Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey there,I know it's been  a really long time since I actually posted something.I'm so sorry for leaving this unattended for a very long time.Well,there's a lot to say.

But so little time.I'm in the midst of exams.Four days before the next exam,so I decided to post something!:) Hope I made someone out there happy.It's hard studying for exams.But in the end with you get the results,it pays off.Sitting for my AS Cambridge A levels exam.The papers get harder every year.

I hope I  get straight A's.Been studying really hard.

Let's talk about exams.
It's really unfair that we study for a year or more and then that 1 hour or 2 hours become the determining point of what we know.

Exams only cover some parts and they don't have one question for each topic.So,we may be weak in certain parts but it doesn't mean we're dumb or not prepared.It just so happened we didn't get to fully master that part and we're judged based on that.

Not going to blame teachers here.Also,the time limit.Sometimes time is just too short for very long questions and they give "thinking" questions which you need a lot of time.And glancing at the clock and back at the paper because there is just not enough time!No joke!

That's all for this time!!!!Lots of love.xoxo

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