Friday, June 22, 2012

The Department of Chemistry of Malaysia

We recently had a school trip to the Department of Chemistry of Malaysia yesterday.It was a fun filled trip as I had the opportunity to observe and understand the long and tedious processes that took place in the lab.

We visited 4 sections of the Department.They were criminology,narcotics,toxicology and forensics. It was a school trip and so we had to be in our full uniform and that includes us wearing a tie. I must say,I've learnt so much of things.Like for instance,we can detect the presence of seminal fluid by using a test called Acid Protease test,if seminal fluid is present,the colour turns purple.They demonstrated by using soiled knickers. I couldn't help but to ask how if it was vaginal fluid, I mean,it's protein too right? They called it epithelia of course. But,I don't think she quite got what I asked so,my biology teacher helped her out by answering for her.

You can identify blood by rubbing alcohol,adding a few drops of phenolphthalein and then adding hydrogen peroxide.If a purple of pink colour is seen,it confirms the presence of blood. I must say,this really made me want to try.But I don't have these things at home so I might try it out at the school lab.

Not only that,we were allowed to observe at close proximity all the drugs that were displayed.It's quite frivolous how they stamp on pictures of aeroplanes,butterflies and etc. to attract adolescence in trying out the drugs.Plus,it's really colourful too.

We were not allowed to take any pictures for security reasons.But,I am allowed to share the experienced I've gained. We also got to observe how forgery of signature and identity card can be identified.They use a device which costs more than 1/2 a million Ringgit Malaysia.

There are so many minute details in a RM50 note and through this device,we actually got to observe all these things.It's so amazing how advanced technology has made us.

I must say that my favourite was the ELISA.The explanation in the technology lab was amazing.How they apply the antigen-antibody principle and so on so forth.Chemistry isn't a cheap field.96x5 of the tiny capsules cost RM4000 and they have to be extremely careful so as to not waste and it's amazing how their job can actually convict a suspect or otherwise.

I am truly in awe with the beauty of Chemistry.I must say,I have always loved Chemistry and Biology but this experience has elevated the degree of my love for the two subjects in particular. 

After our visit to the Department of Chemistry,we walked to a mall called AMCORP Mall and I must say I was pleased by the books I got and at a very cheap price too.The name of the bookstore is AccessBooks and I will definitely go there again to hunt for more books.

Here are some pictures :

           These were the books I bought.Look at the price for crying out loud. XD

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