Sunday, July 22, 2012

Constructive Criticism

There's a difference between insulting, complimenting, giving an opinion, and most importantly criticism. I know, when the word criticism comes in, everyone pictures it as a bad thing. But there are two types of criticism, one, the nonconstructive criticism which is what we say people do when they hate on someone and the other, constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is telling them something in a frank manner with no intention to offend them but most of the time, these types of criticism isn't handled very well by some people.

Honestly, I wouldn't blame them, because clearly, no one has actually been truthful towards them and that's just such a pity because they're surrounded by liars who would rather lie to their faces than telling them the truth.

Honestly, I'd rather have constructive criticism shoved at my face rather than having to face lies and more lies. I mean what's the point of feeling all good when in reality, the person doesn't even mean it. Who knows what nasty things they're thinking up in their head. For instance, I'd rather have someone tell me they hate me than act all nice, sweet and fake around me.

What do I look like? A lost puppy? I may not be perfect, I may not make the right decisions 70% of the time but at least I know the decision is mine and whatever the consequences are, I'm willing and am more than ready and happy to face it.

You know when you mean to give your opinion and it's just meant to be an advice to someone to not do something or wear something that would embarrass them and you don't mean to offend them in anyway. It's for their own good after all especially if they complain about it a lot,right? Honesty is the best policy, right? Although sometimes it isn't applicable but, well, in this case, it is.

I'm sure you've been in this situation before where your opinion, no matter how nicely you put it, is always taken wrongly by some people and for some funny reason, they always think you're jealous.

Honestly, this just stresses me out, like, are you serious??? Are you seriously, even suggesting that I'm jealous? If I was, I'd be "OMG,I'm so jello" and I'd actually say that or I would give you a hint that I'm jealous. But, to assume or state that I'm jealous when there's absolutely no reason at all for me to be jealous is just, well, ABSURD! Especially when it's online and they are words of opinion and there are no words being said or facial expression being showed. 

Constructive criticism isn't always taken well, but when someone says I'm jealous and they insult me, just shows who they are and I have no problem with that. Because sooner or later, they're going to show their real colour and the sooner the better.


True and guaranteed 99.9% of the time. Just like germs, but in this case, we can eradicate ourselves from that 0.1%.

The best response to those kind of people is as I've always said, kindness in return. Be as nice as possible to that person and let them eat their heart out. If you hate them and if you say something bad to them or about them, then it's just going to show that you're the same as them. If they don't know how to respect your opinion and act like a (due to lack of words) whore, then as I said before, demand respect. But in this case, ignorance isn't going to cut it. So, be super duper nice to them and honestly, revenge is sweet. Trust me.

At the end of the day, you're going to be so proud for not mistreating someone or for hurting anyone but at the same time, the person who did you wrong is going to see what type of person you are. Calm people aren't always scared and their mind isn't a blank canvas. People should learn this now because seems like they take it for granted and in return, *HEADSHOT* ,yes, in their faces.

These type of people are bullies, maybe not the type portrayed in movies, where the fat boys pick on the smallest kids in school. But this is definitely a form of bullying and indeed, bullies take things from you and they tease you, insult you and try to bring you down because you have something they don't and confidence of someone can really piss off those insecure and hateful people. I do sometimes, feel like chopping some people, everyone does, but that doesn't mean I would because killing someone isn't going to solve anything and besides, I'd like to let them live to see how much better I am than them.

Of course, I'm in no way generalizing people, there are just some people who act this way and it's actually a shame, because people try so hard, going around promoting world peace  and here they are, especially in developed or developing countries, trying to cause a war. Genius.


Till' my next post. xx

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