Monday, August 6, 2012


I've never thought of myself as a perfect human being. Never thought that I was good enough. Never thought that what I have is adequate. Never thought that things should be the way it is. I guess the thought that I think that nothing is ever enough or perfect is the real reason why I do think I have a lot of space for improvement.

Sure, sometimes, I may sidetrack, but then again, no one ever said you have to keep moving forward. Sometimes, you've got to pause and look at the scenery to appreciate the true beauty of it. We're always complaining about what we can't have and what we don't have but we seldom stop to think about what others don't have and what we have. We don't define necessity and want as a separate entity.

To us, we're caught up in our own life, seldom wanting to pause and look at others unless it is to envy what others have that we don't have. It's funny how when people lose something, that's when they start appreciating what they lost.

 Look, you know when there are sales and we tend to buy things just because it's cheap? Just because the price has been marked down lower than when you'd usually buy, doesn't mean you have to buy it. You buy things that you wouldn't usually buy on normal days. You buy things that you don't need just because it's cheap. How about those people who starve and want nothing but a piece of bread to stop the hydrochloric acid from acting on their stomach. They just want the pain to stop. But, we always take these things for granted. Look, the very proof that you're able to read my blog is a testament as to how much better off you are than most of the world population.

Sometimes, we've got to forget the past and live in the present. We've got to look to how we can be a better version of ourselves and think about all those people you can help. Sometimes, you've got to sacrifice a little for the good of others.

 When we have worn out slippers, we throw it away, but this man has to make do with what he has so that he doesn't step on nails or sharp objects. Do you know how much he'd appreciate getting just a worn out slipper? Maybe you don't feel anything because it's just a picture. Honestly, I'd like to live with him to know his story. I'd like to know what he has to say. I'd like him to share his experience with me. I don't want to be ignorant.

 This goes to me too. Sometimes I hate my life and sometimes I hate that I don't get things that I want when all my friends has it. But in a way, I thank my parents for not getting me everything I want and making me work for what I want. That way, I'll learn to appreciate it even more because it's my own sweat and tears. We're always selfish, thinking about ourselves, but we've got to get out of our comfort zone, banish our ignorance and start to care. Honestly, we need to care. We need to make a change. 

As cliche as it may sound, we're all semi-aware of what's happening in this world. But we're just caught up in our lives, chasing after what we want and not what we need. Sometimes, the people around us are pushed away because we're too busy chasing after what we want.

I truly respect and salute those who are happy with what they have. I think the first thing in life that we should all have is gratitude. We have to be thankful for what we have. No matter how little it is. Just because you're not old enough doesn't make it impossible for you to make a change. Remember, even the thought counts.

Remember when we were kids? Our innocent minds. We would always think about helping others and those were the times when a single good deed did not require any gratification. It's sad when people grow up, they tend to lose the child in them and they turn to become a selfish person. Alright, so how do I define a selfish people? It's not always about money or things like that. But it's more to the mindset. You think of yourselves and maybe the people closest to you but not those around you.

 I would agree a hundred percent on this. We compare things that we have or don't have with others. We always want something better than what others have. We always want to  be "the best" and have "the best". But in the end, is it really worth it? Can all the "best" things in life feed your guilty conscience and let you feel that you've made a change? Is it really worth it?

 Being thankful with what we have is sometimes all we ever need. Knowing you have enough will allow you to be able to make decisions that would change not only your world but those around you. Because you're not greedy for more. When you're not greedy for more, you make decisions that balance out the possibility of losing and gaining. But very often, you gain more. You don't want more, which means, if more comes, you'll take it. If not, you're still satisfied with what you've got. This in return helps curb jealousy. One of the greatest poisons in life.

 Look, I'll quote something, "The grass isn't always greener on the other side, it's green where you water it"- Big Sean. If you let go of something that you have to go in search of something better, you're only leaving something that might as well be the best thing you could ever get to search for something better. But it's not confirmed that you would get something better. So, don't lose the moon, counting the stars. Don't throw away the rock in search of bigger ones. Because one day, you'll realize that what you had was the most perfect rock you could ever find and it would be too late.
 Time, I hear this all the time. Time heals all wounds, time will tell, time will make you realize but what's most important is time is gold. Time forces you to appreciate something you had once it's gone. If you don't appreciate those things, you'd be forced to watch someone else appreciating it when you never appreciated it. But listen, you cannot complain because you made that choice. Before it's too late, appreciate it now before it's gone.

Look, when helping others, you don't have to think of the starving people in Africa, there are poor people all around you. People who are less fortunate than you everywhere. Instead of thinking of going to Africa and changing things there, why don't you do it in your own country? It doesn't matter where you start as long as you start somewhere. 

It may not be a million dollar donation but remember, it's the littlest things in life that counts. Actually, even a smile can mean so much to someone. Knowing that someone would actually smile at you is enough. I don't know about you, but to me, even the littlest efforts can move me to tears. I must admit, I have taken things for granted before. But it's time I say enough is enough! It's time to make a change.

If there's something you've been longing to do, someone you're longing to talk to, some place you want to go or just some words you'd like to say, don't wait till tomorrow. We never know what tomorrow brings. You'd be lucky to live just one more day and you're blessed.

I thank God everyday for waking up alive because He knows I'm not good enough. He knows that I have so much to learn. He knows that I'm trying and He's giving me a chance. I feel like the time I have and the energy and money I have can be put to better use.

If there's that new Nike shoe you've been longing to buy, I wouldn't say don't buy it because honestly, there are somethings I'd like to get for myself too. But just remember, be humble and when the world turns its back at you, stay strong. Just like everyone else in this world. Never show off what you have. Because, one day you'll have nothing to show off and the only thing showing would be your bones. So, appreciate every day as it comes. Live everyday like there's no tomorrow.

But not the Y.O.L.O definition. It's overrated how people think that just because you only live once, you should do all the stupid things in life. But to me, the fact that you only live once is a testament as to why you should make a change and make your life worth living. It's perfectly alright to do things that are out of your way sometimes after all being composed and conservative can be very boring,right? 

Make everyday count.

Till' my next post. xx

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