Friday, June 1, 2012

Mr.Know-it-All and Mr.Think-He-Knows-It-All

You know that kid in class who's the whiz of the class,the genius,the Mr.Know-It-All.We can stand Mr/Ms. Know-It-All to a certain extent but you know that kid who acts like a Mr/Ms.Know-It-All but he/she is actually the Mr.Think-He-Knows-It-All.For convenience,whether it's a he or she,I'd just refer to he as a generalization.Note that it does not mean I'm saying the male are more accustomed to be one.

Presenting---THE KNOW IT ALL!


a person who acts as though he or she knows everythingand who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions ofothers.
of or characteristic of a know-it-all.
(extract from the

And you know you're just there like :

You know that one kid who reminds teacher of homework just to get you screwed?It's not because I procrastinate with my homework.Not at all.I always try to finish it up on time.But you know sometimes,you're just so tired and lazy to finish it up and on the day that teacher forgets about homework,there's that one kid who always reminds the teacher about homework.

Don't you just wish you could to this:

It ought to show him to keep his mouth shut or face the consequences.Don't we all wish we could do this?Well,not kill him of course but just traumatize the poor guy.(I sound evil)

When the tutor asks you a question,even when you know the answer,you just don't feel like answering because of that one kid who wants to answer everything.I mean.We know that you know the answer.But raising your hands up high in the air and waving it back and forth like as if you're in a concert is just distracting me.

But you know you need them when the teacher says,"I'm not letting you out until someone answers the question" or "I'll let you all out early if someone answers this question".You know the first person you turn to is the Mr.Know-It-All.

Now,now,aren't we thankful that we have that kid in class.

But there's also that Mr.Think-He-Knows-It-All,I've had a fair share of mine.Like when I say "OMG,I LOVE ANDREA BOCELLI" and they're like "OMG,I love her too!!!" The heck...

Did you just say that?You referred to Andrea Bocelli as a her?

For those who are not fans of Andrea Bocelli or a fan of classical music,I pardon your ignorance.But here's a video of him.

So,now you know that he's not a she.He's very manly looking and I don't see how someone can mistaken him for a girl.I mean,the facial hair ought to tell you something.But,it's the name.

Other than that,Sidney Sheldon,he has also been referred to as a she in the same context.I mean,come on,we all have different interests.You don't have to pretend like you like the same thing because in the end,(most of the time) you'd end up looking like a moron.(pardon me for the use of this word)

But the fact that everyone calls Justin Bieber a girl is erm...well,nowadays,there are many guys who have more of a feminine feature to them.So,it's not their fault they look like that.I'm no belieber.But I'm just saying.Yes,yes,I do know about that picture.I'll post it now.
Ah,so well,maybe he likes other sports,or the team playing was Selena's favourite but not his and he's just accompanying her.We can't just judge everything.But I'm making an assumption.

Anyway,back on track,that Mr.Thinks-He-Knows-It-All is just plain annoying.I mean if he thought he knew it or if he mistook something as something else,then it's okay.But acting like you know everything and even after proving them wrong,when they go, "I know,I was just testing you" is just something that I dislike and I'd appreciate it if they'd be real and man up and admit that they're wrong.

But never forgetting the moment when you prove Mr.Know-It-All wrong in front of the whole class or in front of a big group of people.(people who knows how brag-gy they are of course not in front of some random crowd,that's just embarassing)

And you're like this:

Yes,bro fist if you know what I mean. ;)

Till the next post. xx

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