doomed to hell. However, it may be subjective because the extent as to how horribly you've sinned comes to question as well. But, the fulfilling your duty part doesn't change much. Because, most religions believe that the purpose of you being alive is to serve God and do good. The purpose is to please God so as to obtain atonement.

In buddhism and Hinduism however, they believe in reincarnation. The soul is reincarnated numerous times until the true purpose is discovered. They call it the khamma, the person is reincarnated until the the soul is empty and enlightenment is achieved. They join God and this is called Moksya, the highest level one can be at.

In Buddhism, they believe that how a person is in their current life will determine what they are reincarnated into in the next life. Say, you've been evil towards ants, perhaps you'd be reincarnated into an ant. They believe that if you're a good person, you'd be reincarnated into a human, but if you're bad, you would be reincarnated into an animal. How big and how small, I honestly don't know.

In Hinduism however, if I'm not mistaken, you're reincarnated as a human.

In science however, they do not believe in all these things because as you know, the sciences only believe in things which are quantifiable and explainable. Souls, heaven and Gods aren't exactly explainable if you ask me.

However, there is this field in science called Noetic Science, which is more of a metaphysical philosophy, it's believed that everything has mass, even a soul, however small the mass may be and hence, in a way, the soul can actually be quantified. Amazing isn't it?

In some places, death is a form of art, where killing and dying is considered a beautiful thing and is cherished in the weirdest of manner. I wouldn't be surprised why serial killers are as much drawn to this idea. But in a way, it is considered an art.

Weird, I know, but even in fairly modern literature, death is spoken of in a melancholic way, described in somewhat a mesmerizing way. The beauty of it, so it is described.

Honestly though, to me, death is something, I do fear. As I've said, I'm not prepared for death. I guess we fear the things we don't know. However, I've gone to enough religious seminar and watched enough video to scare the living shit out of me.

So, to me, death is somewhat a distant thing which I would like not to be a part of for the time being. I guess, it would have to wait until I'm 70++ maybe? I don't even pray 5 times a day and I'm a Muslim. I must admit, sometimes, I'm just overwhelmed by laziness, and I know, it's a very stupid reason, so, I'm trying to change that thing. 

Till' my next post. xx

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