Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Birthday!

I know that it's my birthday tomorrow,but honestly,I have not the mood to celebrate nor the reason left for a celebration.But,I'll muster all the happiness inside of me for this blog post as I always do,because no matter how sad you are,it's always important to have a positive outlook on things and to hope for the best.

I turn 19 this year and I've requested for my favourite Tiramisu cake that is to be made by my beloved mother.There's only one person I'd like to share my cake with the most but of course,I'd share it with everyone because what is love without sharing. :)

No,I don't get called out for surprise birthday parties and all.I do have a lot of friends but somehow,I just don't get that kind of treatment from them.And it's okay.They're not sentimental.

Birthdays mark the date when you're physically older.Which means my heart has been beating for 19 years (EXACTLY!)

When I was younger,like maybe 2-12,I was always so excited for my birthday to come around because of the cake,the presents and everything.

Just amazing times,but as I grow older,there aren't much things that are done,it's just like any ordinary day.

Honestly,I was actually looking forward to spending my birthday with a special someone.I've been spending 18 years alone on my birthday.Honestly thought that this year would be different. It's not that we're not together but it's just complicated (I blame myself)

My birthday wishlist would be to have that really important person back into my life and for him to accept me in his life too.It's something money can't buy and a person cannot replace.It's a person who I'd reveal in the near future. :) Because I don't think this is the right time yet.

Anyways,I still have two more papers,one being on the 13th and the other being on the 14th of this month.So,study,study,study!But I can't seem to concentrate.Oh well,have to!!And then it's FREEDOM!!!!hehe...

I've posted my wishlist in an older post but I'd trade it all for one person.
What I want now that money can't buy is:
-Straight A's for my AS and 3A* for my A2
-Acceptance into the University of Cambridge
-Helping the deaf
-Getting into heaven 
and many more that I can't think of.

I've watched Men In Black III and honestly,it was AWESOME!
I'm a huge fan of Men In Black and also Will Smith!Overall,I'd say it's moving,amazing and hilarious.If you haven't watched it yet,move your lazy butt and get to a cinema nearby and watch it!!

While I was at the mall,met with two of my classmates,really unexpected but in that short length of time,we reconnected and it's just really nice to bump into friends.

Till next time.xoxo

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