Friday, June 29, 2012

Sticks and stones...Bones and bruises...

Honestly, I honestly thought my life was getting  more awesome by the minute. But I was gravely mistaken to tell the truth because just yesterday while playing Captain ball, I discovered that I had fractured my bones in my wrist and my pinky finger was cracked at the joint. The doctor said that it seemed to have dislocated and then the doctor moved the bones back to the socket.

The story goes like this, at first, Ming rammed into me with his hard, statue-like body. I literally felt half my weight shift to the one side of my body. Till now, my ribs hurt. I thought I was fine and so, I just went on playing although it hurt quite a bit. As an athlete, I was taught to ignore the pain and not give up.

Of course it was a friendly game, but being a girl, I just didn't want to be the weak one. Then, I was hit by Niki and she fell on my hand. I felt my pinky moving all the way back. It was painful, but I thought maybe because I just got hit. But it didn't stop hurting. So, I told Kshitij and Dharveen and they told me it could have just been a muscle pull.

I continued playing and even played rugby. On my way home, I suddenly could not feel my hands and it was turning blue-black. I told my mom and she rushed me to the nearest hospital.

One look from the doctor and he said something was wrong and that I would need to get an X-ray. After the X-ray, he told me I had many hairline cracks and my pinky was cracked and so, I had a bandage like cast on and an arm sling to avoid movement because the Doctor said he didn't want my bones to move too much. He didn't say when I should take it off but he asked me to come back today and so I will be going back later.

The best part is that I'm actually used to using my dominant right hand for everything. So, since I only injured my left arm, I can still tie my shoe lace, make my breakfast and wear my shirt with my right hand. But it's hard to zip up my skirt and so, I require help in that. XO

P/S: I'm typing with my right hand only. This shows how much I love my readers! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Department of Chemistry of Malaysia

We recently had a school trip to the Department of Chemistry of Malaysia yesterday.It was a fun filled trip as I had the opportunity to observe and understand the long and tedious processes that took place in the lab.

We visited 4 sections of the Department.They were criminology,narcotics,toxicology and forensics. It was a school trip and so we had to be in our full uniform and that includes us wearing a tie. I must say,I've learnt so much of things.Like for instance,we can detect the presence of seminal fluid by using a test called Acid Protease test,if seminal fluid is present,the colour turns purple.They demonstrated by using soiled knickers. I couldn't help but to ask how if it was vaginal fluid, I mean,it's protein too right? They called it epithelia of course. But,I don't think she quite got what I asked so,my biology teacher helped her out by answering for her.

You can identify blood by rubbing alcohol,adding a few drops of phenolphthalein and then adding hydrogen peroxide.If a purple of pink colour is seen,it confirms the presence of blood. I must say,this really made me want to try.But I don't have these things at home so I might try it out at the school lab.

Not only that,we were allowed to observe at close proximity all the drugs that were displayed.It's quite frivolous how they stamp on pictures of aeroplanes,butterflies and etc. to attract adolescence in trying out the drugs.Plus,it's really colourful too.

We were not allowed to take any pictures for security reasons.But,I am allowed to share the experienced I've gained. We also got to observe how forgery of signature and identity card can be identified.They use a device which costs more than 1/2 a million Ringgit Malaysia.

There are so many minute details in a RM50 note and through this device,we actually got to observe all these things.It's so amazing how advanced technology has made us.

I must say that my favourite was the ELISA.The explanation in the technology lab was amazing.How they apply the antigen-antibody principle and so on so forth.Chemistry isn't a cheap field.96x5 of the tiny capsules cost RM4000 and they have to be extremely careful so as to not waste and it's amazing how their job can actually convict a suspect or otherwise.

I am truly in awe with the beauty of Chemistry.I must say,I have always loved Chemistry and Biology but this experience has elevated the degree of my love for the two subjects in particular. 

After our visit to the Department of Chemistry,we walked to a mall called AMCORP Mall and I must say I was pleased by the books I got and at a very cheap price too.The name of the bookstore is AccessBooks and I will definitely go there again to hunt for more books.

Here are some pictures :

           These were the books I bought.Look at the price for crying out loud. XD

Friday, June 15, 2012

Prom:The Theme-less night.

Alright,so in the beginning,I decided on having a full blog post about prom and everything with pictures and everything but then things just didn't work out the way I planned it.

I arrived at 5.00 p.m. to complete the decoration and help out.We decorated the table markers and we found out they posted the wrong thing on the board.But we just did what we could and so,prom wasn't bad.

Last year's prom was honestly a disaster but this year was honestly,way much more better.I swear.My legs hurt so badly.I had to be in charge of the certificates,prom king and queen nominees and everything.

Thank God Niki was there too.She did an amazing job.I pricked my hand while trying to sew the sashes but alas,we totally forgot about those sashes and so we plan to give the winners their sashes when they come back later on this year when receiving their result.

Prom Queen was won by Miss Jessica Chai Siaw Kiew,my dear friend and Mr.Shawn Lim Kin Soon.It came as a shock honestly as to who would win the title of Prom King,everyone was voting for William Tan but it came down to one determining vote. However,Shawn was such a gentlemen to pass the prom king and queen dance to William Tan(they're together,Jess and William) and they shared a kiss on stage and honestly,it was the sweetest thing ever.

We had performances by Serene Chua,a former school mate of mine,Samuel and his brother,an acquaintance and Fiona's performance.It was really a night many would remember.So,I'm just glad we got to make prom a success.

I would like to thank Nikika,Stephen,Abel,Ivan,Dexter,Chee Wai,Ashveena,Miss Chong and everyone who attended to make this event a successful one.Hope we have a wonderful one soon.

Till the next post. xx

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today's genre and pop culture

Alright,so we all know that we love listening to all those songs being played on the radio like  Outasight,F.U.N,Gotye,Justin Bieber,Eminem,Adele,Bruno Mars,Nicki Minaj,Pitbull, and Usher to name a few.

But by listening to all these songs,we're actually polluting our own mind.I'm sure you've noticed that most English songs constantly have something to do with break up,love,sex,girls,drugs,alcohol and etc. I mean,can't they actually produce good music?The beats and all are really uptight and promotes eargasms.there's no doubt about that but what I'm saying is the lyrical part of it.

Sometimes we get so caught up and we sing along but the we don't actually pay attention to the words we're saying.Yeah,it sounds so cool when they're rapping it and it looks so cool when she's moving her body to the rhythm of the music,

I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be
A little gambling is fun when you're with me 
(I love it)
Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun
And baby when it's love if its not rough it isn't fun, fun

I don't know about you,but that's disgusting.The lyrics are from Poker Face-Lady Gaga. I'm not at all saying that I'm a self-righteous person who doesn't listen to music.I agree,I like most of the songs being played these days.It's very catchy and all.But I'm utterly disgusted by the fact that we're spun into this world of music that is so sick.

You may think that this has nothing to do with you or that you see no wrong in it.Alright,so maybe we're teenagers or adults.But how about those 3 year old or five year old kid.

Aint got no money in my pocket, but Im already here
Now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger
Im talking about - everybody getting crunk, crunk
Boys trying to touch my junk, junk
Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk

Now,imagine them singing this.Doesn't it just seem so wrong.A 3 year old with no boobs or a shapely bum and they're actually being roped into this mad,sick industry just because they want instant fame and shit loads of cash.This is Tik Tok by Kesha.

Remember when Hannah Montana was a big hit?Now Justin Bieber,Selena Gomez,Matty B,Cody Simpson,Rebecca Black and all,they're target market are tweens.Ok,maybe you may think that it isn't a big deal.But hey,remember Jesse McCartney?He was a tween sensation too.Now,he sings about "Body Language" and all that.

It's hard switching phases from being a tween sensation to an adult,hard to gain fans as there's always going to be better,younger,cooler,hotter and more good looking youngsters.These kids don't have to know what the word "f***" means.They don't need to know "the way you shake that a**".

We should preserve them as children are the only innocent once and we're obliged to keep it pure.Unless you're a sick sociopath who preys on little girls and boys.(I'm not saying you are)

But if you are,

Also,some kids and models look too good to be true and the media is portraying them as a role model and we're all subjected to negativity if we don't look like them or if we're not pretty or if we're fat or if we're too thin and all that.The media project and the mind accepts and then they're judged.I honestly admire those people out there who can stand tall and not give a booger about what society has to say.It's alright to fall.But once you fall,don't let anyone trample on you,get back and if someone is holding you down,kick them.

Because honestly,I'm very much affected by society and my willpower isn't at all that good.Mainly because I care too much.But I'm working on that. ;)

Movies these days,like twilight and all those fairy tale movies that are constantly being showed in the cinemas right now is a testimony to the horror we face.Indeed,we live in a world full of hate,racism,boundaries and sometimes,it's nice to think that everything will be alright even if it's not for long.One wrong move you take on the social network and voila,you'll be caught up in the media rave and you'd be hated by almost everyone.

That's how twisted people are.Social network has become a platform for people to say things.Just because no one can see them,so they won't be beat up,people just say what they want to say without giving it a second thought.Another thing that affects this behaviour is that just because everyone is saying the same thing or just because everyone is doing that thing,we tend to go-with-the-flow.Sometimes,getting caught up in negative things.

No,I ain't.This is the story(summarized at least) of what's going on in our world.Money matters.It isn't always mind over matter.Sometimes,it's matter over mind.But one thing I'm sure,in this world,money over matter and money over mind.Or how else would you explain doing just about anything to get them.Funny how people fight for pieces of paper.Sometimes,neglecting their children,selling their kids,selling their bodies.

Money is important.I'm not saying it isn't.But being a teenager(I am a teenager) means making stupid decisions just because some people say "it's the time for us to have fun" and having to deal with the consequences later on in life.Happiness comes from things we do,no matter how rich you are or how poor you are,sharing is always a way to show that you care.I think you have to be poor to value being rich.But then again,not everyone is the same.It's how people perceive things.

Note:Just because I take snippets from Lady Gaga and Kesha's songs.Doesn't mean the others are better.Some are worst.But for the fear of little ones reading my blog,I have chosen the more subtle ones.

This is my take.Till the next post.xx.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Birthday!

I know that it's my birthday tomorrow,but honestly,I have not the mood to celebrate nor the reason left for a celebration.But,I'll muster all the happiness inside of me for this blog post as I always do,because no matter how sad you are,it's always important to have a positive outlook on things and to hope for the best.

I turn 19 this year and I've requested for my favourite Tiramisu cake that is to be made by my beloved mother.There's only one person I'd like to share my cake with the most but of course,I'd share it with everyone because what is love without sharing. :)

No,I don't get called out for surprise birthday parties and all.I do have a lot of friends but somehow,I just don't get that kind of treatment from them.And it's okay.They're not sentimental.

Birthdays mark the date when you're physically older.Which means my heart has been beating for 19 years (EXACTLY!)

When I was younger,like maybe 2-12,I was always so excited for my birthday to come around because of the cake,the presents and everything.

Just amazing times,but as I grow older,there aren't much things that are done,it's just like any ordinary day.

Honestly,I was actually looking forward to spending my birthday with a special someone.I've been spending 18 years alone on my birthday.Honestly thought that this year would be different. It's not that we're not together but it's just complicated (I blame myself)

My birthday wishlist would be to have that really important person back into my life and for him to accept me in his life too.It's something money can't buy and a person cannot replace.It's a person who I'd reveal in the near future. :) Because I don't think this is the right time yet.

Anyways,I still have two more papers,one being on the 13th and the other being on the 14th of this month.So,study,study,study!But I can't seem to concentrate.Oh well,have to!!And then it's FREEDOM!!!!hehe...

I've posted my wishlist in an older post but I'd trade it all for one person.
What I want now that money can't buy is:
-Straight A's for my AS and 3A* for my A2
-Acceptance into the University of Cambridge
-Helping the deaf
-Getting into heaven 
and many more that I can't think of.

I've watched Men In Black III and honestly,it was AWESOME!
I'm a huge fan of Men In Black and also Will Smith!Overall,I'd say it's moving,amazing and hilarious.If you haven't watched it yet,move your lazy butt and get to a cinema nearby and watch it!!

While I was at the mall,met with two of my classmates,really unexpected but in that short length of time,we reconnected and it's just really nice to bump into friends.

Till next time.xoxo

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mr.Know-it-All and Mr.Think-He-Knows-It-All

You know that kid in class who's the whiz of the class,the genius,the Mr.Know-It-All.We can stand Mr/Ms. Know-It-All to a certain extent but you know that kid who acts like a Mr/Ms.Know-It-All but he/she is actually the Mr.Think-He-Knows-It-All.For convenience,whether it's a he or she,I'd just refer to he as a generalization.Note that it does not mean I'm saying the male are more accustomed to be one.

Presenting---THE KNOW IT ALL!


a person who acts as though he or she knows everythingand who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions ofothers.
of or characteristic of a know-it-all.
(extract from the

And you know you're just there like :

You know that one kid who reminds teacher of homework just to get you screwed?It's not because I procrastinate with my homework.Not at all.I always try to finish it up on time.But you know sometimes,you're just so tired and lazy to finish it up and on the day that teacher forgets about homework,there's that one kid who always reminds the teacher about homework.

Don't you just wish you could to this:

It ought to show him to keep his mouth shut or face the consequences.Don't we all wish we could do this?Well,not kill him of course but just traumatize the poor guy.(I sound evil)

When the tutor asks you a question,even when you know the answer,you just don't feel like answering because of that one kid who wants to answer everything.I mean.We know that you know the answer.But raising your hands up high in the air and waving it back and forth like as if you're in a concert is just distracting me.

But you know you need them when the teacher says,"I'm not letting you out until someone answers the question" or "I'll let you all out early if someone answers this question".You know the first person you turn to is the Mr.Know-It-All.

Now,now,aren't we thankful that we have that kid in class.

But there's also that Mr.Think-He-Knows-It-All,I've had a fair share of mine.Like when I say "OMG,I LOVE ANDREA BOCELLI" and they're like "OMG,I love her too!!!" The heck...

Did you just say that?You referred to Andrea Bocelli as a her?

For those who are not fans of Andrea Bocelli or a fan of classical music,I pardon your ignorance.But here's a video of him.

So,now you know that he's not a she.He's very manly looking and I don't see how someone can mistaken him for a girl.I mean,the facial hair ought to tell you something.But,it's the name.

Other than that,Sidney Sheldon,he has also been referred to as a she in the same context.I mean,come on,we all have different interests.You don't have to pretend like you like the same thing because in the end,(most of the time) you'd end up looking like a moron.(pardon me for the use of this word)

But the fact that everyone calls Justin Bieber a girl is erm...well,nowadays,there are many guys who have more of a feminine feature to them.So,it's not their fault they look like that.I'm no belieber.But I'm just saying.Yes,yes,I do know about that picture.I'll post it now.
Ah,so well,maybe he likes other sports,or the team playing was Selena's favourite but not his and he's just accompanying her.We can't just judge everything.But I'm making an assumption.

Anyway,back on track,that Mr.Thinks-He-Knows-It-All is just plain annoying.I mean if he thought he knew it or if he mistook something as something else,then it's okay.But acting like you know everything and even after proving them wrong,when they go, "I know,I was just testing you" is just something that I dislike and I'd appreciate it if they'd be real and man up and admit that they're wrong.

But never forgetting the moment when you prove Mr.Know-It-All wrong in front of the whole class or in front of a big group of people.(people who knows how brag-gy they are of course not in front of some random crowd,that's just embarassing)

And you're like this:

Yes,bro fist if you know what I mean. ;)

Till the next post. xx