Friday, March 9, 2012

KONY 2012

My TAKE on KONY 2012:

First of all,how long has governments tried to stop people from manufacturing lethal drugs and pushing drugs?How many people knows about drugs?How many jokes are there about drugs and how many people get hooked on drugs each day?

Those are my questions.Joseph Kony.How many people knows about him?How many people are trying to stop him?How many Joseph Kony's are there?

If it's one thing I know,is that everyone has a choice.Joseph Kony is said to have no allies.Then how is it he has so many followers.Forced or not.How many can be a slave to one man?30,000 and counting?

We've known about sex slavery,illegal organ sales,black market and all these.But,it hasn't been stopped till now.

When one villain falls,the other is just waiting to take over.It's a cycle.

For the children that has been tortured,trauma and physical infliction of pain would have caused severe mental damage to some and this would provoke the "animal" in them.

It's sad and I sympathise. But I think there are questions that should be asked as to why it hasn't been stopped till now.9 years ago,I was 10 and that seems like history to me.Just because everyone knows,doesn't mean something will happen.Yeah,something will happen but then again,don't you think bringing in armies and regiments or troops or etc. will only cause an occupation.Like how it happened to South-East Asia?The occupation of Africa now?Come on!
Remember when one of the guys said that "We're willing to cooperate with any friend of Uganda"? That was the exact thing we(Malaysia) did during the Japanese Occupation. We brought in the British Army and another occupation was forced upon us. The British Council and the Queen of England kept giving reasons as to why we weren't going to be given independence.

There were more for us to learn they said.But even when we had already formed unity and peace in the country,they refused to give us independence and hence the rebels came about (communist).

This whole thing is a cycle!As long as it is politically based,it won't succeed,every government wants to gain something out of everything they do. Power and money is so important to everyone.Don't you see?????

Even when the director and his friends went to talk to the people at D.C., they themselves said that there was no way the government was getting involved in anything that would jeopardize their economical strength and security. What makes you think others will.It's as simple as that. Human are created to want gain in whatever they do. Benefits. Even in their job. What makes it different? Humanity is to a certain extent.There is a price to pay. That is blood,tears,bones and dead skin. It isn't uncommon. 

According to the law of the Universe,The Law of Relativity states that nothing is what it is until you relate it to something. Point of view is determined by what the observer is relating to. The nature, value, or quality of something can only be measured in relation to another object.

This shows us that there is more to it than what we see.There are so many underlying secrets.The source is the brain of the instigator.But for sure,we are never able to identify the instigator. In this case,it is Joseph Kony, but how many other Joseph Kony are there?(people with same intentions).None?The how do you have all those other criminals on the ICC List?????

It takes more than that.You'll need rehabilitation,development,and etc for things to change.

Justice or injustice.
It's a thing we should all ask ourselves.
This is like a "Hitler scenario" again.
And even during the holocaust,there were scientist manufacturing the gases and they were anti-Jews.

There's a reason behind it and it isn't only one man.
So,think before getting so hyped up about it just because it's going mainstream and everyone is selling KONY 2012 Merchandise!

However,I do believe that we can change things through education.A united world through education is achievable.Independence can help.Independence through education!However,every person is different and it takes different things to change things them and separate them from the emotional distress that they're feeling.Although they've been in the same environment,but no two people are truly the same as different people has different perceptions towards different things.

But I do agree that these things should be stopped and I do salute those that are willing to take arms against people who prejudice and oppress others. As long as governments don't come in.

Fighting was is also another question.How do you fight war?With war?With peace?Then if war comes and you choose to initiate peace and both parties don't have the same mindset,then how are you to fight peace with war?

Yes,people should support this.But,how far an extent can people go?Sacrificing your whole life?Isn't it the same as sacrificing yourself for another and all those that sacrifice their lives,isn't it the same as sacrificing the kids,only difference is it's a different person.If you look at it through my perspective.

The only reason why the government was deploying some of their force was because the world had known and no,I'm not contradicting my previous statements.I do believe and want this to work.But this is my take.My opinion.There are so many factors that cannot be explained.Underlying emotions,psychological reasoning.Basically,the 7 laws of the Universe.But I do believe that everyone should know about it.But to the extent of how far people would go,that's another question.

But I want this to be a success and I will support it if this can become a reality.But,I'm not going to use marker pen and write on my wrist or tattoo it on my arm.Just so you know.

But we need a lot more!That's what I'm saying!It's never a bad thing to help people right?
There are so many more other reasons,but this is how far I can go for now.
Not forgetting,the recently found massive oil reserves in Uganda. Also,most of the donations that are intended for people aren't even reaching those people.And they're using emotional videos to toy with our believes and the worst of them all is putting in context of humanity.Now,that's sad.So,in this context.I end with a "I DO NOT AGREE!"

Thanks for reading. :)

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