Friday, June 29, 2012

Sticks and stones...Bones and bruises...

Honestly, I honestly thought my life was getting  more awesome by the minute. But I was gravely mistaken to tell the truth because just yesterday while playing Captain ball, I discovered that I had fractured my bones in my wrist and my pinky finger was cracked at the joint. The doctor said that it seemed to have dislocated and then the doctor moved the bones back to the socket.

The story goes like this, at first, Ming rammed into me with his hard, statue-like body. I literally felt half my weight shift to the one side of my body. Till now, my ribs hurt. I thought I was fine and so, I just went on playing although it hurt quite a bit. As an athlete, I was taught to ignore the pain and not give up.

Of course it was a friendly game, but being a girl, I just didn't want to be the weak one. Then, I was hit by Niki and she fell on my hand. I felt my pinky moving all the way back. It was painful, but I thought maybe because I just got hit. But it didn't stop hurting. So, I told Kshitij and Dharveen and they told me it could have just been a muscle pull.

I continued playing and even played rugby. On my way home, I suddenly could not feel my hands and it was turning blue-black. I told my mom and she rushed me to the nearest hospital.

One look from the doctor and he said something was wrong and that I would need to get an X-ray. After the X-ray, he told me I had many hairline cracks and my pinky was cracked and so, I had a bandage like cast on and an arm sling to avoid movement because the Doctor said he didn't want my bones to move too much. He didn't say when I should take it off but he asked me to come back today and so I will be going back later.

The best part is that I'm actually used to using my dominant right hand for everything. So, since I only injured my left arm, I can still tie my shoe lace, make my breakfast and wear my shirt with my right hand. But it's hard to zip up my skirt and so, I require help in that. XO

P/S: I'm typing with my right hand only. This shows how much I love my readers! 

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