Friday, June 15, 2012

Prom:The Theme-less night.

Alright,so in the beginning,I decided on having a full blog post about prom and everything with pictures and everything but then things just didn't work out the way I planned it.

I arrived at 5.00 p.m. to complete the decoration and help out.We decorated the table markers and we found out they posted the wrong thing on the board.But we just did what we could and so,prom wasn't bad.

Last year's prom was honestly a disaster but this year was honestly,way much more better.I swear.My legs hurt so badly.I had to be in charge of the certificates,prom king and queen nominees and everything.

Thank God Niki was there too.She did an amazing job.I pricked my hand while trying to sew the sashes but alas,we totally forgot about those sashes and so we plan to give the winners their sashes when they come back later on this year when receiving their result.

Prom Queen was won by Miss Jessica Chai Siaw Kiew,my dear friend and Mr.Shawn Lim Kin Soon.It came as a shock honestly as to who would win the title of Prom King,everyone was voting for William Tan but it came down to one determining vote. However,Shawn was such a gentlemen to pass the prom king and queen dance to William Tan(they're together,Jess and William) and they shared a kiss on stage and honestly,it was the sweetest thing ever.

We had performances by Serene Chua,a former school mate of mine,Samuel and his brother,an acquaintance and Fiona's performance.It was really a night many would remember.So,I'm just glad we got to make prom a success.

I would like to thank Nikika,Stephen,Abel,Ivan,Dexter,Chee Wai,Ashveena,Miss Chong and everyone who attended to make this event a successful one.Hope we have a wonderful one soon.

Till the next post. xx

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