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Deaf, Dumb, Blind and Disabilities...

I've been longing to write a post on this topic for God knows how long. I have a passion for the deaf, dumb and blind. I'm currently devoting some of my time to learning sign language. I've been contemplating as to whether I should learn BSL or ASL, but since ASL is a lot simpler and it is widely used in my country, I've chosen to learn it instead of BSL although I will be pursuing my studies in UK from next year onwards.

I've always had the urge to take up ASL as a separate language but it's just that I've never had enough time or I was too busy. (stupid reasons) But, it's time I pursue my passion. As a little girl, I used to follow my mom to the market and I would always see a blind couple who would beg on the streets. They played music and they would sit there. Also this blind guy:

This is one of the guys I see every time I go to the morning market.

I remember when I was a kid, my mum would always give me all the change she gets after buying the groceries and I would give it away to every beggar I see. I mean, it's normal for kids to do that. Unless it's my little brother. He used to throw coins and our house keys into the drain. If anything went missing, you can be sure to find it in the drain. I remember how my mom used to collect all the coins and even RM50 notes from the drain. He was just too cute. Anyway, I'm sidetracking.

Well, not only that, there used to be this guy in kindy who used to disturb me every single time. He was the person who made me cry. I literally hated him and his name is Kuhan. Gosh, he couldn't speak. If I'm not mistaken, he's dumb as in he can't speak. He used to be the most disgusting person I've ever known, he would suck his thumb and he looked so dirty and he would always beat me or try to touch me. I used to watch Powerpuff Girls when I was younger, so I labelled him as the guy with coodies.

All my life, I've been surrounded by these type of people and I also remember going to my dad's friends son's birthday and they were so kind to invite the shelter for kids with Down's Syndrome. That was honestly one of the birthday parties I will never forget. Just looking at those kids smiling with no worries and enjoying the games is by far one of the best memories I've had. Dealing with the deaf, dumb and blind kids isn't always easy. As a kid, I've been exposed to so many things. I guess that's why I don't seem to have the same mentality as those who are of my age.

I've seen how difficult it is for parents to deal with children with this disability although I wouldn't call it a disability, I call it a gift. Alright, I know that there are going to be some people who will label me as a dumb piece of sh*t but hear me out. I really think it's a blessing in disguise, those parents who have to be tolerant of their children and those children who start using other senses to accommodate for a missing sense. They say we have five senses, but not all of us, so, you may think. But actually, they aren't missing any, they have that 5th, called intuition. I know everyone has that, but it's different for them. It's special. It's always right. It teaches them something. It helps them to be different and stand out in life.

I've known people who used to tease others because they were different. It's not nice to do that. Just because you don't understand them or because they are different from you, it doesn't mean you can hurt them. Just because they're deaf and they can't hear you, doesn't mean they can't see you pointing at them and whispering to your friend. Just because they're blind, doesn't mean they can't hear you. Just because they're dumb, don't mean they can't see and hear you either. 

They are humans. Just like us. How are you better than them in anyway? Just because you're physically perfect and all your limbs and organs were formed properly doesn't mean you're perfect. Honestly, I think those people who are deaf, dumb and blind are closer to perfection than anyone of us. At least they've got a pure heart.

They feel, just like every one of us. They are no different from you and I.

Honestly, not only women, I think everyone.

This is not true, everyone deserves someone who would care for them. Just because you have some sort of disability doesn't mean you're not deserving of the respect and care from others.

Once again, it's for everyone, not only women. Who are we to judge them? Just because they have disabilities doesn't mean they're stupid or not worth listening to. I think they feel the most pain compared to anyone else.

I know some people with disabilities do bully other disable people because they're full of hate because they think to themselves why they can't be like everyone else, but that is not a reason to insult or torment others just because you're unhappy with your life.

Everyone deserves the time and appreciation of others. Honestly, I would try to explain to  them than to just let someone else do it. I really think this kind of attitude is stupid and if I ever meet this kind of people, I think I would slap them without thinking twice, because I know that person who is deaf/dumb or blind isn't going to do anything. So, I'd love to be the person who would give that person a slap which they deserve. I don't mind spending a night behind bars if that's the right thing to do. But if I was to spend a night behind bars because of that action, I think I would beat the sh*t out of the person until I'm satisfied. It would be so worth it.

Everyone should be given a chance to try. Whether disabled or not. Just because they're disabled, doesn't mean they can't do it. 

Everyone can be useful in some way. I hate how people take people with disabilities as a nuisance or a burden. If you're one of those people ( I hope you aren't, but if you are) GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF!

Even if I had $1 and I have no food and if I see someone less fortunate than me, I would give that $1 away to them. I would rather suffer. I do believe that when you help others, God will help you. He's always there and he's watching every move we make. Even if you're an atheist, I'm sure you have a guilty conscience.

Sometimes, all they want is to feel how the world really is and to see and act like everyone else.

I think we should take some time to help those who really need it especially if you're right there and you can.

Here's a link that I think you should check out. Click here 

This one page that I like following. It's very interesting. You should check this out too. Especially for those in Britain. Click here

This article is by far something I could reread and never get bored. I honestly love how people can fall in love with and truly develop an indescribable passion for anything. In this case, sign language. Click here

Did you know that even Princess Diana was an advocate for BSL ( British Sign Language). If you Google it up, you can find videos of her using BSL. She was the Princess of Wales for crying out loud and she made it a point to learn. How can we be so ignorant? I bet she has so many protocols to follow and yet, she was willing to take the time off.

This is Sean Berdy, the guy with good looks and you know what? He's deaf! He's an actor. He became even more famous because of the series, Switched at Birth. I honestly cried watching that series. It's because of how they show the struggles of a deaf person and how they try to adapt and it's really an eye-opener. You should watch it if you have the time. ( Make time!)

Did you know the deaf has this thing called the "Deaf Culture"? They associate their society, behaviour, tradition and history into something to be proud of. I honestly love this about them. They are not afraid to tell everyone that they're deaf. They're proud of who they are. They see them being deaf as something different from others. I honestly would like to join their community, so, I'm learning up ASL. I just have to learn to keep my mouth shut and stop being a chatterbox. But then, I think I won't be able to stop expressing myself through signing. 

God bless the person who is going to wind up stuck with me. Bless his soul. But, I promise, there would be no empty conversations. There would be no empty promises. I would fill his days with colour and make every day worth his while. ( SIDETRACKING! haha..)

Do you know when a deaf or dumb person wants to get your attention, they switch the light on and off to divert their attention at them? Cool right? I was so in awe, honestly. I feel really stupid for not using my common sense and my eyes literally almost popped out of my socket when I read that. That's just me. I get awe-strucked by the smallest of details. Something I try to control especially in reality. Everyone knows I have an animate personality. So, when I talk, I tend to have my hands flying all around and I'm such a chatterbox, so, I can't keep my mouth shut. 

But, I do have days when I'm completely silent. At home, I'm really quiet, unless I'm telling stories to my mom. My mom is really the best. She listens to everything I have to say. I tell her everything and if someone were to annoy my mom or hurt my mom, I'd turn into hulk. Just saying.

It's sad to be blind. Indeed, it's very sad, but I love how they can see beauty with their heart when their eyes cannot. I still remember the movie At First Sight, a man who undergoes surgery because his girlfriend wanted him to. It's such a beautiful love story. So touching.

It's wonderful how Braille writing is devised. It's amazing by just touching, you're able to know something. They say you can't believe what you can't see, but you can't see God and you have faith in him. This is a manifestation of God, imagine! Stories being read by feeling and touching something. Stories forming in your head and you're not reading, you're feeling! And what about the feeling formed from the story itself! Isn't it just wonderful? I would personally like to learn up Braille, that's the next thing on my list! 

After all, they say love is blind. Can you see love? You can only feel it. You can say words like "I love you" to someone, but you can only believe it when they show it. You cannot see trust and yet you trust. You cannot see the future and yet you have faith. You cannot see lies and hate, and yet you believe in it sometimes. We believe what we feel. The heart feels and we believe. We cannot see the beauty in life alone, we have to feel it to know that it's truly beautiful. 

Just yesterday, when I was in KL, I saw this mother who was blind walking with her son. He was about 6 years of age and she was advising him and she had a walking stick and she was holding her son's hand for guidance, I couldn't take my eyes of them and the next thing you know, I'm crying in public. My sister was next to me and I turned away and cried while wiping my tears away. I didn't want it to look so conspicuous, but some people saw me. I just couldn't help myself. It was truly a beautiful picture. I wish I had snapped a picture. 

This is such a beautiful picture:

I hear the things you don't, 
I feel what you can't,
 I live in darkness but it's full of colour,
 I may not have seen the light,
 I don't know colours,
 But I know that the sea is blue,
I may be blind,
But my soul is not empty,
I am beautiful and special whether you see it or not,
You do not see beauty, 
You FEEL beauty.
-Amy Isabella Ocelot

I just had to share this picture of this blue eyed baby. Isn't he the most adorable thing? I'm so mesmerized by his beauty.

There's just one more thing I would like to share with you. I hope you guys are very much inspired by my post or at least some of it. Please do check out this website! Even if you did not check out my other links, this is very important. It's the World Federation of the Deaf. Please do support. It's an international non-governmental organization. The aim of this organization is to promote awareness of the human rights of deaf people world wide by working closely with the United Nations and various UN agencies such as the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The abbreviation for the World Federation of the Deaf is WDF and they are also a member of the International Disability Alliance (IDA). The most amazing thing is that all their 11 board members are deaf!  Please do support! Even if you don't want to sign up, just follow their updates! CLICK!

My current mission is to learn up ASL as fluently as I can so that I can attend the World Congress of World Federation of the deaf which will be held in 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Before I end my post, I'd like you to ask you:

If there's anything, anything at all that inspires you, don't wait till tomorrow. Life's too short to be waiting for something uncertain. Live life like you will never see daylight again. Do things you know can change people's life. All you need to do is have faith and make a change!

P/S: I would love it if you would contact me by e-mail :
I would love to hear your feedback or your passion. I am more than willing to listen and I don't judge. Also, to all those people who hate me, or hate my guts to be more specific, the hate mails are also more than welcome, I'll reply all. 

Till' my next post. xoxo

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